Forest River Travel Trailer – A-Frame Camper Tips and Review

hi everyone and welcome to Happy Trails
hiking in this video we’re going to share a few quick tips that we’ve
learned from our initial experience with the a-frame the end of March 2019 we
bought a brand new 2018 Flagstaff high wall a-frame camper we have taken it
camping in Missouri Illinois and Michigan during April and May one of the
first things we determined is that it’s absolutely crucial to have a departure
checklist in one instance we left the house and we had the wheel on the bottom
of the jack not a good situation so we’ve developed a departure checklist
that includes things like turning off the power making sure everything is
batten down and the wheels disconnected all of those things make yourself a
checklist in that we’re new at this if you have suggestions or tips that you
have from either a-frame living or just RV please leave them in the comments
below our next tip is this area can be made into one king-sized bed or to
almost twin beds and we found that when we need it the heat making a king bed
was really nice because the heater and the air conditioning is down here and so
it would heat up the bed it was really fun but now since we want it to be cool
we decided that we needed to sleep as two twin beds
so that the air conditioning can function more efficiently
on our initial trip with the camper the refrigerator did not work properly we
consulted our dealer who cleaned out the fridge a little bit because infrequent
sitting for a while but the main thing we learned was that the rig needed to be
leveled so this Punk we’ve got the various levels we can possibly get it
it’s been cleaned out and we’re at 37 degrees so mad a month ago when we well
when we bought it took it on our first trip we talked about towing do you
notice any difference in towing we’ve taken it to Michigan from Missouri and
back and so can you expound upon your thoughts about towing what’s it like to
tow Alf well initially towing in general is stressful because we haven’t done
very much of it previously but after the first few trips and especially if they
go into Michigan with it I’ve gotten really relaxed at this point the biggest
concern is remembering that it’s there oh you forget well if you recall coming
back to Michigan towards the end of the day we’ve been driving all day long room
both really tired and we forgot I definitely forgot it was there and I’m
imagining you did too and you weren’t even driving but I took a turn a right
turn which records for her and forgot the camper was there fortunately my
default turning radius is actually okay and and there was no flower damage you
know it wasn’t particularly tight my default is just reasonable so we were
okay but that’s really the trick for me now is remembering that it’s there
especially if I’m fatigued right right okay well backing up is no
longer a comedy of errors because you and I’ve gotten our approach a little
bit better we’re certainly not pros at it by any stretch but it’s no longer a
100% embarrassing so backing up has been a test of our marriage our communication
skills have much improved since we learned are started learning to backup a
camper and I will say being able to roll the back window completely down on the
tundra is helpful because it enhances communication if we didn’t have that we
would definitely together walkie-talkies now we may get
walkie-talkies anyway because that’s not fun but rolling the window down is part
of our process yeah yeah and we no longer like yell back and forth if
there’s like a big problem I just tell them to stop
okay Matt just stop and then I’ll walk up to the window and go okay so here’s
where we’re at and this isn’t gonna work and we look at it together and figure
out what strategy is best we sure have enjoyed camping and
traveling and Alf for the last couple of months we hope
that these few beginner tips will help you on your journey to our being as well
if you are interested in a full tour of Alf or our other a-frame videos please
click the video links here until next time this is Kay and Matt from happy
trails hiking thanks for watching

30 thoughts on “Forest River Travel Trailer – A-Frame Camper Tips and Review

  1. Love it! I started off camping with a pop up years ago an moved to a RV. But we sold the RV a few years ago. I miss camping. It’s just so hard with 2 adults and 5 kids. Great video!

