100 thoughts on “FLY VS JERK 10 – Ep. 6 – River Day (with German, French & Polish subtitles)

  1. Congratulations to all Crews for the fight they've been given !!! But CwC it's on fire! That's the stuff Lads!! Stay safe

  2. Yes yes yes CWC win!!!!
    Great great job,you guys destroy other teams
    I’m so happy, I’m felling like I’m win 🎣

  3. This was the best Fly VS Jerk ever made. Great production quality and fantastic ending. Just so freaking epic!

  4. It’s a crazy finish !! Congrats big pike men trumann and Pierre ! I LOVE THIS GAME

  5. its awesome how fishing can be unexcepted 51 pikes vs 1/5/6 COOL
    0:40 the heaviest fish was 9.02 yoooo

  6. Pierre: you ready with the net?🤪
    Truman: I was born ready..🤣🤟
    Thanks kanalgratis..

  7. Nice vidéo ! Et merci pour ces superbes paysages et ces pikes de fou ! !👍📸

  8. Well done guys,I'm believed in you till end of competition…..

  9. amazing finish!! in France we would say :Bordel de Dieu Pierre tu as fais très fort!! bvoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  10. I love this final of flat vs jerk!thank you!🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷👍👍👍👍

  11. When you hear Two Steps From Hell and you see CWC fishing you just know the come back is real! Kör hårt Trumman och Pierre!

  12. Fantastic job cwc, I always root for the fly guys but cwc is definitely my favorite of any of the jerk guys

  13. Encore une fois Pierre nous a montré toute l'étendue de son immense talent " quel pêcheur ! " encore mille bravos les gars et vive la France .

  14. Never give up.
    CWC Super Team
    Epic Fishing Guys
    Congratulations from Germany

  15. Can you hear the audience roaring when Pierre shows that monster of a pike?
    Well.. That's the sound of the whole pike fishing world cheering at you!!!
    It was amazing to watch!
    Thanks to everybody who took part in this season and worked for us to have the pleasure to watch❤️

  16. Those last two fish by CVC were unreal! This is one fly guy who would chuck rubber with that team amy day. Salute!

  17. Hey this was great all the competition was so interesting to me I like it. Great wish from Austria

  18. What a finish. Well done CWC. I think Pierre brought some of the luck of the Irish with him for that river monster. It looked like an alligator 🐊 with no legs. 👍

  19. CWC was cheating!!!!;-) Fly baits.But nevertheless the guys showed serious overall technique for finding and choosing the last battleground. :-):-)super year for all teams and a spectacular job from the cast!!!

  20. CWC damn you could just come to day 3 and still win the whole thing! You are the best!

  21. Thank you Guys for this amazing Competition! Great Job Team CWC! Congrats Olli

  22. Ha ha ha! That’s just crazy! Super nice fish for super nice dudes!

  23. Great finish, congratulation to winners! Wish luck for all of you next time👏

  24. 😱 Unbelievable, what a Thriller in the last Minute 🎣 Congratulations to the Winners. And a very big „Thank You“ to Kanal Gratis and everyone else who made this possible. 👏🏻👍🏻🙋🏼‍♂️💯❤️

  25. Nice ending of fly vs jerk I love to see the emotions. Congratulations to CWC

  26. Super season…. Good teams… I observed from Russia… Initially I supported CWC… I am glad that coolly and persistently won… Good luck…

  27. Stefan & Pierre, I was believing in you from the first second till the end, suppperrr coooolll!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  28. As they get the big girl in the net i said to the wife that looks like a 32 pound pike. Then they measure it and weigh it. 14.9 kilo. So i exit the vid quick and do a quick calculation 14.9 kilo was 32.8 pound. You cant guess a fishes weight much closer than that.

  29. I'm late to the party but wow!! Best ending to my vs jerk ever! Just amazing, love this series. Well done Pierre and Truman!

