FOUND 3 SUNKEN TRUCKS in River at Boat Ramp (Stolen?)

– If you want to see us get a
truck out of the river today!
I think you picked a good day to watch one of our videos. – Oh Jared, what is wrong with you? Yeah. (laughs) (truck rumbles)
(funky music) – Now I know what you’re thinkin’. Jared, how do you go about finding, like all these cars in the river? It first starts with
finding the most sketchiest abandoned boat ramps that you can find. Like this one here with
an old gate that’s locked. Overlooking the entire Columbia River. And you have good buddies like Nate there. So Nate’s actually already
scouted out this location. He’s identified two vehicles in the river I think they’re both trucks today. Two trucks right? – Two Trucks. – [Jared] What kind of trucks
are they, do you think? – One’s a Dodge, I think a 1992. – [Jared] And then what’s
the other truck, a ’70s? – It’s an old ’80s Toyota. (truck rumbling) (engine revs) – We might be stuck. (engine revs) All right, so what’s the lesson today? Probably don’t follow Nate. – Matt? – Yes sir? – I think I’m stuck! – No, never. – [Jared] The other issue we have is are we gonna be able to
get a tow truck down here? – I think the river level’s up three feet. That guard rail was well out
of the water last weekend. – [Jared] Did you see how the
flooding over in Pendleton? – Yes.
This might be the reason why. – Yeah, probably. – [Jared] Oh boy. – It’s all the way at the end there. – [Jared] Oh, the trucks
are all down there? – That’s where the ramp is, yeah. This is only just a few inches deep. And the tide’s goin’ out.
– All right! – But I mean, the tide
effect is only a foot or two. – [Jared] We still have to get
the tow truck through that. I decided to go right instead of left. I’m like, oh, I’ll take the high side. I’ve been watching like this
four by four off-road show. – Yeah. – My idea didn’t work. (engines revving) – That’s the difference
between all wheel drive and four wheel drive. (laughing) (van rumbling) – [Jared] It’s like straight out here? – Yeah, right there. It’ll be 35 feet today. – Okay. So far we’re battin’ a thousand. We have not, not gotten a vehicle. I’m gonna jump in real quick. Check out the two trucks. All right, check, check, check. All right, we got audio. (breathing) So what I’m looking for today, Nate said drop down about 35 feet. He said it’s gonna level out. And then we should run into
two of the trucks today. And then if I’m lucky, we’re gonna find a honey hole down here. ‘Cause I ran into a long time boating guy. Oh look, a pair of sunglasses. (breathes) Ran into an old timer from the area. (breathes) and he said that he thinks there’s about a dozen vehicles down here. (breathes) Oh, oh, I got a front
bumper or something here. (breathes) Oh, that’s like a whole truck sideways. Oh, we are not gettin’ that one out! But look at this, it’s buried. (breathes) That one’s not going out at all. That’s about all you can see of it. Is just that part of the… (water bubbling)
(breathes) It’s not much of it. Almost think its part of an
old Jeep Willy or something. (water bubbling)
(breathes) Oh, what is this one? What do we got here? Okay there’s a Dodge. (breathes) I don’t know if this is the Dodge that Nate was talking about. He said it was on its wheels. (breathes) That’s like a ’70s Dodge, though. He said there was a ’92 Dodge in here. (breathes) Well he rubbed it. I mean, you can see a diver was down here. Oh, there’s a lot of mud in here, too. Lot of silt. Oh, actually not too bad. (breathes) We will need all four
bags on this one though. Okay now this is the, this is the Toyota that he was mentioning. (breathes) Okay yeah, this is the Toyota. That one’s gonna be harder to get out. It’s really buried on this
side, but we’ll do it. We’ll get it. (breathes) – Nate, I found your trucks. – Did you? – What year did you say that Dodge is? – I think its a ’92. – We have a Dodge truck that’s
facing towards the ramp. This side of it over here
is where that Toyota is at. It’s a small Toyota pickup. So we’re already being latched on. So that way it doesn’t
float down the river here. All right, don’t let us down Nate! – I found another one. – [Jared] Wow, what is it? – Chevy. – [Jared] Are you hooked on it? – Yeah. – Oh! (laughs) – Its upside down. – Let’s go get ourselves a Chevy, Blake. – Sweet.
