Ford Focus LED Interior and Exterior – How To Install – 3rd Generation 2010-2016

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2015 Ford Focus we’ll be
installing LED interior lights on. Now this installation is compatible with
all third generation Ford Focus. That is 2010 through 2015, as well as the 2016, including the RS that will be announced here shortly. Today we’re gonna be using a
PrecisionLED premium 5730 style LED lighting kit. And you can find this kit in
the description link below on Now today we’re gonna be installing
LEDs on our front dome, the rear dome, the courtesy foot well lights, as well as the trunk, the vanity mirror, and the backup reverse lights. We’re also gonna show you how to get
access to your headlights and change out the parking lights inside the assembly. So make sure you watch
all the way to the end to see that. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re looking now at the front overhead dome
light on the Focus. And we’re gonna be using one of the three trim tools that come in the kit. We have a serrated knife tool with the flat end, a pointed wedge, and a
crowbar shape tool with a fork end. For this portion we’re gonna be using the flat end
of our serrated knife tool. And you actually want to flip this upside down
o the flat side is facing you. And you’re coming in from the side that has a
small indentation here. And the intention here is to lift the panel slightly. Insert in and you’ll be pushing down on a metal spring that’s holding the apparatus in place. Once you have that spring down, you can see where we were pushing with the tool Right here. And the reason we have to use this side with the flat side down, when you come in with the tool you don’t
want to lift underneath this metal. That’s not gonna help you. You want to come on top of the metal here to make sure that you’re actually making contact with this spring Now that you have the assembly that you can work with. This is a T10 style bulb. And you’re twisting to unlock that bulb. And this is a T10 type. Now it’s a little hot because it was on. So I’m just gonna use the cloth on my shirt to help remove the bulb. And we just remove the bulb like that. We’re replacing here with our 5730 style T10. And that one snaps right in place. Now this is not polarity-specific which means that you can have it in this orientation or you could turn it around and plug in the other
orientation. The circuitry on the … on the bulb is designed so that it’ll work either way. Go ahead and insert. Twist it to lock it in place.
And, as you can see, the bulb works. You wanna make sure the side with the
connector goes in first. You push this back into place and it snaps in. There you go. We’re looking now at the rear
overhead dome light. It’s a very similar installation method
as the front dome light. Same exact panel. Take the flat end, you flip it upside
down so the flat side is facing down. And you come in from the back side here that
has a small indentation for a tool to make. to mit … to fit inside. Let this one drop down. And it might be a bit difficult to see
here, but we have the T10 LED that we are twisting to unlock. Or the halogen bulb right now. Replacing that with our with our new premium 5730 style bulb. And we’re putting this one in place. Once you get it into the socket, you’re turning clockwise to lock it in place. And then we can go ahead and test the light before
we put the assembly back on. Very good. Let’s turn it off. Socket side here or sorry, the connector side here goes in first. And then you push this one in. Now it’s good to go. For the vanity mirror light, we’re
actually gonna be using two tools. You’re gonna use the fork shape end of our crowbar tool. Just come in from the side on the mirror. Lift up, and when you push down you can start to lift up
the bottom portion of the lens cover. And that’s going to allow you to remove the lens. Now, notice there are flat ends here and then these ends are the portion that lock into place. You’re then going to use the pointed wedge tool. Come in from the bottom here just to remove the festoon type bulb that’s here. And because that bulb’s hot,
I’m just gonna use a piece of cloth to remove the bulb. Just like that. Now, the type of bulb that goes into your vanity mirror light is a 29 millimeter, 5 millimeter diameter type bulb.
And these only comes in our 50-50 standard type. Which means these are polarity-specific. So, if you put them in upside down they don’t light up. When you turn it around, then it lights up. So, go ahead and put these ones in place. And you wanna make sure that you line these up so the light is going correctly. Just take your pointed wedge tool, so you can twist it, there you go. Now that you have the bulb in, take the lens cover. The side that has the longer straight edges goes in the top. And then at the bottom, you’re pushing down to snap it into place. Just like that. And you’re all set. We’re looking now at the courtesy
foot well light here on the passenger side. And the method of removal is actually
going to occur here on the side closest to the interior of your panel. You’re gonna be using the pointed end
of your pointed wedge tool. Come in from the side here and you’re going to force it down. There we go. Once you have that down,
you now have access to the bulb. Because it’s hot, I’m just gonna use a piece of cloth
to help me remove that T10. And we’re replacing it now with our premium 5730 LED. And this is a really nice upgrade. Does make the interior
