Frank Q&A – How to use a dam during sex?

Can you tell me what this is? I’m guessing, just by
the line of questioning, it’s, like, some sort of
safe oral sex practise. Is that for that for oral sex. Condom. This is a dental dam, and
you use it for safe oral sex. When it comes to protecting yourself against STIs for oral sex, there is an option of using the dam. So, a dam is a very fine piece of latex. It comes in different
colours, different flavours, just like condoms do. It’s single-use only and you
should only use it one area and then use another one if you’re using on a different area. So, it can be used around
the vulval or vaginal area. It can also be used around the anal area. And what you can do is to
put some lube on the area and then put the dam on, and it can make it very sensitive still but you’re giving yourself
a barrier protection. So, by putting it over that area before you put your mouth on, then you’re actually putting a barrier that can prevent STIs.

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