(Jared chuckles) – [Jared] Alright, check, check. Let’s go find this thing. (water bubbling)
(breathes) All right, it’s wrapped
around a piling there. We’ll undo that one. (breathes) All right, here we go. Should be an easy pick. Oh, he’s right, and it’s a Chevy! We’ll go to that tire there. I’ll go to this tire here. (water bubbling) (breathes) All right, that I’m happy with. You know I don’t think
that everybody realizes just how fun and exciting
this is in real life. I mean like, we came out today, we thought we were
gettin’ a Dodge or Toyota, and we end up with a Chevy. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! There’s another car right here, too! Look at this! There’s a car right next to it! What’s this one? (water bubbling) Woo, yeah! We found four cars today, so far. What is this one? Oh, it’s beautiful! It looks like a Buick Regal. (breathes) Leave a comment down below, what you guys think this one is. Could be a Cadillac, an old Cadillac. (breathes) Nobody in the drivers
seat, that’s good news. (breathes) Oh, so crazy, the things we run into. Oh, oh, what is this? Oh, I’m up underneath the truck right now. (laughs) (breathes) I’m under the bed of
that other truck, okay. (breathes) Working our way back out. Let’s follow this rope up. Right next to, the bed of the pickup is on top of another car! – How deep is it? – I didn’t even look on this one. I’m guessing it’s the same
as the other one, 30– – It’s four fathoms. – Huh?
– About four fathoms. Four fathoms.
– So that’s 60 feet. – I don’t know what that is. – A fathom’s 15, isn’t it? – What?
– Isn’t a fathom 15 feet? – No, six feet.
– Is it six feet? – You boat guys. – [Matt] I don’t deal in fathoms, so– – No, only real mariners do. – Exactly. (laughs) – I’ve decided to use
fathoms once in a while just to be obnoxious. (water bubbling) – [Jared] I don’t know why, but the current feels like
it’s getting stronger. (breathes) Let’s get this thing going. All right, we’re clear! Turn that puppy on. That bag is full. All right, I’m heading back up. (breathes) – [Nate] So what we have, is
we have a bunch of pilings that’s kind of in line with the truck and the Toyota. I think we’ve got the winch line over ’em now, so we
should be okay on that. The other issue I’ve got
right now is I’m down to 500. I could throw another tank on, But Nate’s got a fresh
tank, so we’re gonna turn him over to the rest of ’em. I’ll play ground support
for him right now. How’s she looking, Nate? – I got three bags on it, two are full. – [Jared] But its not lifting it up yet? – No. – [Jared] Now for those that don’t know, the reason why we use aluminum 80’s, one is right about 30 feet,
they’ll fill two bags. As well as, once they’re empty, the tanks actually float. So that why we use aluminums. (dramatic music) The current feels like it picked up? – [Blake] It did. – [Nate] It’s gonna need another bag. We’ll put one on the trailer hitch. – [Jared] Anytime you drive your vehicle into the river you always suit up, right? – I always suit up.
(Jared chuckles) Safety first.
– It looks good. – You know what, they don’t
call me Safety Nate for nothin’. – [Jared] I don’t think
anybody calls you Safety Nate. – Exactly. (mechanical whirring) – (laughing) Woo! – Nate has, on the end of his winch line, he has a eye-hook. You can take it around to the back, on the right hand side,
to the back bumper. – Spin it around?
– Spin it around. – God damn! – Oh, Jared, what is wrong with you? – [Jared] Hey Brandyn, what’s up? – Were you born in a barn? – All I have is the can-do attitude! Did you bring yours with you today? – So what are we doing here? (Jared laughs) Because it’s on that side. – Of, the guard rail.
– There’s the boat ramp! (Nate shouts)
– Don’t you see the boat ramp? So what you’re gonna
do, through the mud bog, around the fire pits, towards this Jeep. Easy enough.
– Oh, okay, all right. I am sitting in that truck. That is all I am doing!
