Flood vents keep Credit Island Lodge standing in high water

3 JIM: A HISTORIC LODGE UNDERWATER HOW CREDIT ISLAND IS HOLDING UP IN THE FLOODING. 3 TIFFANY: AND… BRINGING HOME BABY. HOW TO KEEP YOUR NEWBORN SAFE ONCE YOU LEAVE THE HOSPITAL. 3 (Announcer) LIVE FROM THE LOCAL 4 NEWS STUDIOS…THIS IS FOX 18 NEWS AT 9, IN HIGH TIFFANY: FIRST ON FOX TONIGHT… THE CREDIT ISLAND LODGE IS FILLED WITH WATER. BUT DON’T WORRY … IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.JIM: IT’S PART OF THE FLOOD MANAGEMENT PLAN. NOW IT’S BEING PUT TO THE TEST FOR THE FIRST TIME. THAT’S TONIGHT’S TOP STORY. CREDIT ISLAND HASN’T BEEN ACCESSIBLE BY CAR FOR A MONTH. THE DAVENPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT FERRIES CREWS WITH THE PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT TO CHECK THE BUILDING. FOX 18’S GRACE RUNKEL GOT AN INSIDE LOOK. 3 (GRACE):”The Davenport Parks and Recreation Department comes to check on the historic Credit Island Lodge once a week. Clearly, they can’t take “We send a crew out about once a week just to double check the building, making sure everything’s acting the way it should act.THE CURRENT GETS FASTER THE FURTHER YOU GET THE OUTSIDE.(TUBBS): “Those vents did open. The water has equalized itself inside and outside so we’re anticipating no structural damage.” THE VENTS SAVE THEM THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN REPAIRS. SO FAR THEY’VE ONLY SEEN MINOR DAMAGE. DEBRIS HAS DAMAGED we can.”NAT: getting into boat THE WAY BACK ISN’T ANY EASIER. THE BOAT GETS STUCK ON THE ROAD. NAT: pushing boat BUT FOR THE PARKS DEPARTMENT … IT’S WORTH IT TO PRESERVE A PART OF DAVENPORT HISTORY. (GRACE): “Once the flood waters eventually go back down, Davenport Parks and Recreation Department crews will come in, power wash everything and then sanitize it. In Davenport Grace Runkel

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