Ford F-350 Emergency Warning Lights Install with Flood Mode Feature on Every Light

Hi and thanks for watching. This is
George at Wicked Warnings. It’s been a little while since I did an outdoor video, so I
figured since it was nice and sunny today, I’d park this out front and show
you the distant front view, because I know everybody wants to see those fancy
headlights flashing. As you can see, in this one we’ve got the headlights and
the fog lights flashing in an X-pattern using our Wicked Warnings Auto
Flasher. Let me pull it inside and give you a closer look. I just wanted to show
you what it looks like from kind of a distance away in the direct daylight
that we have outside right now. So what are we looking at here anyways? What we’ve got in the top grill of this truck is our new Razor in an amber and white,
synchronized together to fire amber and white together, on one of our nicer
patterns with a variable speed. We’ve also got our Wicked Warnings Auto
Flasher, synchronized two units, one on the fog lights, one on the headlight C-rings, as well as another one on the mirror. We have our Mirror Mod Kit powered by our new Auto Flasher on the mirror white spot lights and as well as the C-rings
and fog lights. Nestled into the side of the fog light pocket, in a very popular
spot, we have our white TIR-3 synchronized with the rear TIR-3’s, we
put on the side edge of the taillight to match. For a total of four white TIR-3
synchronized to flash simultaneously on this particular build. The primary focus
of the white TIR-3 in the front fog light pocket and the rear bezel is
side warning, and as you can see here, it does a very good job of producing that. We also have the Mirror Mod flashing and in the badges, you can see the reflection
of our Thin-X LIN series in amber and white. Here you can catch a little bit of
a glimpse of that rear TIR-3 in white on the taillight side bezel, as well as our
Thin-X in the badge. A little clearer side shot of that Thin-X
in an alternating amber and white pattern right in the badge. That is our
Thin-X LIN series in amber-clear. Around the back of this truck, the first thing that you’ll notice is that OEM cargo light that is still fully functional,
despite the fact that it has our Auto Flasher installed. As you can see here, we
have our Auto Flasher installed on the OEM LED reverse lights, as well as the
OEM LED cargo light. Neither of those lights are going to be affected when
we’re not in emergency mode, but when you flip the switch, the Auto Flasher takes
over, and as you can see we have a nice X-pattern with all four OEM white LEDs. Now we’ve supplemented that with a pair of our 12 inch Thin-X Strips, mounted
right there underneath the tailgate. Let me show you the coolest thing about this
build that I forgot to mention earlier. Did anyone say flood mode? Every light we did on this vehicle has the flood switch. We’ve got the Thin-X’s under the gate.
We’ve got the OEM reverse, the OEM cargo, we’ve got the Thin-X’s in the badges. As
you can see here, we’ve got all four of our side fire TIR-3’s. Every light we did, including the C-rings, the fog lights, and the OEM mirror lights,
every light on one switch floods white. Talk about perimeter lighting. This is
by the customer’s request and it looks amazing.
Let me show you how the rear flood lights up our shop. I’m gonna do this
live, walk over and turn off the shop lights. We’ve got just the emergency mode on now. Turn off the emergency mode. Turn on the flood. As you can see, plenty of light to light
the entire shop. Really not bad for factory lighting and only the Thin-X
Strips going in there. Back to the emergency mode. I wouldn’t
leave you hanging without showing you the front flood, so let me do that.
That is pretty sick. You’ve got your mirrors, your C-rings,
your fogs, your T-3’s, your Razor’s, your Thin-X Strips, your original cargo lights,
original reverse lights, all on flood. Let me show you what it looks like against the garage door. So that’s front flood full on. I’m telling you, it’s about as bright
as some cars’ headlights. No issue at all. We’ve got the fog lights, the C-rings, the
Razor’s, everything’s good to go so this is a very unique look on this particular
truck. As you can see, we’ll pan this way. Very cool that it’s all flooded out like
that, I like it a lot. Never mind the Wicked Jeep getting a little upgrade
back there. This all ran off the factory auxiliary switches. Everything’s
controlled. Be sure to check the description in the video for links to
each individual product, as well as a link to buy this entire kit as one
package, and also be sure to watch all the individual product videos to get a
better understanding of how each individual product works. Once again, this
is George at Wicked Warnings. Thank you for watching your number one source
for construction safety, emergency strobe lighting and equipment here in Chicago,
Illinois. And give us an email, [email protected] Drop by our shop or give us a ring and we’ll definitely get you taken care of. Thanks again for

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