Floods submerge Doncaster village: ‘I had no warning at all’

We only moved in five weeks ago. I never had any warning at all. – So it’s a complete shock? Yeah. As I say, I’ve only been
in the bungalow five weeks. Oh my goodness!
Hi, how are you doing? Wow! Wow! We are now seeing more and more
serious flooding, perhaps because of building, perhaps because of … Almost certainly because of
climate change. We need to prepare and we need
to be investing in those defences. At the moment, I want to stress
that this is something that the local authorities,
local emergency services have managed really well themselves. At the moment, you know,
touch wood, this is not looking like something that we need
to escalate to the level of a national emergency. – I’ve come here because I’m concerned
about the victims of floods. And I’ve been visiting
victims of floods on other occasions over the years because I think
it’s important to meet them, to share their experience
but also to understand what’s happened. We cannot go on cutting back
on emergency and support services, we cannot go back under-investing
in basic infrastructure – and the north gets much less
than the south and that is an issue. And as far as I’m concerned,
we’re going to look into this very rapidly and ensure
there is a fair share of investment, infrastructure investment,
all across the country.

36 thoughts on “Floods submerge Doncaster village: ‘I had no warning at all’

  1. Not all but some flooding is caused or made worse by over population and over urbanisation.

  2. My heart go out to all these people, having their homes destroyed❤❤❤❤
    And yes this will happen again and it will get worse every time. Look at Prague, badly flooded every year now.

  3. Sad, the government's of the world are doing this. It's not we the ppl that are causing climate change.
    They are doing it to you.

    Wake up ppl.

  4. Nowt to do with climate change boris well not man made anyway unless you call climate change natural weather cycles …..do some simple reasearch cyclical weather pattern IN THAT LOCAL area …was floods in the area going back hundreds of years for example in Bentley Doncaster which is about 3 miles from here floods occured 1932 then 1940ish then 1949 no flood then again till 2007 then 2019 you could go back further but all very similar pattern of event where the floods come in cyclical patterns normally in clusters of 3. ROUGHLY WORKS OUT flooding occurs every 15-20 years if you average it out and its been the for 100s of years

  5. Fishlake could be a clue. I'm not sure. everyone has been warned about climate change by now, surely.

  6. Britain, can we have some of that water? The non-desert patch of our country is in drought and on fire. Thanks. Australia.

  7. Fishlake <—<<< Doncaster… how many of those flooded homes are built on a flood plain?

  8. Re-make the roads curved so the water can flow down into a bunch of drainage holes into the sewer…or something.

  9. How much warning do you require? Look out of the window….. There is a river…… In a valley….. And your new build home is in that valley…… The valley was carved out by the river…. it hasn't "burst its banks", you have set up home within that river

  10. My deepest sympathies go out to the flood victims what is needed is the Prime Minister to give emergency aid to the victims

  11. "Was it a complete shock?" to someone who has broken down.

    Journalists, as empathetic as always.

  12. Farmers have destroyed hedging, trees and ponds and now you will pay the price each and every year.

  13. UK weather: severe flood warnings remain in place in Yorkshire ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/10/uk-weather-severe-flood-warnings-remain-in-place-in-yorkshire

  14. New homes are being built on the Cherwell flood plain around Banbury. Pity the poor dupes who mortgage themselves to the ones at the bottom.

  15. Well we won't have a drought for a while now…Boris pretending to clean up for a second

  16. We have to keep building houses for the expected 3million increased population in the next 10 years. Keeping out of floodplains is an obvious plan.

  17. The tories have let these people down. We need a new government who will invest in infrastructure that will protect people's homes from this kind of flooding.

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