Flood Preparedness: 2008 vs 2016

News reporter: “The Cedar River is now above flood stage…” “…it is expected to reach the second highest point in the city’s history.” Information, information, and more information: that’s the difference between 2008 and 2016. With this technology in place, it’s easier to predict and it’s easier to put this type information into your contingency plan. So, i think this this changes how planning in the community is going to happen in the future. ’08 I really didn’t have a lot of flood inundation maps to even look at. And there was no really indication of what could happen as the river rose. In ’16, having the flood inundation maps available is absolutely amazing. We were able to take the viewers right down to the streets and say, “At this level, here’s where without protection we would be–we would see flooding.” While we cannot stop the floods, we are working on it but, for now, we think that when people have the information avaiable then they can make the best decisions how to protect themselves

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