FOUND 2 MORE CARS IN THE RIVER (Brougham and VW Beetle)

(metal clanking) – Today we are back at
the beautiful, and rainy, St. Johns Bridge with Nate. [Jared] Nate, thanks for
coming to play with us again. With that, we are back for the, what we believe is a Cadillac Brougham. Brougham? Tell me how you pronounce that. Anyways, Nate’s going to go
down, see if he can mark it. Good luck, Nate. If he does, we’re bringing
up a Cadillac today. (upbeat music) So I think Nate’s having
a little bit of an issue. He’s been over, he’s been over there, he’s been all around there. It’s not as easy as you’d think. This water’s really murky
and muddy right now. So let’s go see if we can help Nate out. [Jared] Did you find the right car? – [Nate] I don’t know. – So, I’ll take this open carabiner and just attach it so that way I’ve got everything right overhead to work with. – [Man] Okay. – So we’ve never done it this way before, but I find that we’re
getting more efficient. I’m floating all my
chains on buoy balls here so that way everything’s right over head, I don’t have to keep swimming back to dock for the heavy stuff. [Jared] All right, check, check, check. [Jared] We’re going to go
get this thing hooked up. We’ll see you in a few. – [Jared] You know, I
don’t think I’ve been in the Willamette River
since before Christmas? It was a lot muddier back then, so at least we have some visibility here. We’re on the bottom now. (air tank hissing) We’re on the car, let’s
see where Nate hooked this. (air tank hissing) All right, it’s good
around the one tire there. Is this the front of the car? Nate, I don’t even know
what car this is you got. I don’t think this is the Cadillac we were looking for today. Looks like a big log right
down the middle of it. (air tank hissing) Yeah, it’s a Volkswagen, see? (air tank hissing) There’s the back of it,
there’s the Volkswagen engine. All right, well, we found
ourselves a Volkswagen. (air tank hissing) All right, let’s yank it out of here, huh? Just come down around here. Get it over to there. Get that one there. (air tank hissing) Oh, look, we got sunshine. – [Jared] You know, we
sent Nate in to do a job. (laughing) He kind of halfway does it. [Jared] You want to take a guess as to what kind of car you found? – [Nate] A Volkswagen. – [Jared] Yeah, it’s a Volkswagen. (laughing)
It’s completely destroyed. [Jared] Let me just put the mask back on and I’ll just take the
bag, take it straight down, hook it, we’re good to go. [Jared] Check, check, check. (air tank hissing) [Jared] All right, we got
the bag attached to the tank. (air tank hissing) Let’s drop all this right down the line. Hook it to the axle
that we we have marked. Inflate this bag and see if it floats. All right, back on the bottom. So we’re going to take that one. (air tank hissing) And attach it to the bag, check. Now we’re going to apply
some air to our bag. (air hissing) All right, the bag is starting to inflate. (air tank hissing) All right, Volkswagen’s already moving. That didn’t take much at all. (air tank hissing) I mean something’s moving. (air tank hissing) Something’s going. Okay, we’re going up. And it might just have… (air tank hissing) The motor only. Zero idea how much we actually have of it. You can feel the whole
thing just fall apart. – [Man] Oh, dude. (engine whirring) – [Nate] We got the rear
axle, and the floor pan. You want to walk it into the shore? – Yeah, let’s walk it into the shore, see what we actually have. [Jared] I’m going to go see
if I can find the Cadillac. (air tank hissing) [Jared] All right, I
found a fire extinguisher. Just in case there’s a fire under here. (air tank hissing) Let’s just pull this tree right here. All right, still pulling the big tree. Oh, oh, oh! Is this it? Is this it? There it is, I found it. Okay, can we read that? It says the Brougham right
there, that we found before. It kind of looks like a Boy Scouts symbol. It’s not attached to any log. (air tank hissing) That’s good news. (air tank hissing) American Racing wheels. Oh yeah, we got this one. (air tank hissing) – [Man] Couldn’t you put the
fire out with the extinguisher? – Well, I tried but underwater I couldn’t get the pin to pull. Right, see it pulls much
easier up here above and unfortunately, I think it’s dead. But I did find the Cadillac. (upbeat music)
– [Man] Resale value? (exhaling) – Oh, you know what, I feel
like I’m underwater on this one. (laughing) None of this would be possible
without our episode sponsors and today’s episode sponsor
is Dive Right In Scuba, where you can get OTS Full Face Masks, you can get Paralenz
cameras, you can get masks, you can get fins. Whatever it is that you
need, diving related, go check out Mike over there and his team
are going to hook you up. Link is in the description. (engine whirring) [Jared] You know, we
got more than I thought. (chains rattling) Well, the good news is we have
all the chains I expected, all the carabiners,
everything but the motor. I think we actually did pretty good. (metal dragging) Yeah, we’re going to do our part to clean up the environment. Northwest Pump & Equipment donated these. Thank, Northwest. [Jared] You’re a tug guy,
am I doing it right, Blake? – [Blake] Good enough. – [Jared] All right.
