found giant monster after the tsunami


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  1. My god !! they found Henry ! my lost goldfish !!!

    We kept him in a swimming pool ! that is until Aug 5th 2007 he went missing.

  2. There's actually a very simple logical explanation for all of this. Clearly, the tsunami was created by a blood feud between King Neptune and King Triton for complete and total domination of the sea.

  3. this was real. Actually it was an unknown creature fossilized inside a meteor that fell from space.

  4. Damn, they found grandma! The police will be here soon. I guess I'd better get my story straight…

  5. 0:44 are they even trying? unless I'm not understanding something, I don't think that cgi fail was on purpose

  6. Actually the monster was alive, the local people ate it to the bones. And now they are extinct.

  7. for all those that think this was fake I remember seeing this on the news few weeks after the Tsunami hit! So not sure if they would actually broadcast a fake vid on the News. Although having said that why have we heard nothing else from this? Is it another government cover up? Plus did anyone else see the patterns on the bones that looked like writing!

  8. Probably the same Curry monster that Lister killed off on Red Dwarf. lol

  9. hahaha if the meteor was that big and it fell from outer space, we would be extinc like the dinosaurs or thre would be no people in that country anymore. ☺

  10. or what you ment was that is one of the giant meteors that fell from outer space in the time of the diosaurs☺

  11. is that Godzilla bones? IF IT GODZILLA BONES                                                                                                                                                       GOODBYE WORLD GODZILLA IS DESTORYING THE WORLD

  12. As long as it's fossilized, seeing as we haven't discovered all the monsters in the world. I would believe it to be true, simple fact it's a fossil, salt water can harder sand minerals in a strong structuring construct over the skeletal bones/muscles, now if the monsters was seen alive 10/10 it's fake, but fossilization is a totally different story. If we can find dinosaur bones, Megalodon skeleton heads, and remnants of dragon bones left in caves, I can believe a monster being sighted after a tsunami especially, there's all types of shit to be found.

  13. Guys this is not real. This was just an commercial for a game called "Shadow of the Colossus"

  14. Did anyone even bothered to google who that reporter is she dont exist in google records.


  16. Lots of people think it's fake, but if you think about it, we haven't discovered everything in the world from BC to now.. We don't know everything, this could be a monster from the stone age! No one knows.. We don't know everything, and this is a new chance to figure out what it is… Like dragons, we don't know if they're real or not, the lake nose monster, we don't know is real.. So stop making a giant deal over it!

  17. that was a crap report . showed nothing . could you trust an indian scientific team to get the right answer?

  18. Only reason. I k ow it's fake is because the graphics from Nintendo 64 were outdated like 15 years ago lol. This is some awful green screen bullshit lol

  19. look
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  20. This video was part of a viral marketing campaign for the video game Shadow of the Colossus.
    If you post fiction as fact sooner or later someone is going to call you out on it and everyone will think you are either stupid or a liar or both.

  21. the comments are MUCH better than that retarded fake-ass video ??

  22. Someone tell me if I'm a pussy and like if you agree but if you see shit like this can you or can you not swim at the beach anymore. same thing with sharks. because the thought of it still haunts you

  23. Is the old once i told you .
    Ther just slamboring or worst yet .
    They show rise when the tim is neye

  24. Godzilla is real I knew he was real and I said he was fake but he's not

  25. How come all other shit serving news channels missed this ??

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