  2. We learned (the hard way) to never back up the camper on empty bellies… I’ve started doing hangry checks before we pull in 😂

  3. Lol, "I'm sorry for what I said while I was backing up the trailer". Definitely need that shirt. We do this full-time and if we get like 4-5 pull through spots in a row, backing up can be a slap in the face getting back into it haha. Thanks for sharing the experiences guys! – Shane

  4. Hello , very nice tips, thank You for sharing:) Checklist is always big plus;)

  5. I am happy all is going well with ALF. My only suggestion would be to spend the $ and join the Good Sam Club. Membership will pay for itself. 🙂👍🏻

  6. Awsome tips and tricks great video friends sledgehammered that like button

  7. It's funny the forgetting works both ways. I drive a landscape trailer everyday. I forget it is back there sometimes and When I don't have It I still think it's back there, lol
    Just a week or 2 ago i was going down a road and they were working on the road, it was a tight fit. I ask my son how much room he has. He says like a foot. I am inching my way past these workers and they are staring at me. I get through and I say, Crap, I don't have the trailer, lol They were probably wondering what the heck i was doing, lol

  8. The more you pull it the less you’ll forget I forget too but i Hardy ever pull a trailer much Trying to get away more often

  9. I would definitely need a checklist, my silly mind would forget some things for sure lol Great tips for keeping warm and cool in the trailer. Having 'twin' beds comes in handy. The best part, enjoying every moment of life 😊🍅

  10. very cool name our aunt has a company called happy tails…it is pet sitting co….so your name cough our attention………great channel. hope you could check us out and tell us what you think….

  11. Again, I love that trailer. Very cool for sure

  12. Great video and footage very well done thanks for sharing 🇬🇧

  13. Oh a heated mattress sounds great some camping during those colder months! I used to drive a box truck for work and always had a hard time backing it into spaces. Can't imagine how much harder it must be with a full-size camper!

  14. Hi Kay, I camp in a self contained 32 foot Dutchman Classic. We have gone from a 17 foot to a 23 to our present camper. We too make a list for everything we need to bring or do. Saves having to buy when on the road. We have looked at the A frame campers and think they are awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.💕. NonnaGrace

  15. I have never seen a camper like that before in the UK but having a check list is a dam good idea, as there seems to be a lot to remember. Good to have a dealer that is helpful 'after' you have bought from them, many are not. Cheers Alan

  16. Checklist! Way to stay organized! Nice that the bed can reconfigure. Backing up a test of the marriage😂! Walkie talkies are fun! So glad you guys are enjoying Alf!

  17. Well done, folks! Those newer A-frames are fairly impressive in what they can pack into a smaller package. Wish our Tundra had the power rear window! (Although it admittedly wouldn't do us much good now with a shell on the bed, but still…) We did over $5,000 worth of damage to our travel trailer in an incident in our first month of trailer ownership (and right in our own front yard, no less), so tongue jack wheel and tight turns or not, you're doing well by comparison. 😉

  18. We have an older Aliner, and we have the same issue of forgetting it is there sometimes. They are just too easy to tow. This is the model I want to get next. (A213HW or 21TBHW). I am glad you showed how tall the dormer really is. Did you get any of the options? Like the awning/tent on the side? Solar panels? The hanging wardrobe?

  19. Yes! Always have a checklist! 100%! We have a vacation checklist! haha! Yeah I think trips and vacationing in general test the couples communication skills!! 🙂 Great update!! -Annaleis

  20. Yes, I know the towing issues very well. I also have a full size Tundra, great minds think alike, and a boat. When hooked up it is 46ft long. The biggest issue that gets me on almost every long trip is when I forget I am towing and I look in the rear view mirror and think for a split second that it is another car tailgating me. Makes my heart skip a beat every time.

  21. I bet it is even more difficult remembering that you are towing with the A-frame than a regular TT. I forget my Casita is back there sometimes until I look in the rear view mirror. You don't have that so much.

  22. Great video, I also need a check list. My wife and I have a rough time remembering all the little things, being in our 60's. We haven't  broke anything yet but I don't trust myself.  We have a Coachmen Clipper, not with dorm, or head, but made by Forest River like yours, so I can relate to your experiences better than all the Aliner videos. Thanks so much, I am subscribed.

  23. I also have a Forrest River A-Frame Hard SIded camper. I tow it with a Toyota Highlander but don't want to tackle the Rockies
    unless I have more umph. When backing a short trailer like these having the rear seat windows down and the rear hatch open
    helps with communication. I have on order 2 cameras and one small [7 inch] video monitor. Mount one camera to the tow
    vehicle rear to view the ball and hitch. Mount the other camera at the rear of the Camper so that while towing a regular
    rear view is available just like a windshield mirror.

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