(laughing) Oh, I think it’s going. (metal crashing) (truck beeping) [Jared] So we lost the motor, the transmission, and the seat. [Jared] What do you got there, Matt? [Matt] This is where the VIN
ID is located as I recall. I don’t think there’s anything left of it. (laughing) Well, that marks the VW
that we didn’t expect today. Don’t go anywhere because we’re still going to go for that Cadillac. We got it marked. We have a whole game plan, I’ll tell you what that game plan is. [Jared] What’s up, Brandon? – Hello.
(laughing) – [Jared] VW for you today. – All right. (chain rattling) (truck engine roaring) [Jared] We’ll see you in
about an hour and a half, hour and 45?
– Yep. – [Jared] Perfect, thank you, sir. (upbeat music) Like I say, this weather
changes like every four minutes. (laughing) [Jared] All right, thank you. (air tank hissing) [Jared] Okay,
so, somewhere along the way we had had this hooked
up to the front axle. Or one of the chains (air tank hissing). We have the back one hooked up. (air tank hissing) We’re going to go get
two of our lift bags. See if we can get this car floating. (air tank hissing) (air tank hissing) [Jared] Thank you. (water splashing) (air tank hissing) [Jared] There’s my carabiner. There we go. Make sure the valves are all closed. You know, all that good stuff. (air tank hissing) All right, bag is almost full. (air tank hissing) I’ll go get our other bag and get that thing floating right away. (air tank hissing) [Jared] Next bag. [Jared] Thank you. (air tank hissing) Let’s get this thing done and up. That looks good there. So let’s go get one more bag. (air tank hissing) (air tank hissing) [Jared] We should get this whole thing
floating now. There we go, car is moving. (air tank hissing) Turn the tank off. I’m going to move away from the car. (air tank hissing) – [Man] Two bags, two bags. (air bags hissing) – [Man] Uh oh. [Jared] There it is,
it’s looking beautiful. (air tank hissing) Love it. Yeah, that bag’s releasing pressure. (upbeat rock music) (engine whirring) – [Jared] Are you airing down,
Nate, or what are you doing? – [Man] Unintentional airing down. – [Nate] We got a flat. – Oh, you got a flat? (air hissing) – [Man] It’s this right there. It’s already-
– [Nate] Oh, I can hear it. – [Man] Oh, you better put
the nail back in there. – [Nate] So there we go, that’ll do. – [Man] Yeah, just hold
your finger on there. (light country music) – [Jared] Oh, you just
pulled the axle off. (car squealing) [Jared] You want to try
a double, two points? – [Matt] Stay there. [Jared] Yeah, will it stay there? – [Matt] No. (water splashing) [Jared] That’s a Chevrolet. It is a Caprice Classic. This line was donated, I forget
the name of the tow company, I’ll put a link to it down below. Paul has a tow company, he’s second generation
tow truck back in Ohio, donated this underwater recovery Dyneema rope and everything to me, and some other fun little goodies. Check them out if you’re in Ohio and Paul is going to be coming up on some future episodes
this summer with me. Thank, Paul. If this is your first time, I mean you’ve never been here before, Elite Towing, their entire company, they’ve been with me since the very first car I pulled out here
in Portland last year. They donate their time, their services. If you need a good tow company anywhere in the Portland
Metro Vancouver market, use the discount code “YOUTUBE” down below with this phone number. We should pressure wash this one as well. – I think we should. – Only if the viewers
say that we should so. 5,000 likes. If five people say, “Hey
Jared, go clean that car,” I think we should do it. – [Brandon] Yeah. – [Jared] So all we need, just five. – That’s it, five. (engine revving) – [Jared] I can’t run that fast. [Jared] Well, you pop the rims, Brandon. [Jared] You know, I
was going to sell those wheels until you ran them on the pavement. [Jared] So a few more things that we have to do before it goes on the tow truck, we actually have to open the trunk. [Jared] You have something
to pop the trunk? – [Tow Truck Driver] Yeah. – [Tow Truck Driver] Come on, let’s do it. – [Jared] Yeah, this one’s 18. [Jared] So Brandon’s grabbing
you a crowbar right now and your job is to get that open. And I have a pair of gloves
as well, if you need a pair. – For sure. [Jared] Where did that come from? – [Tow Truck Driver] Right there. – [Jared] So somebody was
asking me the other day, how many times do we
find a fish in the car? And normally, about 70% of the time we find a fish in the car. (cracking) (smashing)
(crunching) – [Brandon] Did you try the trunk release? – [Jared] Oh, we didn’t
try that one today. – [Brandon] Hey, yo! – [Tow Truck Driver] Okay,
those are for fishnet. – [Brandon] Watch out, it might fall. – [Jared] All right, well,
I don’t have my gloves on. (all chattering) [Jared] All right, well, I am going to say it’s pretty safe there’s
no body in the back there. (laughing) Thanks, Matt, for supplying lunch today. Oh, I’m sorry, would you like one? – You’re good. – You know, now that
you’ve received lunch, does that still make you a volunteer? – Mhmm. (engine whirring)
(chains rattling) – Well, with two cars today, I hope that you guys enjoyed the episode. If you have not already done so, make sure to subscribe, turn
on the bell notification. That way they get an instant notice… – What’s the next video. – About the next video. Nate, thanks for coming out. That’s it’s for now, later, later. Bye bye. (upbeat music)

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