FOUND CHEVY CORVETTE Underwater at Boat Ramp!

Today, you’re not gonna believe what we ended up getting out of the river Look how steep it is over there Jared! You weren’t here last time when we pulled up the Grand Am Left of the Corvette The Jaguar Left of the Jaguar is the Beatle. This is Jonathan You’ve seen him in some of my past videos. And this is dive number 200 for him today! What better way to celebrate Than a Yellow Corvette! This morning’s episode sponsor is EVO Gimbals Thank you to Peter and Hans over there. They’ve been one of my supporters for over a year. They’re suppling me with the gimbal that Tatum is using today. Go ahead Tatum shake it around see how smooth that little puppy is? They also supplied me with the with the Insta360 One X This little baby I really love it gives me stable footage underwater So hang tight as we get in the water. We’re gonna go get that Corvette today Oh Yeah… and don’t forget to check out their link in the description below. You can head over to and I also have a link directly to this little baby Bo.. thanks for joining us today Bo is Jonathan’s friend up here in Portland It’s always good to meet new people so thanks a lot for helping us today Three years ago the sheriff’s team was actually down here. They spent two days trying to get this Corvette out of the water. The story goes is that this yellow Corvette was stolen I don’t know when it was stolen 20-30 years ago It’s a 1980s Corvette and the rumor has it is that the gentleman who owned it is no longer in the country did he dump it on purpose before he left the country? Was it insurance fraud? Was it stolen? And I think the reason why they couldn’t get it is because all they had was a tow truck. I was told that the tow truck was like you know skidding into the water. They were trying to pull it from the front and they actually pulled an entire like front hub wheel section off. That’s all they got off of the Corvette Our game plan today I think we’re gonna go to the rear of the car we’re gonna attach the chains lift it from the rear and then let’s just turn it and drag it to shore for the tow truck to pull it up backwards We’re gonna do what the sheriff’s dive team could not in under one hour. Sounds good Easy enough! Good News is we have a Corvette Bad news is That things full of silt Yeah that thing is going to be heavy Yeah.. you’re gonna need more than two bags probably. Definitely will not lift it with two bags but we’ll get started with the two. Let me have a bag. Well what’s going on? I think they got a at least the first one connected down there When you went around the car right here you missed the frame completely right here. Your question? What’s going on? What’s going on.. we are we’re getting a car! That’s what’s going on. Left of the Corvette uh-huh the Jaguar Left of the Jaguar is the beetle And then there’s another car just beyond that. Let me do another bag We’re filling the second bag right now The third bag is attached Should be another 5-10 minutes you should see a car We got a Corvette in under an hour! So the good news is it’s now on its side We now have to figure out are we going to level the car out? We have a big log that’s underneath there right now so the main thing the reason why the sheriff’s dive team couldn’t get is cause they didn’t have any lift bags And because of that big log they were pulling against it and that’s why they end up popping that wheel off That’s why we use lift bags Lift it up over that log now we can attach to it. Tow truck is gonna be here in just a minute Look at that just like clockwork Brandyn’s back! We got another car for ya. Car number 6 Yeah.. Six Seven Oh seven for you guys 6 for us Which one did you miss out on? Oh that’s right you missed out on that other one. Elite Towing Incredible people here They keep coming out helping us get the cars out of the river Donating their time and their services each and every time. No dime out of our pocket 100 percent on them. So we appreciate you guys We got a new guy today. Mack They won’t even give you a shirt with their logo Yeah… not yet Three bags on the back is the back of the car The front of it is still low it’s gonna be really heavy because it’s got silt inside of it. I think you might want to put… Yeah, I think I better suit up. for this one Chris even made it today he wanted to be in the video but he was late for the dive I appreciate him coming cause he left me some extra tanks today. That means we’re gonna go for another car. Jaguar later on So be sure to subscribe that way you don’t miss that car. Tatum, we never had a car come up this easy yet Yeah… I know See how beautiful that T-top is? Yeah Somebody Is missing this car Why did you crash the car Jared? What’d you do? Can I get back in now Tatum? Yup! Just back it up right here? Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Brandyn Careful with my bumper. Brandyn
Careful with my bumper.
Jared there’s no trunk on this car. I can look in the back seat though. Is there a body in this car? there a…. No Body! Lot of silt… lot of mud Stay tuned though Trish one day we’re gonna get Trish her body. Your losing an entire rear end Oh you pulled my bumper off! Souvenir So are these like stolen vehicles? or losing control of their brakes? I don’t think ever losing control that brakes. the rumor on this one is they tried to contact the owner he’s now out of the country so did he dump it before he left? insurance fraud? Hey Brandon you think if we straighten up the front wheel it might pull out easier? It doesn’t even have any wheels. Yeah… you got one over here Who wants to spring into action? That’s a stupid dad joke! I love your style. Good job Elite Towing. That’s why we call you out. Appreciate everything you guys do for us. That wraps up another episode of adventures with purpose where we pull yellow Corvettes out of the river with an incredible team behind us If you’ve not already done so make sure to subscribe and turn on that little bell notification That’s it for now Later-Later Bye-bye

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  1. Well done you guys! Great to see you spending your own time and money doing great things for the planet – thanks Jared and Team 🙂

  2. hahaha I was having déja vu, with this video, Jared. it was like I was just there last Monday, oh wait I was hahaha Keep Up The Great Work!

