FOUND JAGUAR MK2 Classic Car Underwater in River at Boat Ramp!

Hey, is this one of those with the removable steering wheel? This is a beautiful dash. its got like buttons and switches. I think there’s a body in this one! Sounds like it Is it open? Come on, let’s go! I gotta go, I broke my foot. Oh No! Your on tank, your on bag, I’m on chains We’re gonna go get ourselves a Jaguar Alright, we got one bag on One bag on? One bag on You need more bags Coming up on your right I’m on your right I’ll be right back Awe… I needed those! Bag and a tank Bag and a tank Pretty soon you’ll see these yellow bags floating to the top with a car We’re going to hook up to the tow truck It’ll bring the car up a little bit Yeah Today’s episode sponsor is OTS With the full face mask systems not only can you breath through your nose as well as mouth, but we also have communication on here. Today’s gonna be pushed to talk so you’re just gonna push in in nice and nice and hard right there and then you’ll be able to communicate with me underwater so no more hand signals no more wondering what it is that I’m saying So thank you OTS for supporting us as we’re out here getting cars out of the river and cleaning up and cleaning up the environment oh yeah… and be sure to check out the link in the description below. Awesome! Alright, meet me at the front of the Jag Roger that… So that marker is on… the Jag it must be on the front yeah! There’s a car! Woohoo!! That’s a heavy caryeah I can tell in the bags Yeah, I can tell by the bags Yeah, I can throw you some chain or whatever if you need it yeah, I’m gonna go hook this on so it doesn’t float away Okay and then we’ll start hooking chains to it pull it in Oh there it is Alright, hold up! HOLD UP! Drop that off at my house Jared? Walt already paid for it He’s gonna enter it in a car show Hey, the door works We’re giving rides later if anybody wants any That’s a good shot for right here So I’m gonna need you to go back in and get the steering wheel for me Mark I got room for 3 more if anybody wants in Check out this… Oh you can’t even see this dash – Tatum but this is a beautiful dash it’s got like buttons and switches and no steering wheel little four-speed little four-speed clutch doesn’t work and there’s nothing in the glove box Oh the old dipstick is really shiny See if there’s any oil in it It’s like crome Stop engine… Wait a minute This is in much better condition than the other one 35,673 miles [whistle] [whistle] I think there’s a body in this one sounds like it So my fear Tatum that Walt’s going to be entering this in a car show soon like is this this gonna…. are we still gonna win if I pop this open? Come on, let’s go! Gotta go… I broke my foot! Oh no.. Nah, I’m kidding I injured it though Okay, I’ll buy whatever in the trunk It’s a body Watch out for mud puppies There’s money in there See if there’s a latch over on the right There’s a lock in the middle Yeah, it’s still latched There you go That’s impressive Well, it’s enough we can see in there There’s a body in there Do we have a body this time? Is it going to be like opening Al Capons Don’t do that, get in there! Good old Willamette mud Don’t do it from there chief Get this latch right here at the very center underneath Yeah Can you get underneath the panel? You’re on the outer skin but this panel is the inner panel Come out here towards me and life up Get underneath the inner panel There you go! You gotta go in a little bit more COME ON..!! There we go! There we go, ALRIGHT! Here we go Tatum AND?? Spare tire What is all that? What is that? We got a toolbox in there It’s full of money WD-40 right there Is that W-D? I think it might be Ohhh… what’s that? Alright… oh my boots all right everything we’re looking for is in here guys money no money no money Oh don’t let the gold out Pirate booty Alright, tools only in there No money? No money aye? No money? No gun Old toolbox with tools in it with some money I think that’s it guys pull that big thing of mud out onto the deck here Just that piece right there Pull that out? Yeah! Got a shovel? Yeah, I don’t It is WD-40 That’s really good mud for your face Were you at? [Screaming] Come here [Screaming] It’s a body Alright, officially there’s a body in the trunk ohhhhhhhhh crawdad If you’ve not already done so make sure to subscribe and turn on that little bell notification that way you get an instant notice next time we do something like this That’s it for now Thank you Later-later bye-Bye

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