Found MULTIPLE construction lights diving for treasures DOWNTOWN Ottawa

I’m still downtown Ottawa today I’m a few blocks away from the Prime Minister’s house maybe a kilometer away from Parliament Hill on Porter Island where they have a retirement home I pulled up a map of old Ottawa which was called Bytown I wanted to see where the activity was a hundred years ago so I noticed that Porter Island wasn’t on it so I googled Porter Island and I found this article that I’ll link below saying that this island used to flood each year and that also was used as a quarantine area for people with smallpox or typhoid the 1900s they only had a few tents here and an old run-down Shack that nurses used to care for patients they slept a couple people in each bed and then there was a report done that put pressure on a the City of Ottawa to do something so around 1914 they built a proper hospital with 80 beds and then that operated until 1945 and eventually was demolished and they built this retirement home around the 1960s my plan is to start at the park come under this bridge and do those two usually people lose stuff around bridges so I hope maybe especially around that bridge which is the oldest I can find some medicine bottles or anything from the past so this island is fenced off so I’m gonna head to the park and then probably get into water or just over here its getting dark I have to hurry up my battery ran out in my underwater camera I’m not too sure where it cut off but I hope I captured most of my dive but this is what I found there’s a lot of cans and plastic items horseshoe this is really cool that’s I think it’s part of a bike then I found a a bunch of these battery lights there’s two more I couldn’t pull out yeah it got me pissed off a bit you know that’s really bad pollution for the batteries to decompose in the water so I’ll go back and grab the two other ones that were attached to some planks I found a little cup probably from a boat or something goggles a jar I always find golf clubs I found her SIM card I won’t say her name that person’s name it’s kind of a ball of like yarn or something like that by the rolled plastic I expected to find old medicine bottles but nothing skunked I found one pop bottle I think Fanta and then at one point I found this buried pretty deep and I thought it was a cross and could’ve been across from the old hospital or something they had up there but coming out a gentleman mentioned this could be part of a bench so that’s what I found and the stuff I couldn’t pull out I’ll come back another time I probably need a small boat or something to to put the things I find so I can be free to this swim around so this is really disappointing horseshoe that’s probably pretty much the only thing I’ll keep so thank you for watching if you’re new here please subscribe like comment all that stuff and see you soon

14 thoughts on “Found MULTIPLE construction lights diving for treasures DOWNTOWN Ottawa

  1. Let me know what the "cross" might be, curious to know what you think. Thanks for watching and if you are new, please consider subscribing and help me reach 500 subs! 🙂

  2. Merci pour le super video André!! Je suis de Ottawa aussi et je trouve ca absolument facsinant de voir tout ce que tu peut trouver dans les courts d'eau autour d'ici!! Lache pas,beau travail!!

  3. If ya ever in Kingston give me shout lots off good dive spots ..For river treasur.e

  4. as a young lad our family went to Ottawa, and we went to Parliment Hill..incredible architecture..grounds…and the one thing i recall was we hit rush hour…lol..but still had a great time…great video..

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