Floodlight of DOOM!

I have not slept enough (groan). Hi everybody, I’m Amanda the G and my neighbors
recently made a very, very poor decision. Visual aid! Very technical! There’s my house. There’s my neighbor’s house. There’s my neighbor’s garage. Here’s a window on my house – this is important. Here is a window on my house. Here’s me, trying to sleep in my bed and not
being able to because my neighbors…got the floodlight of DOOM! There is a slope here, so that’s why it goes
right into my bedroom. This is not just stupid because it makes it
so it’s frikin daylight in my bedroom. There are two main reasons why you get a floodlight. Number one is that there’s not enough lighting. That’s a streetlight. That’s another streetlight. There’s plenty of fucking lighting. There’s also a light they can turn on on their
porch, another light they can turn on on their porch, and I think they might even have a
light over here. They also have another floodlight…here. Which doesn’t work, I don’t think, I’ve never
seen it go off. The other main reason that people get a floodlight
is for protection. Here’s why that’s stupid. There’s there fence. Their fence goes to their house, to their
garage, on the other side of their garage all the way back up to the house with an opening. Their garage door is over here by the floodlight. This has a lock on it. This is a six foot wood fence. Myself and all the rest of the neighbors have
chain link fences that are three and a half feet tall. No burglar is going to try and climb a six
foot wood fence when they can hop over a three and a half foot privacy fence. There’s also this floodlight on the side. They’re not going to enter from the alley. This is all open space so they’re not going
to enter the back of your house. If they’re coming from the front, they’re
either going to go in your front door or your side door here, they’re not going to the back. Also, this is a very safe neighborhood and
you’re in the middle of the dam street, no one’s going to your damn house anyway. Why did you get a goddamn floodlight? You don’t need it for protection, you don’t
need it for lighting, you just wanna piss me off? Congratulations, you’ve done it. The first night the light goes off twice. The second night I wanted to talk to them,
couldn’t find em, and I looked out the back door when I was getting ready for bed and
there was one of them up there on a…a ladder, fi- fiddling with the light. So I was like, ok, he’s gonna fix it. He turned it to be on 24/7. The next night, it’s flashing all night long
cause the sensitivity is so high. Every night it’s a different sensitivity,
every night it stays on for a different amount of time. Just turn the damn thing off. We work such opposite schedules, and I work
so much, I have not been able to find them and talk to them in weeks. Moral of the story – don’t get a floodlight
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