3 thoughts on “FPL | GW10 | Sunday Surgery | The Elite FPL Call In #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

  1. Regarding jumping up in leagues, the team of week got 135 points and if you check their gw history you'll see they went from around 3.5 million to 110,00! They had chilwell,Perez, pulisic and vardy captain ? wow

  2. Jason's luck versus the lack of luck for SteveO is actually quite funny, only because i feel the pain Steveo is feeling. I mean Ramsdale, SIlva and Rico off the bench – you could not make it up

  3. 74 points for GW10. Highest score for this season. Transferred in Vardy for Haller. Jumped from 2.1 mil to 1.1 mil.

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