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  1. To be fair you dont always have a chance to plunge either and often you just want the point. So its gonna help a bit. But then again you can also jump on people below, so its atleast interesting. It also protects you from lunge moves like shugokis gb heavy and tiandis kick. So i think youre too pessimistic.

    I dont like the b point railings and the low part on c not being part of the point tho. I bet the low part will not be used as much now. The other changes i think are fine.

    I like the instant kills because theyre stressful and switch up the normal gameplay. Its truly what makes fights in one map different from others, because youre fighting for more specific positions. Also ledging with shugoki is just so much fun and ive seen so many people getting into the game and getting started just because they were able to get succes ledging by being able to focus on that before getting better. It also makes fighting a worse player not intirely devoid of stress.

    In a world where i saw old overwatched picked way more than the new one and where i still see beachhead picked up all the time, i just wish ubisoft would let people have their dumb fun maps and not take away that option.

    PS: I still miss the forest bridge duel map,because i like how dumb it was and was fun for weird scenarios.

  2. I think some times these changes are needed. Like C on High Fort was hell. But most times I’m just like, why?

  3. If you ledge someone and get interrupted before you can finish him off with drop attack the one who was ledged survives.

  4. If it's anything like the harbor ledge, throwing throwing then plunging will work maybe once a year so that ledge is effectively non lethal now. I do like having the ability to ledge though. Revenge is really over tuned right now so having a way to kill someone in less than 3-5 business days is nice, however there are spots that need/needed fewer hazards, like beachhead, river fort b point, shard b point, overwatch c point, or high fort c point. So that LB WL or raider couldn't just win those points by existing.

  5. For mid I wish the entire moat was blocked off instead of having openings on both lines in mid. If I was defending either minion line and I am playing LB I can still impale/have a teammate gb for impale to kill someone trying to clear mid : ). For C point I wish they just blocked off the two lethal ledges and I think that point would be so much better. Blocking those two off would leave an open/safe area to teamfight.

  6. In my opinion, the open area could allow people who fear the ledge to stay in the center more, so it kind of reduces the ledgeing sort of kind of but not really? It probably just reduces the death by map hazards by a bit.

  7. Removing environmental threats is so dumb, they are literally supposed to be a feature.

  8. If you are having trouble going to certain maps, you can deploy troops in a certain area to increase your chances of being in a certain map. I believe it also lists them out on the right side. If not just call me a liar and I’m sorry

  9. Bro just because my team comp consists of 4 raiders and you got stampede charged by all of us doesn’t mean we’re toxic, you’re just bad at the game git gud your fault for trying to play the game on high fort

  10. Even though i hate getting instakilled, i would not want them to remove that from thé game, it gives you alternative strategies and just a bit more depth in 4v4 games

  11. No it hasn’t failed, it’s exactly as you said. Plunge attacks are obviously far more inconsistent than falling off a ledge. Not every player in the game even knows how to confirm a drop attack off of leashing someone

  12. Point C is often a 2v2 or 3v2 so the chance of you getting a drop attack is very small due to pressure from the extra enemies, sure you could possibly ledge him but you wont get the chance to drop attack them.

  13. I like all the changes, personally. Having to plunge instead of getting an easy kill feels more rewarding, especially since it means you can't stay on the point for it. Also, that ledge on mid was bullcrap; very happy they did away with that.

  14. I primarily play duels and it's wonderful for that, before there was nowhere to fight normally in that area but now it's great

  15. I like the changes to C. It makes it harder to completely remove someone from a team fight. And as an orochi main at this stage of the game more space to maneuver around is greatly appreciated. Because as I'm due everyone knows, fighting in a cramped space as an assassin really sucks. Removing the ability to capture from the bottom doesn't make a lot of sense to me though.

