Florida Fishing: Artificial Gulp Shrimp VS Live Shrimp

[Erin] What’s the goal? What are we about to start? [Brendon] Okay.
What are we launching into? So we’re launching into this competition, Gulp! Shrimp versus live shrimp, and there’s a lot of different species here that will eat both of ’em, um, today we’re going to see which will work better, which will catch more fish, which is more effective? Comment your guess below! Which one do you think is going to work the best? [Austin] Hers.
[Morgan] Probably the, oh, I was going to say, probably the mantis, just because of the tail. A lot of– a lot of, like, trout, love that tail. Okay, if we’re discounting her fishing magic, then this one, for the tail.
[Morgan] Yeah, yeah. Comment below! Hold ’em up. Which one do you think is going to win? [Erin] Alright, one, two, three. [Morgan] Holy crap! On the @#$% $%#$^ Gulp! [Brendon] Erin! [Morgan] Sorry.
[Erin] Morgan! [laughing] Yes! [Morgan] Whole Gulp! I win. [Erin] You won. [Brendon] Morgan wins the whole thing! [Erin] As I knew she would. [Brendon] Alright, woah! Nice! [Erin] Yes!
[Austin] Oh, that’s a speckled trout.
[Brendon] On the mantis shrimp! The chartreuse tip. So you changed it up, huh? I did. Awesome. Yes! Good job, Morgan. I’m excited. Yes. [Austin] I used that same bait for like, the last 45 minutes and I just changed ’cause I didn’t catch anything, and she caught it… [Brendon] Story of your life, huh? [Austin] Dude, every time. That’s amazing. [Erin] Classic. [Morgan] Kiss the fish you didn’t get. [Erin] Oooh!!
Ha ha ha ha! Burn, man. Got’em. [Brendon] Wait, you didn’t even kiss the fish though! I didn’t need to, I caught it. [Brendon] Reasonable.
[Austin] Yeah.
[Erin] Kiss the fish you didn’t get, That’s savage, I love it. Ha ha ha.
[Austin] I know! [Morgan] I’m all about the competition and I get way too into it. [laughing] [Brendon] Is that why you’ve been so quiet? [Morgan] Uh huh, I’m focused. [Erin] Aaarghh! [Austin] Are you in competitive mode?
[Morgan] Yeah. [Erin] Look at this. [Brendon] What about it? [Erin] They’re tearing me up. And I can’t get them.
[Brendon] Yeah, but it’s still on there, it still smells great. *sniffs* Ew. Okay, look at the old Gulp, that we’ve been using for like what, like probably 20-30 bites, [Erin] Yeah.] Versus the new Gulp. [Erin] Next to each other. Destroyed. [Yeah] Alright, put the new one on.
[Alright] And we’re putting this on a little J hook. Now, again, guys, there’s many ways to use a Gulp shrimp, this is just one way, and it may not be the way you like to use it but it’s working for us, and um, yup. Fishing’s about having fun, and are you having fun, Erin?
[I’m having a great time.] Alright, let’s do it. Oooh, getting lot’s of bites. [Austin] Yeah man, these, they love these things. There’s something about the way that tail kind of flutters through the water, also. Partially tail ripped off?
[Brendon] What tail? That’s still a usable bait. Believe it or not.
Still got a little flutter left in it. It’s still got a little bit of flutter, yeah. There we go! Oh, good job, dude! Trout. Trout?
Sand trout. On the Gulp. Alright.
That’s a bigger one, though, let me see him. Yeah,
No, yours was bigger, man. You think?
Yeah, yours was bigger. Wow, this is a lot of- [laughing]
I caught a– there he is. There he is! Oh snap. Sand trout. Right through the mouth, too! In the corner! He wasn’t going to go anywhere. Yeah.
Perfect hook set. Can I have another mullet? Uh, that might have been my last one, but here, here, I’ll put a shrimp– Take this one.
No, don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m going to go with shrimp, I’m going to do shrimp. The live shrimp. This is one of the best baits around. Live shrimp. [Morgan] Whoo! I’m on! What was that on?
Sweet. Live shrimp. Nice!! He didn’t even take it, it’s on my hoo–it’s on my line. Nice.
It’s a pinfish, but… But? Still. On live.
Yes. Alright. [Whoo!] Live shrimp. Obviously one of the best baits. Hook it right through the head like that, everything eats live shrimp. Just about. What is your tip for beginners who are using live shrimp? Um.
