Flood plain investigation

THROUGH PARTS OF JOHNSON COUNTY… DESTROYING HOMES.. AND CHANGING MANY LIVES FOREVER. WORKERS WITH FEMA ARRIVED IN JOHNSON COUNTY OVER THE WEEKEND… TO BEGIN GETTING FLOOD VICTIMS FEDERAL ASSISTANCE. AND DONATIONS CONTINUE TO POUR IN. TONIGHT… MIRANDA COMBS TALKS TO THE JOHNSON COUNTY JUDGE-EXECUTIVE… ABOUT WHAT LESSONS CAN BE LEARNED FROM THE FLOODING. IT’S OUR TOP STORY AT SIX. the water has receded…the only thing that’s back to normal. “you can see the trailers going right into each other.” josh mullin’s family lived in these…what were homes along a creek bank…now mangled shells stuck together by the storm. his brother took these pictures…time stamps show how fast the flooding happened… “you had barely time to blink how fast it was.” “the unbelievable amount of water fell in such a short period of time.” judge executive r.t. daniel has known this road his entire life… “you realize those are, friends and family members gone and missing and people are left with nothing and it’s truly difficult.” the only bright spot in this tradgedy…he says…is it wasn’t dark. “as bad as it was, it could have been worse. You’re shoock up. i am–.” “it’s the last piece of memory, of whatever was in their house.” “mullins families homes were completely wiped out but just 50 yards up this hill, these homes were untouched but mullins says they had to watch which was painful enough.” “it probably terrified them.” “they’ve seen a lot but they’ve never seen anything like that people older people said i’ve lived here all my life. i’ve never seen water like this, we’ve never had this much water in this creek.” “it’s just too heartbreaking. how could you build something back aften something like this?” the kentucky department of environmental protection says this flood was a once in every five hundred year event. but the homes you see….should have had a permit from the state….to be in a flood plain. the state has no permits from johnson county. “like most of rural kentucky. we don’t have planning and zoning in the county.” and for this area, judge daniel says, it hasn’t been an issue, anyway. “they’ve lived there for generations. their mom and dad live there and that’s where they live and you take a gamble anytime you are that close to a stream. it can happen but historically, it hadn’t.” but now, history has changed… “i think the people that live out there are going to think twice before they come back, but when families have lived there as long as they have, it’s a natural tendency to go home.” and pick up the pieces….to move forward. “but we’re resiliant too, we’ll get it back.” THE STATE E-P-A SAYS JOHNSON COUNTY DOES PARTICIPATE IN THE NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM… WHICH MEANS A PERSON BUILDING ON A FLOOD PLAIN WOULD GET A PERMIT THROUGH THE STATE AND COUNTY. AND EVEN THOUGH THE STATE SAYS RESIDENTS SHOULD NOT GO BACK THAT LOCATION, THEY ADMIT THERE IS SUCH A SMALL CHANCE OF THIS HAPPENING AGAIN. QUESTION: AND AGAIN, UNBELIEVABLE HOW THE STATE SAYS THIS WAS A “ONCE EVERY 500 YEAR EVENT.” ANSWER: TYPICALLY WHEN WE COVER FLOODING, RESIDENTS CAN IMMEDIATEY TELL YOU WHEN THE LAST FLOOD WAS BEFORE THAT, AND BEFORE THAT, BUT THIS ONE, THE JUDGE SAYS NO ONE CAN REMEMBER ANYTHING THIS BAD. MIRANDA, THANK YOU.

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