Ford F-450 Limited Green and White LED Strobe Warning Lights Package

How you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings. Hope you all are blinded by the light. What we have
here is a brand new F-450, not 150, not 250, not 350 but 450 4-door long bed
Limited. Not XLT, not Lariat, not Sport, not King Ranch, Limited and what you’re
seeing right now is the front flood feature, which is set up on the auxiliary
factory switches and what you’re seeing lit up is our 8-inch Grille LED Kit offered on, as well as our Auto Flasher module steady
burning the front mirror spotlights. This truck has a boatload of features. What
we’re featuring on it is our Thin-X LED, our LED HAW DUO, our TIR-3, our Auto
Flasher module and our 8-inch Grille Kit. Let me show you a little closer without
all the brightness. Alright, so now you can see this sexy beast.
We stock the Black Series 8-inch Grille Kit because I like how it
disappears into that dark void next to the oval. That’s the one you can get on and here we go with the flashy. This was a build to suit job, so
we did exactly what the owner requested. In the front of the grille underneath the
hood, we have our LIN-6 in a split green-white. We’ve synchronized all three
to flash green and then white, which are currently blinding the camera. There you
go. I can darken it up a little bit. It’s kind of hard to see but the mirrors are
also flashing with our Mirror Mod. The LIN-6 are just killing the camera, as well as the roof. We have our Auto Flasher module on the roof cab clearance lights
and we have our Mirror Mod Kit on the mirrors. Now I’m a little off-axis. You
can pick up the mirrors and the roof little better.
The roof is set on a very fast continuous flash. We just elected to
flash all five at once. You can do this very easily with our Auto Flasher module
in the passenger A pillar and the mirrors are ping-pong pattern, left to right very fast, just to keep a lot of movement and a lot of fast flashing up top and as you can see, the green and white sync in the grille is just killing it
with the brightness between the flashing. Now you can see a little bit better, more
of the roof now that I got the LIN-6 out of the frame there. We’re also featuring our Thin-X LIN in a green-white alternation in the badges. We went
a little slower with that one in solid green to solid white. It’s actually doing
a quick triple flash but the camera’s just having a little problem picking it
up. There’s your daylight non-dark on the
camera. You can see how it does a great job of illuminating that badge and this
is the primary focus for that Thin-X that we put in the front fender badges,
is back here on the blind spot area of the truck, you can see how that light
hits you square in the face. So anybody that’s in the back blind spot area next
to the truck, this light is focused directly at them. Let me show you the
rear. Alright, out back what we’ve done is we’ve removed the OEM LED from the
cargo light above the bed there. We’ve installed one set of white LED HAW DUO LD, low dome and one set of green. Because we’re installing two on each side, I went
with the low dome and also because that’s the only option for the green. So
we matched low dome white, low dome green. We kept the white in the middle and the
green on the outside per client’s request and we’ve synchronized all 4 of the
rear-facing green to fire together, both TIR-3’s next to the license plate, as
well as both of the upper hideaways, which when you step back a couple of
hundred feet or more, it makes a very impressive green flash. So if you are
back far enough to where you can’t distinguish which lights are actually
flashing, you’ll just see a monstrous flash of green. You can see our Auto
Flasher module doing our triple flash alternation on the reverse lights there. That’s the factory LED reverse lights that are flashing with our Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module and we’ve also put a rear flood mode as well. It
steady burns the LED HAW in the cargo, as well as the reverse lights and we also incorporated the side badges into it as well. As you can see when I kill the lights, it produces a significant amount of usable work light around the truck. So we have a front flood, as well as a rear
flood and as you can see when we flood the rear, we do not lose the 4
synchronized green lights for warning. So if you happen have your flood and
warning on, you don’t lose all of your warning, similar to the front, where we
did not flood the LIN-6’s. This entire project is controlled off of the factory
auxiliary switches. Be sure to check the link in the description of the video,
click on the video and look in the read more section on YouTube where you’ll
find links to each one of these products, as well as a link to a package where you
can have a cart full of everything it took to make this build. Thanks again for
watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and emergency
strobe lighting, safety lighting equipment for trucks, F-450’s, unicycles,
bicycles, tricycles, SUVs, cars, boats. Anything that needs warning, check us out. Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings.

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