To help catch more fish? Small hooks. And… A good hooking strategy for what fish you’re trying to catch. Okay, so such as? If I’m trying to catch, like, a mangrove snapper, that likes to bite the heads off or bite little parts, um, I’ll chunk it, and hide the hook inside a small piece so that when it bites on it just sees that. Eats the whole hook no matter what. Yeah. whole hook. Cool, yeah. That makes sense. Brendon has a whole shrimp very delicately hooked on right now. [Austin] Aw, dude, he brought me right in there. Aw. Yep. There you go.
Hold up, dawg.
Me too. You both get snagged?
Oh, really? Yeah.
[Morgan laughing] Yeah.
I felt, I felt some bites, bites, bites, I let it eat, and then I think it ran it under something. [laughing] Nice! [Jake] A bigger size.
[Brendon] What is that?
[Erin] Woah, that’s pretty chunky. That’s the biggest mangrove snapper I’ve seen this trip. Oh, nice, dude! And this is on a live shrimp? [Jake] Yup. Live shrimp, look at how he hooked it. Like, that thing was not going anywhere. Jake. Yes. When these–okay. So, I got a lot of bites on it, Mhmm.
but I don’t know if I should set the hook right off the bat or should I wait for it to eat the whole thing? [Jake] Um, that’s what I’ve been doing, I’ve been just letting the opening the bail and letting them take some line, and then just setting the hook. Okay, so let them eat it for a little bit first, don’t just
Yes. set it right away. Okay.
Yeah, yeah. Cool. It seems to work better than just jerking it ’cause it rips it out of their mouths. Okay. [Erin] Yeah, that’s a tricky balance.
That’s a good tip. It’s a fish! Ay! Austin! [Erin] [whispering] Stop yellin’! That’s a big fish, I don’t know what it is. [Morgan] Is he coming up? It might be a stingray. I don’t know. [Morgan] Oh, it’s a ray. It’s a darn ray. Oh. Okay. That’s on the live shrimp. Okay. [Sarcastically] Perfect. Hooked it right in the butthole. [Erin] Stop.
[Boo…] I prefer to do as minimal damage to the ray as possible, a lot of dudes, I’ve seen so many dudes kill these guys for no reason,
Okay. I’ve seen so many guys catch a ray and they just stab it in the head because they’re pissed, and it’s absurd.
I know… [Brendon] Oh god.
[Jake] Same with catfish, [indistinguishable]
[Austin] Did he cut you? Yeah. With what? Whatever these things are. Holy $%&&! I got it though… I didn’t realize they were that sharp. Yeah.
Alright, so now how are we getting him in the water? What happened to you? Nothing! I just got like a little tiny, like it pricked me just a tiny bit,
They have, it’s not like, the barb, they have, like prehistoric dino-spikes like a stegosaurus. Yeah. You got stegosaurus stabbed. What’s the worst injury you’ve encountered with a sting ray? or what’s the worst injury that you’ve heard of or seen? Someone on our Facebook group, I think his name is Michael, he said something about, like, he stepped on a ray and it went through his foot out the other side. That would be the worst, ’cause it’s a barb, so… Oh…
*screeching* Okay.
Alright. I think the worst ray accident I’ve ever heard of is Steve Irwin. [Brendon] Yeah.
[Morgan] Aw.
[Erin] Yeah… [Morgan] It’s too soon. Too soon!? It’s been like 13 years! No, but it’s still too soon, I agree. [laughing]
We stopped recording the moment you got a fish.
Alright! [Austin] Alright, you can at least… (indistinguishable) he’s pretty big.
Ow. [Morgan] He’s not.
That’s not 15″. Is he speckled or no? This is…
Let’s see. This is a sand trout. Right?
[Morgan] Wait, we can eat him! Yeah, it is a sand trout.
Cool. There’s no regulation on these kind of–on this fish. It looks so messed up, look at the- the top… fin here. Yeah, he’s been chewed up. Where? Oh yeah. Tell us everything you know about this fish. In the comments below. Weirdly enough, he might be a speckled trout. Really?
What makes you think that? He’s got very very faint spots on him. Oh, I see them, like right here, right? Look at his tail.
Oh, I see. Yeah, that could be a speck–every now and then you get speckled trout– or you know what? That could be a weakfish, we don’t normally get weakfish out here. Are there teeth?
