Folsom Dam Raise Project groundbreaking ceremony

Three, two, one I’m pleased to welcome you all here today
as we celebrate the kickoff of construction on the Folsom Dam Raise Project, the effort
to raise the dams and dikes surrounding the lake, further increasing its capacity and
reducing flood risk for all of those that make our home in the Sacramento area. I want you to know how important that this
is for the entire region. You know we sit at the confluence of two great
rivers. It’s got a diverse and beautiful ecosystem,
but from this beauty also comes many challenges. This dam raise project along with the Joint
Federal Project, the spillway, really does give us that capacity to keep the tens of
thousands of residents that live downstream from Folsom Lake safe, but it also gives us
that capacity in dry years to hold more water back as well and manage that dual risk. Today is about partnerships. Today is about how we get things done. Today is about how we invest in infrastructure
for the safety of downstream communities and for the safety of the water supply of downstream
communities. [Applause]

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