Flood Watch: Water on Highway 200; flood warnings still in effect

monitoring River gauges throughout the area right now and keeping a very very close eye on things now the good news is we’re not looking at more showers so much today so River level should start to drop as the afternoon progresses right now giving you a closer look at some of the river gauges that we’re taking a look at just south of Cut Bank right now we’re seeing some minor flooding there also along the Sun River minor to moderate flooding and we’ll check in with meteorologist Elizabeth Copeland momentarily and she’ll give us a detailed report of that breaking down our current flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service Judith Faison County that’s going to include sage Creek and Willow Creek and when we talk about aerial flood warnings that is all encompassing all the creeks and streams in this region do have the potential of flooding or are currently flooding cascade and Lois and Clark County we’re looking at the Dearborn River they’re also the Sun River that’s a big talking point right now above flood stage in a lot of areas and will continue to rise as we head into the morning here before it starts to subside this afternoon also also Glacier Pend Oreille Lewis and Clark County we’re looking at Teton River there along with the mariah’s river now mt n mt n MTN’s elizabeth copeland is going to be joining us naive’ now from that area and Elizabeth what are we seeing out on the Sun River where you’re at yeah good morning Jason like you said we’re just outside the community of Sun River on Mt 200 where we are experiencing some flooding in this area and most of north-central Montana is seeing a lot more of that flooding especially along the Rocky Mountain Front so a few areas are sitting flooding this morning road closure 287 mile marker 37 near Bozeman squirmer just south of Augusta highway 21 three miles east of Augusta also closed and a lot of secondary roads in and out of Augusta are also closed this morning Sims a section of 565 water on the roadway and then again we’re on Mt 200 just outside Sun River where fields have flooded and now all that water is moving over roadways and that’s going to continue throughout the afternoon expect that through midweek today let’s continue to update you on road closures and flooding concerns through north-central Montana as we head through the rest of the morning thanks Elizabeth we’ll talk to you soon Casca county leaders said residents in those same areas need to be prepared for more flooding during a public meeting yesterday afternoon currently there are no evacuation orders in place residents however should be able to have an emergency kit ready with at least three days worth of water food medications and other supplies sandbags for Sun River residents only were made available Monday evening at the Sun River Church of latter-day saints sheriff Jesse slaughter says the office will send out press releases as changes warrant and they will update the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page when needed a Lewis and Clark County the Augusta community residents and business owners dealt with flooding through the center of town over the weekend and into Monday MTS Jonathan and Marion was there yesterday and reports on how the community is responding on Monday afternoon Augustus Main Street was still full of water the town once again faced serious flooding less than a year after another major flood caused damage and delayed the Augusta Rodeo authorities closed both highway 287 and highway 21 along with several smaller roads Lewis and Clark County sheriff’s deputies say floodwaters damaged a bridge on highway 21 about a mile down from a bridge that washed out in last year’s flooding authorities cautioned residents and about half a dozen nearby homes to have activate sheriff Leo Dutton asked the public to respect the road closures and never tried to drive through flood waters please just don’t go around it and decide that you’re gonna try to make it anyway you will get swept off the road here so we are going to have to start issuing citations all along Main Street in Augusta you can find businesses with sandbags set up to help keep the water out they’re asking people to avoid driving down Main Street because the wakes they create can push the water over the top of the bags at the Western bar owner candy Shoals said they began putting up sandbags Sunday afternoon and that made a big difference we’ve got a little water in the basement but nothing compared to last year before I came down Main Street we were able to contain it and make sure that things were were much better in the bar and much more contained volunteers filled hundreds of sandbags at the Augusta fire station on Sunday we have little ones like this out here and we had a lot of high school kids out there yesterday Sam bagging some in town are making the the situation the Western bar started holding duct races down Main Street with the proceeds going toward the Augusta area Chamber of Commerce to pay for sand and sandbags we’re just trying to give back to the community and so we thought what better that have a little fun and have some duck races and make some money and to go back to the chamber dutton said authorities will reassess what needs to be done on tuesday he asked the public to be patient the water started to recess just a little bit but we’ll keep keep a monitor on it and see what we need to do in augusta jonathan amberyan MTN news and a heads up for drivers near East Glacier like Elizabeth was saying earlier floodwaters are still being reported on MDT by MBT on US Highway two that’s about three miles west of the town this morning the Blackfeet tribe also declared a flood disaster over the weekend on Sunday tribal law enforcement reported water in the road on route 1 near Boggs and near firebrand on us 2 west there is a Red Cross emergency shelter set up at the Methodist Church’s annex on First Avenue Northwest in browning there’s also an incident command post on the reservation you can call that post for help at four zero six three three eight twenty nine thirty eight

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