For The Love Of God, Don’t Be This Person On A Flooded Road

3 3 3 NATSFirefighters, friends, and neighbors coming together in a sand bag brigade to help keep even more run off out of this already flooded home.”It was a shocker because it came out of nowhere because we thought it was OK and left the sandbags for that reason,”But as Water from this swollen Consumnes River started overflowing its banks.. the pressure was too much and the levee gave way. “You know we knew we couldn’t cross this road but we didn’t know it was just going to start pouring in,”Earlier, Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services warned residents to be prepared and as expected the levees started to crumble.”it is getting worse unfortunately. I would love ease we’re doing the best they could, but now we are seeing breaches,”The rising water not only affecting homes and yards, but even livestock were forced to find higher ground.For many who’ve been around for decades, they know the river’s power, but were banking the levees would hold. “We are hoping that the amount of water that is escaping will go into farmlands, but we are finding some situations where homes maybe possibly impacted by this,”Officials say it’s a waiting game to see just how much water will flow and where. “We knew the water was coming to end up here, it’s just a matter of who it floods first and most severe is kind of the unexpected,” 3 IF YOU HAVEN’T LEFT YOUR HOME.. STAY PUT. THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE DRIVING AROUND AND GETTING STUCK ON FLOODED ROADS. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY.. CALL 911 AND CREWS WILL TRY TO GET TO YOU. 3

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