  3. มันอาจจะเป็นรถภัยพิบัติกันได้555

  4. Nice ! Forty grand to fix er up and you are the proud owner of an eight thousand dollar Corvette . Brilliant ! Everyone cheer !🎉👏🏿

  5. Tough life for criminals these days – ditch something in the remote part of a river, next week or month on Youtube….

  6. Wondering if you could flip it with the bags underwater and let gravity take a lot of the silk out – then flip it back and drag it up?

  7. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💩💩💩💩🧠🧠🧠👎👎👎👎

  8. Dude this is my bosses old Corvette! He told us the story of being super drunk and rich in the 80s said he and his wife got all drunk in the Dallas and drove to Portland and drove it into the river

  9. 100% I know the story behind this car . This validates everything I was told I worked at the Glendale aluminum factory in the late 90s and my boss told us this story about being drunk and coked out and drove a new Corvette into the river in Portland and he specifically said it was banana yellow and built to the hilt! He told the story in such detail the only thing missing was proof of the vette !.

  10. 6:12 – Ah man! You just missed catching dinner! 🐟 🐟
    Sorry, but whoever drove that once beautiful car into the lake, should be hunted down and shot.

  11. why don't you you get one of them small mobile cranes to just lift it out saves it being dragged along the ground.. i know they are already wrecked but surely it would be easier

  12. Кто знает что с ней сделали? На свалку или реставрация? Просто интересно!

  13. So there is slight water damage but I thing we can let this go for 4,599…. i talked to the manager and we can go as low as 4,549. It’s a steal

  14. Elite towing slaps a lean on the Vette. Parts it out and more than recovers their efforts to retrieve. Lots of custom hot rodders would love to have the independent rear end.

  15. You guys are doing great work, I tip my hat to you.
    Anyone who would intentionally submerge a car is an idiot and a fool and should do jail time.

  16. One of the least valuable Vettes. Like a small fish you should through back in the water.

  17. There is a General Lee at the bottom of Lake Michigan near a ferry dock please go get it! John Schneider (bo duke) mentioned it in one of his more recent videos!

  18. The only positive thing is that it is out of the waterway ecosystem – the car is worthless. Shred-it – send the scrap to China – it'll return to the US as Walmart toaster ovens.

  19. here is something ironic… there using YELLOW airbags to lift a YELLOW corvette out of the water LOL

  20. The fish came home to see them taking the fort away …omg were gonna be homeless now !!…now what

  21. Come to the Delaware River you will find sooooo many bodies,guns and cars it will blow your mind,i got links if uou want to come plsy

  22. Corvette Chevrolet yellow sports car sitting in the river long time men power get vehicle out of the water awesome video keep up work gentleman happy holidays Christmas be safe out there

  23. With all that you guys find – I'm starting to think that there is
    truth and dare bar around the corner.
    "You think I can jump that lake? sure

  24. When Trish asked if there was a body in the car you should have said yes because you were in the car at the time🤣😘

  25. I am soo waiting for some body here to partner up with this youtube channle to take one of the cars and restore it.

  26. How deep was the Corvette submerged in the water it's a shame a beautiful car like that was put to waste because somebody wanted to commit insurance fraud he wasted a perfectly good car keep up the good work taking pollution out of the water I appreciate that there's good people like you out there doing good looking out for the environment thank you

  27. Is that river full with old, rusty cars? If it is, well am surprise!!😱😱

  28. Sounds like an aquatic Carmax. Wonder if any benefit to spend 30 minutes to pressure wash out the silt before loading on the truck? Free water just the cost of gas and will avoid that silt turning to crete once it dries out.

  29. coming from a car guy, this hurt a lot. this corvette definitely didn't deserve to end its life like that… great job on cleaning up the environment!

  30. That's no way to see a Corvette be treated whether it was an insurance fraud case or actually was stolen.

  31. Man i always wanted a yellow stingray. So sad to see people trash them just for insurance money

  32. I hope you find and bill the owners of all these cars. Anyone that leaves there car in a river, lake or the ocean should pay big fines and pay really big money to the guys that clean it up!! The vin is linked to the last owner anyone can track down the last owner for billing.

  33. Sadly it had to go off such a sheer drop off when it was abandoned, if it were upright off the boat ramp that fibreglass body would have survived. Not that the rest of the car wouldn’t still have been destroyed by years in the water, but at least the body and glass could have lent themselves to someone’s project.

  34. Ok , water fresh or salt ? , need to find a owher ..

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