Flood Update: Homes Threatened by Floods in the US South

highways parks and bridges throughout
the south have been flooded or rendered out of commission Saturday as the toll
of days of drenching rains swelled waterways and pulled over saturated
lands amid the threat of severe storms Interstate 40 near the border of
Tennessee and North Carolina was closed due to a rockslide one of the dozens of
roads and highways shut down throughout the South Region transportation
officials said Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesman mark Nagi said
on Twitter that a full-scale detour was in place with traffic being diverted to
interstate 81 and interstate 26 in Bruce Mississippi rivers broke flood stage and
flash floods poured into homes and businesses
WMC TV reports that a local state of emergency was declared by officials in
Grenada Mississippi after dozens of streets and homes flooded high water
also threatened property in Tennessee which like many other areas of the South
has been soaked by several inches of rain over the past week officials said a
mudslide destroyed a subway restaurant in Signal Mountain Tennessee no injuries
were reported news outlets report that water rescues have been performed in
some Middle Tennessee counties flash flood warnings and watches remained in
place throughout the south weather officials warned residents of the
possibility of severe storms Saturday in western Tennessee northern Mississippi
and eastern Arkansas damaging winds tornadoes and large hail were possible
the National Weather Service in Memphis reported Kentucky announced Friday that
it was closing the u.s. fifty-one bridge over the Ohio River to Cairo Illinois
because of flooding on the southern approach the bridge which carries four
thousand seven hundred vehicles a day is likely to stay closed until Thursday and
possibly longer the Ohio River at Cairo is predicted to crest Sunday at its
third highest level ever recorded and stay that high into next week the
Tennessee River near Savannah Tennessee also is forecast to crest at near record
levels in North Carolina a Catawba County
building inspector said extra weight from rain is suspected to have
contributed to a partial roof collapse at a child day care center in Hickory
the Hickory Daily Record recorded that firefighters responded to a roof
collapse at rainbow child care center on Thursday morning there were no children
at the facility at the time and no injuries were reported

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