Flooded Car Driven in Too Deep

Hello, everyone. This is your daily dose
of Internet [Woman] Wiper
In the Philippines, a couple
decides to brave a flood they thought should be shallow enough to drive
through. They were wrong the woman got concerned on how far it is
to get accross. The water just seems to get deeper and deeper with the total absence of people on the
road it only means that something is seriously wrong with this flood. This
place might well be infested with alligators .[Woman] Sheyt The couple went against their fear and continue on. They were pinning all their hopes on the
toughness of their vehicle. [Woman] Wiper please. [Woman] The water’s coming in [Woman] Look at the windows [Woman] Right… right. [Woman] We can’t see the road. [Woman] *Giggle cries* So hard to see. Huh huh [Man] We’re going to drown. [Woman] *squeaks* Hurry. Almost there. [Woman] *fake cry* My butt is already wet. [Woman] Woh. We made it.

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