Found a 40 year old water park on Suwannee River (Bobs River Place)

51 thoughts on “Found a 40 year old water park on Suwannee River (Bobs River Place)

  1. Yoooo, waz good mi gente. Woke up a 345am, to get ready for work, checkin work emailz out, then see a FLSR video🤦🏻‍♂️…lol!
    Only question waz, Should I go to work, or hook up, and drive down to FL? lol!
    Thank you for the tour familia!!! Great spot to have a niz family time!!!!
    Keep hittin dat water and be safe!😎🤙🏼

  2. Looks very cool 🙂
    Enjoy the florida weather. You inspired me to buy my own jetski. Now i have a ultra 300x. Be safe✌

  3. Awesome video Randy. Looking forward to riding this river one day.

  4. Want a custom Florida Ski Rider jersey 👉🏼

  5. Awesome video, have to plan a jet ski trip up there soon. For now I'm going to visit Bobs River place next weekend,

  6. Hi! From which ramp do I start this trip? Where is the refuel stop? I also want to ride there with my sea Doo

  7. There is even more to see. This is my back yard. I’m out on the Suwannee almost every weekend. There are places to ride that make you feel your off-road on a ski. Creeks that are 4-5’ but deep. Great video.

  8. Im definitely going to take a ride out there with my kids! They love you jet ski invasions and if we could stop there it would be Awesome! 🚀 🚀

  9. We definitely need to go there!! Hope there's enough space to park the skis!

  10. Thanks for the great video! Loved watching you explore areas we've visited growing up on your ski! Had no idea we could cruise up to Ichitucknee! And Bobs waterpark!? How awesome! ❤

  11. Looks like a sweet trip! Would love to check out Bob’s River Place sometime!

  12. Awsome vid. Would live to ride with you guys one day..
    And the water park looks awsome..

  13. I wanna join you wicked knights of the sea! When will you ride near Daytona beach?

  14. Hey randy you guys are awesome can you please make a video how you keep your PwC clean maintenance flush products etc thanks 😎🙏

  15. Gotta say bro, thats some cool riding there on the river, wife and i are moving to Riverview next June, and cant wait take both our skis out, until then we have Lake Powell, Lake Havasu, and Lake Mead, would love to meet people that love riding anywhere like that…..

  16. Nice video! I'm moving from Joplin Missouri to Tampa FL in two weeks. Super stoked and can't wait to get a jet ski

  17. Do you already ride on Lake Apopka? I live nearby but I haven't had the courage to go it alone. How about next weekend?

  18. I love that area by Bobs river place!!!! We had a great time at the Sebastian Inlet invasion and look forward to many more trips with Florida Ski Riders😁😁😁 let us know when you do the river and hart, Ginnie or blue springs😁😁😁🤟🏼

  19. We're hoping to cruise from Branford all the way out to the west coast next month before the Sturgeon get too active.

  20. Y’all have anything planned for January or February 2020?

    Considering heading down from NC to ride if so?

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