17 thoughts on “Flooding across Puget Sound forces evacuations, rescues

  1. I saw next to no mentality unstable people on the streets in seattle. Maybe they headed to California?

  2. I Feel for those People up in Washington. I will never forget last March Flood Wee Had Here in Nebraska.I Feel for those People in Beautiful Washington

  3. Wouldn't it be interesting if Ol' King 5 would report on the weather modification operations that are ongoing in the area… hmm?

  4. That’s what happens when you build all those dams and then open the flood gates

  5. flooding? too bad we cut down all the forest- it's only going to get worse folks- get ready!

  6. none of those animals have been checked by a vet before going in- no quarantine- this is how disease in livestock spreads.

  7. There was info in there that I hadn't thought about before. Good info. You heard about not driving through the water. The one fella in Issaquah towards the beginning talked about 4 inches of much and a foot of water? Debris you don't see. I hadn't thought of those things I think I just thought of just the water and not the other stuff.

  8. This is the worst flooding we have ever had because of all of the 1,000’s of new housing complexes now build right next to creeks and rivers. They take water runoff and plumb it directly into creeks and rivers. Before the houses were put in there was a forest and forest floor, the soil would soak and filter the water and slowly creep into the creeks and rivers.

    The salmon smolt are poisoned by the directly piped in, oil dissolved, water/flood. They never get a chance.

    End all massive housing tracts before you ruin Washington for good.

  9. Not one sunny day for over 2 months!!! (Nov 30 to first week in February). Wet and gloomy every single day. Most depressing winter ever. No wonder RE prices are so high……

  10. Oh but im sure the the fearless leaders are on top of charging the public for storm water run off. nice little scam they have going.

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