Flood warning

We had a bit of weather yesterday. By “weather” I mean it rained heavily all day, and that caused a few problems around here. And by “problems” I mean a bit of flooding. Not much, but enough
to keep the local fire brigades busy. Here’s what it looked like
a bit further down the valley. Now, as you can see, up here
everything is fine. This was just a case of
a very small river bursting its banks. It would take a major event for
the floodwaters to get anywhere near this house. An event like this happens from time to time: generally speaking some people’s
cellars get flooded, and maybe a couple of roads
have to be temporarily closed. But the damage is usually limited, because the locals tend not to build
on the flood plain. Historically, people needed water
for all kinds of things, not just the obvious ones
like drinking and washing, but also things like irrigation,
power for their mills, even fish. And so naturally they settled close to rivers and built their villages there. But not too close because of the risk of flooding. Of course, there are still risks
from things like landslides. But basically: yes, it was
a pretty exciting day yesterday, and today a lot of people will be
spending a lot of time cleaning up and searching for their insurance policies. But it was nothing major, and we weren’t affected at all. And to those who told me
to make sure that our cats were indoors: trust me, when it rains
our cats are indoors — sulking. Thanks for watching. If you’d like to
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24 thoughts on “Flood warning

  1. Why so miserable, Bonnie? It's not like you were going to enjoy being soaked…

  2. Is that what Germany calls a flood? lol. My country calls them something like "localized climathological events". A flood here would be more than 5 provinces partially underwater, hundreds of thousands of people evacuated, millions lost in damages, people using boats to travel in the streets. And this happens almost every year at around the same time.

    It's nice to know everything is safe there, though.

  3. Oh dear, much to much water in 2017 and all the ground remains still wet so just a little heavy April rain in 2018 let the creek run over the border.
    Here in lower Saxony we still have water standing in some feelds since May 2017.?

  4. Souldking?
    or what was the last word?
    Is that a saying I dont know?
    (Its not called saying I know)

  5. Positive effect: Toads crossing streets can do so swimming and are less likely to get squashed.^^

  6. Nice Video, good Music, nothing better to say and to see in that Situation. ᗒ ͟ʖᗕ

  7. Watching running water, and the nice music…very pleasant, but the cat is gorgeous! Thank you.

  8. Superlative, scandal, personalization – these are used to pump up every little news – we don't note what's really important.

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