look a lot nicer with that white light. Once you have it in, you confirm its working. Side with the connector here goes in first. Then you push up, lock it in place. The process is the same on the driver side. For the trunk light, it’s very similar, or it’s actually the exact same light panel as the courtesy foot well lights we just did. You’re gonna come in here from the side with the pointed wedge tool. You push in and you angle it out. You should now have access to the bulb. We’re gonna use just a piece of cloth to remove it. Just because the bulb is hot. Just like that. And we’re replacing it with our new 5730 style LED. This one will work in either orientation. And once you have that fully inserted, and you know it works, side with the connector goes in first. And then you push up to lock that in place. We’re now gonna show you how to
change your back up reverse lights. As you can see, we’re gonna turn them
on here, we’ve already done it here on the driver side. We’re gonna show you how to access
the passenger side. And the way you do that is you have to remove this entire trim panel here on the trunk lid. And to do that, you’re gonna be using the actually a Phillips head screwdriver and our serrated knife tool here, this
indentation here, to help you remove these … these pins. So, we’re gonna get started. First things first, need to loosen the screws. Once you have the screw loose, you can pull it out. Make sure you hold onto this. And, with your serrated knife tool, you’re
gonna come in from the bottom and just edge this out. And that’s how these come out. You wanna do that to every single one
to be able to remove this. So we’ll do that now. Alright, now that each one is off you can go ahead pull it through right here. But you also have your emergency trunk release. That you’re just gonna loosen. And now this is going to come and swing down. And now what you can do is just kind of angle it up like this, and you’ll have access on this side here to the back up reverse light. We’re gonna change the angle here now so you can see what we’re doing in here and get this bulb out. We’re looking now here this black connector is your back up reverse life on the trunk lid. It looks exactly the same on the
driver’s side. This one’s the passenger side. To remove it,
you’re just using two fingers to turn it counterclockwise. And that should pop right out. Once you have it out, bulb comes out just like any other bulb. This is a larger style T10. And we’re replacing it here
with one of our premium 10 LEDs. Once you have that one securely in place, you can go ahead and put the car in reverse without the engine on,
just to see if it turns on. This one we know works. So, we’re gonna insert it back in. And, remember you turned it counterclockwise to remove that time, or the first time. So you’re removing it, or you’re reinstalling it, and twisting clockwise to lock it back in place. And now you know it’s snug. Now that this is complete, the trunk lid’s
gonna have to go back on. You want to make sure every single pin that you took
out goes back in place before you go ahead and finish the installation. But that should be it. As you can see here, we’ve changed one of
the parking lights here are the Ford Focus within the headlight. We’re gonna pop the hood and show you how to get access to your headlight, remove it, and replace that courtesy light. Let’s go ahead and do that. For the headlight, you have two bolts that we need to remove. One here at the front, one here in the back. You’re gonna be using a T30 type torque bit to remove. We have one here hooked up to a drill. These come out pretty easily. Make sure you hold onto the bolts so you
don’t lose them. And this is pretty simple. Most head lights are a little bit difficult to remove. With this one, you’re just gonna pull and the assembly should come out. There is one wiring harness here at the bottom that controls all the lights on the vehicle. And, not sure if you can see that well here, but you push down here at the tab and you pull out. That’s your connector. The parking light is right here up in the top. And that’s
accessed through the high-beam headlight here inside. We’re gonna change the
camera angle so you can see inside the housing. Because it’s pretty far recessed up in here. So we’ll go ahead and put this on the workbench and show you how to do it. We’re looking now through the high beam. You have your courtesy, or parking light, right here where my pointer finger’s
pointing at. Now to remove this one you have to push back, and I’m going to use my thumb here. Just to pull it out And that goes straight back. And that gives you access to your bulb. This one comes out, just like every one on
our installations here.And replacing it And we’re replacing it with our new T10. Once you have that secure in place, all you have to do is realign the bulb
and then push it back in. And there’s some pressure that’s gonna be holding it in place. And you should feel a click when it gets in. Just like that. And you’re all set. The grommet goes back on top. Make sure it makes a nice seal all the
way around. And all we have to do is put this wire
harness back in to test to make sure the light works before we actually go ahead
and screw the headlight assembly back on. And that should be all there is to it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there watching the videos. Have a good one!

40 thoughts on “Ford Focus LED Interior and Exterior – How To Install – 3rd Generation 2010-2016

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