(Jared laughs) – You wanna sit on a life jacket? I could loan you a life jacket. – Don’t tell Max right now, all right? Max will see this later on. Max, thanks for letting Brandyn come out. And if you guys don’t know who Max is, or Elite Towing, this
your first time here, Elite Towing comes out,
they donate their time and their services. I don’t know why they let me talk ’em into doing into
doing something like this. But Brandyn is still young. He’s 25.
– Yep. Susceptible to peer pressure. – No, oh no. (laughs)
– Oh yeah. He’s got this. – Hey, you know what? If anything, insurance
claim, I’ll get a new truck. – Oh, well, let’s sink
the truck then. (laughs) – There we go. (laughing) And I forgot to mention the discount code that Elite has for like, special
adventurous purpose people up here in the Portland metro area. If you need a tow for any reason, use the discount code on the screen, YOUTUBE, as well as this phone number, number and they will give
you an additional 10% off. (truck rumbling) – [Brandyn] Yeah! (honking horn) (truck rumbing) – [Jared] Hey Nate, I wanna
talk to you back here. – What’s up? – [Jared] Just wanna have a
little chat with you, back here. – Okay. Oh, oh yeah, no big deal. – [Jared] What do you mean no big deal? He just totally destroyed your goggles! That ain’t much of a mask anymore. – Yeah, yeah, I go through ’em. No big deal.
– Oh. David Mack, a viewer and a gear sponsor. And if you wanna become a gear sponsor, or get some of these videos ahead of time, before everybody else on YouTube– – I need a new mask. – Yeah, and maybe we’ll raise some money for Nate for a new mask.
(Nate laughs) Click the join button on YouTube, and you can become a channel sponsor. Get videos early, you can
help sponsor some air, or sponsor new gear, like a new mask. And this the famous David Mack. – Hi. – [Jared] We just got
done talking about you. Hey thank you, sir–
– No worries, man. – [Jared] So much for a being a supporter of everything that we do. – This is good stuff, man. Let’s get that crap out of the river. – What we have right now, is we have the front of the truck
is actually right here, with the three bags. We have the one bag on
the very back of it. And we’re spinning it around to give us a little bit more leverage to get it up the ramp a little bit more So that way Brandyn has
a better angle of it. All right, I think Nate’s
got it as close as he can. What’s your game plan? – I’m just gonna sit right here and let you guys work the controls. (mechanical whirring) (water sloshing) – We wanna give a big shout-out to today’s episode sponsor, Dive Right In Scuba, where you can get full-face masks like the OTS Guardian. They’ve got Spectrums,
other masks as well. Doesn’t matter what you need in the way of diving
equipment, they have it. They even have the Paralenz Dive Camera. They have lights, whatever it is. They’re supporting us as we’re out here getting trucks and cleaning
up the environment. So do me a favor, click on the link in the description and go support them. – We’re gonna try to
pull this thing as far out of the water as we can. And as close as to the road as possible. So he can have a straight shot to pull it up onto his truck. – Some of you have said in the past, like why are you pulling these vehicles out of the river? Well, the thing is, is after
another 10, 15, 20, 30 years, anything that’s left in these vehicles, the oil, the gas, is eventually going to entirely seep out. So we’re doing more good by pulling out, spilling just a couple of the drops, Rather than gallons of this going in the environment later on. – I got another snatch block. (mechanical whirring) (intense music) – Oh no. – [Jared] You know, if
you watch our channel for any amount of time, David, you know that there’s always a body in the vehicle when we find it. We always find a crawdad or a fish! – [David] Oh, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jared} Yeah, every Time! Look at that, today’s no different. You know, the thing is on this one, Got a little tire iron, so we can at least see if there’s anything in the glove box. Nothing in the glove box. You know one of the other
things I like to do, after I pull one of these out, I always like to check the air filter to make sure that the individual takes care of his truck properly. – If that was a K&N, you could wash it and put
it right back in a new car. – Oh yeah! (laughs)
(Nate laughs) (mechanical whirring) (intense music) – Whoa, we’re gonna need a
few more pads, aren’t we? – That wraps up another episode. If you’ve not already done so, make sure to hit that subscribe button. Turn on the little bell notification. That way you get an
instant notice any time we do something else like this one. That’s it for now. Thanks for being here. Later, later, bye-bye! (upbeat music)

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