Flood warning in Monroe County

a year ago Forks along the Lake Erie shoreline or hammered by surging water then it happened again four months later and today they were bracing for another flood warning up and down the coast in Monroe County Jason Cole Thorpe is here with the very latest yeah we really got some incredible pictures these are live pictures by the way from Luna Pier it really has calmed down from what we saw a little bit earlier today with the waves crashing hard into the seawall earlier today some people were forced from their homes in a few cases the same homes that were just remodeled from floods last year a 364 days a year we do pretty good but today isn’t one of those days up here oh please nobody out there on the water what do you think you got everything tied down there’s always something that takes off and leaves with the wind it comes in that fast yeah flood and evacuation advisories quickly turned into warnings Thursday on Lake Erie we both see walls there was dry 90 minutes ago now keep in mind this flood watch still has about 12 hours or more to go and the water is already rushing over the seawall here you can see public works crews already trying to pump out water from around these houses and neighbors in this area of Luna pier tell me these are the houses that get it first and always get it the worst last year both of them were flooded out severely Tim Cartwright had to evacuate his home here on the point but he’s one of the lucky ones having built his house five feet up last year I was in Florida and I heard that we were flooding and my wife lost her car was in the garage the folks here have seen worse than this but they’d still like to see this wind shift and fast people are just getting settled in from last year’s flood like kitty corner from us across they just finished all the renovations like maybe three months ago devastating for people because they love to live on the water but at the same time it’s a price you pay sometimes in an area like you could see just how windy it really was out there today and when I was talking earlier that was when that watch had just started and it clear water was really going

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