I don’t know we’re going to have to ask the viewers comment below your guess! What is this?
It’s got little dots on it’s tail, It’s either a speckler a speckled tout who’s specks aren’t coming though or it is a small weakfish. [Morgan] Ugh, oh no–oh! Oh! Nice. Another sand perch? Yeah! On a live shrimp? Yeah! Oh, well, chunk shrimp. Chunk shrimp. Alright. Yeah. So practically live.
Not plastic. Okay. Another way to hook it. Back of the tail. I’mma try this way. Story of fishing with live shrimp. Say that again? This is the story of fishing with live shrimp: you put a perfect, little shrimp on here, throw it out, wait for a big pull, bring it out, it’s just taken its head. Over and over and over again. And um, it’s kind of frustrating, it makes me it makes me appreciate the gulp a little bit more because the Gulp will last for a lot of fish. [Austin] I’ve re-tied, finally. And it’s gone. Already gone?
Yup. Woah, she got one!
Ooh! A pin!
Pin? Nice bait sized pin fish. Do you want this pin fish? No. He got one. Ooh, catfish.
Cat. Oh…
Sait cat. Sad face. Ha ha! Live shrimp?
Aw man, that guy’s got lot’s of appendages, yeah, a little live shrimp. Oh wow, very whiskery. Yes! And also very hurt-y, these guys will ruin your day. Show me the ninja grip.
Right there. Boom. Under both and on top of the one. And then you just get him out.
These catfish are crazy. Don’t touch that thing, dude. Really?
That thing gets in your hand, and they’ve got that-that slime is actually uh, an infective poison, you’ll have to use like hand sanitizer immediately and it’ll burn for a month. That’s why my cut has been like, infected. [Jake] Yeah, I can confirm.
Yeah. If you get a —
Yeah. I got stabbed in the foot with one exactly that size. Oh no.
Wasn’t fun. Did you see the videos of the girls?
Yeah! Playing with the catfish? And then like, one throws it at the other like an idiot and then Yeah, dude, it was one of these.
it sticks in her leg. Really?
Yes! No! That was on the beach somewhere close—- Oh, that’s a big one! Oooh, what is that? Trout or a lady. Oh!
It’s a trout. Alright. The catfish is free, that’s a big trout.
Oh, nice. That’s on what?
Live, oh, well, chunk. Chunk?
Nice, nice.
Oh! That’s like a 13 incher? Yeah. We should measure him.
Getting close to slot, he’s small, That’s beautiful,
but he’s getting close into the slot.
Nice! Heck yeah! Beautiful. Look at that yellow mouth. And one big tooth.
Alright, you’re the you’re the big winner tonight, okay? It’s pretty obvious, you don’t need to rub it in. Ha ha ha ha. Feeling a little jealous, Brendon? No. I caught a ray! Ha ha ha ha. So my consensus is um, the Gulp shrimp, I would rather use the gulp shrimp, because these you have to have an airator, you have to have a bucket, and uh, you have to keep them alive, Whereas, the gulp shrimp, uh, you can keep it in your bag, you can transf–you can go anywhere with it, you don’t have to keep them alive, they last a lot longer, they reek, which really attracts a lot of fish, so what are your experiences with shrimp? What are you experiences with, um, with gulp shrimp? Let us know in the comments below, uh, we’re curious to hear, This is just one kind of fishing we’re just doing some ultra-light fishing for smaller fish, uh, which I have a lot of fun doing, honestly, I have more fun doing uh, a lot of fish over one big fish, Yeah, this was a lot of fun.
Yeah. Thank you guys for watching, if you liked our episode please like and subscribe, so if you guys are curious about the locations we fish at or the kind of gear that we use, um, we have just built a new website, senko skipper . com, where we have a GPS map a Google maps of basically every location that we have filmed at and uh, we’ve linked them to the episodes so you guys can see where we fish and maybe try the fishing trip for yourself um, so if you’re interested in that check out senko skipper . com. and I’m going to put a link right here. I want to give Morgan and Austin and Jake and big thank you for um, coming out to fish with us, showing us one of their favorite spots to fish, and um, I had a really good time fishing with them, I always like to do little fish, quantity over quality that’s my kind of thing, um, let us know your kind of thing. What kind of fishing do you like to do?

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