  16. The new platforms have saved my arse so many times. Plunging attacks after being ledged aren't really an issue, because you can roll under cover as you get up

  17. Apparently there were too many OHSA incidents and the Vikings had to adjust safety standards.

  18. It's a pretty gei change in my opinion
    They are making this game way to crybabie friendly

  19. Yeah the B pit has barriers, but they still haven't changed the fact that the ladders to A are still an instant kill even though it's a 4 ft drop

  20. Not a fan. I always enjoyed the environmental awareness aspect of the game. Doesn't make me angry if I get ledged. Though, i understand why they changed it. Plunging is still broken too, so that plunge will prolly save someones life tbh.

  21. I’m just happy I’m not gonna get raider’d into the moat every time I fight at B. I kinda get you Freeze, these maps were in rotation for years and they’re only babyproofing it now. Takes away some flavor. But the tradeoff is a lot less of dying with 1 mistake because I wasn’t 100% focused on a casual game.

  22. I like the larger environment in point c and the railing on point b but plz stop removing insta kills the change to the ledge on c is dumb same with point c on harbor removing the fire I still dont like the change it looks dumb and was a unnecessary change in my opinion

  23. I dont think there is anything wrong with instant kills because it goes both ways if you can be instant killed so can your opponent and the only time you should be is if you arent paying attention but at that point it's your own fault

  24. i think they should stop removing possibilities for environmental kills, they're so fun

  25. I like environment hazards because danger. I think it’s because some heroes like lawbringer, and warlord can take advantage of them more, that they keep removing them. Nerf the fire damage and put in more falls that don’t kill, but change location, think different layers of arena like in M.K. mite help intensify fights, and separate a 1v1 from a pack.

  26. You know what I think would be nice? A change to drop attacks in general, making them not always one hit kills and making them fall speed based. Because as it stands, very short drop attacks have basically no risk for maximum reward.

  27. Map identity? What wrong with people it’s just a game, change is good.

    The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

  28. It's not that easy to plunge attack someone if you're in team fight. Other players will inevitable interrupt you if you try to plunge attack the guy you just thrown down. I think that was the point of the changes on C

  29. Was a little pissed hearing this. But I really enjoy the changes on C. I'd like to see them add/ open areas of maps in the future. The idea of exploring new openings and shifting scenery around is kind of exciting

  30. It seems was though they were done with team fights in mind.. In this scenario give someone revenge, you no good player so you try to parry they get a guard break.. This is no longer instant death instead you have a chance to rejoin the gank allot sooner.. The devs should be careful about bringing the deathball back as that may be an inadvertent consequence of removing environmental hazards

  31. Fighting near a ledge changes the mind game. The available options in the fight change and you have to adapt your play to your current position in the map. Ledges really don't bother me.

  32. I think on breach it would be ok that if the officers would help you fight the Guardian. Like when the your approaching the Guardian they would already be fighting the Guardian. That might not be a good idea but its ok. Another idea is that I think there should be a way for the Attackers to win. My final idea is that Nuxia's deflect shouldn't be blocked. I think she could 1 stab in the chest or 2 she can slash with the other hook. These are my ideas and they might not be that good but I like them

  33. What the heck is 'map identity'? I just realized that C point is a freaking boat, I just called it wallsplat city. IMO optimal play on point C now requires staying on the top half at all costs. Not sure if there would be any reason to even be in the lower section in Dominion. On the map changes, I personally don't mind as long as they honor input from long term representatives of each section of the community (high level comp players and causal gang)

  34. Why is Ubisoft deleting all the fun out of the game
    In the end the game will be circle SpongeBob

  35. I think that the evolution of maps isn't bad at all. More space for combat is of course welcome, and many time in maps ive wanted a ledge to lead to another level, leaving opportunity for more things than an instant death. maybe they get away, maybe they get killed from low health, maybe they come back for low health revenge. these extra platforms are something Ive wanted for a while. I think the barrier in the middle is a little much of a change, I think that they should have a pile of something in the middle of it, making the ledging more circumstantial. As for the argument of the "change of the map identity" seems to be a weak argument. each map has a point with a fair bit of ledging potential, with the main real differences being how you get around and number of minions. Besides the looks of a map, these kind of changes dont seem too bad in my opinion.

  36. I play JJ, and omg i hated fighting on C on this map, i couldnt press any button without hitting a wall

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