  30. Fantastic serie; I’m also very happy for Maurizio Miuras that showed to Europe that italian inspiration can give you great results. Compliments to the staff for the superb work. Keep like that

  31. From Zero to Hero… again!!
    Love your content guys, keep it up 🤙🏼🎣

  32. Ong se retournement de situation. Juste énorme. Ne jamais abandonner. Voilà le message. Saison de fou 🙃🤤🤪🙃

  33. What a drama, well done CWC! Didn't think you will win this year! Congrats one more time!

  34. Magnifique compétition bravo à tous!!! Juste incroyable ce pike 😍 sur la dernière heure BRAVO PIERRE!!! j'en ai eu des frissons et j'en ai encore un grand MERCI!!!! ❤

  35. Congrats team CWC what an incredible fish! That fish was a beast! I was rooting for team Vision as a fly guy myself, but cant be upset at all about the loss with a fish like that winning!

  36. Awesome episode, love sitting back watching these when I’m not fishing myself 👌🏻🎣👍🏻 Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  37. Jises what does that mean ? And the Pike was not 90cm but 95 ,) lol !!

  38. You need to stop this program, cause it can't get any better (please don't stop) 😉 Congrats to CWC!

  39. Finale incroyable ! La France est vraiment bien représentée grâce à toi Pierre !

  40. I might be 13 and fish pike for 5 years, but I have never been in scandinavia. Can’t wait for the day to come.

  41. This is the worst season of Fly vs Jerk since the competition started, this should be renamed 1 Fly team takes on 5 traditional tackle teams, it would have been much better to see a more even split, and I cannot believe that there has not been a female team in this competition yet. I hope that they are going to make a lot of improvements next season and include more fly teams and maybe there can be the first female team as well. If they cannot make changes I do not think they will be worth watching. Also what about a mixed team consisting of 1 fly and 1 traditional?

  42. Thank you for the Polish subtitles and congratulations for the record fish. Beautiful fish .. Regards from Poland ..

  43. This was so amazing to watch! I love this series to death, but I have to say that this latest season blew my mind with the way it ended. It's a fairy tale ending, and I'm so fucking happy for Trumman and Pierre. That's an epic way to wrap up this competition and I sincerely hope to see many more iterations of Fly vs Jerk in the future!

  44. What a great series and channel! I stumbled upon the video where Niklaus goes fly fishing for big mammas way up north and then got dragged in to Fly vs Jerk season 10. Was rooting for Niklaus and Markus because they were the only ones fly fishing but as I watched I started cheering for Pierre and Stefan as well because they really go for it. I have to say I find Pierre very respectful to the pikes, and he never fails to compliment a nice fish (pointing out the wonderful markings or colour) even when it's not a particularly big one. Keep up the good work!

    Also: My congratulations for Viktor with the new arrival and having such a understandig wife/girlfriend that you were able to continue with Fly vs Jerk.

    And to team Gunki: I got a little bit annoyed by comments on the other videos about how you should go back to perch fishing. I loved your enthusiasm and jokes!

  45. Молодцы 👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🐟🐟🐟🐟

  46. Best FVJ ever!!! This was the best team set up from all of the seasons! It was exciting every episode. Well done to all fishermen and huge congratulation to Stefan and Pierre!
    Thank you all!

  47. Dear Team from Kanalgratisdotse;
    Best fishing channel in the UNIVERSE!
    Nice fishs, Monterfishs, very cool and humorous guys and legendary competitions!
    I have to admit i followed your channel since 2 years, but i just really started watching your videos 2 weeks ago. Now i'm an addict! 🤪

    I dont want to congratulate the winners of f.v.j.10.
    I congratulate all of you for all the dreamfish, the exciting battles, all the fame and respect, and ,last but not least, for creating kanalgratisdotse!
    Keep going like this!
    Wish y'all well, straight lines, sharp hooks and BigMamas from Potsdam/Germany!✊😎

  48. Every other bait on the market right now

    ”Am I a joke to you?”

  49. Really amazing climax ! And a french for the win, I'm so proud ahah 🙂 FJJ 10 is the first season I've seen, I just can't wait to see the others 😀

  50. Jag älskar Fly vs Jerk, men jag tycker att poängställningen endast ska visa faktiska poäng som delats ut, och inte vad lagen skulle ha ifall dagen slutade på aktuell ställning. Antal centimetrar som fångats ska absolut visas eftersom det är "redan förtjänat" så att säga, inget kan ändra på det, men poängställningen tycker jag endast ska visas när lagen faktiskt erhållit poängen i fråga.

  51. I think thats best best what i ever have seen! Very Nice competiton! Congrats to CWC and all other. Big fishing from all teams! ✌️😎🤘🎣

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