Free Texas Camping ALONE on the River ~ GORGEOUS

who needs chin scratches chin scratches
who’s a good boy a good boy I found my little piece of paradise here
up in Texas even a day without any rain finally we have broke the consecutive
days of rain record here in Texas finally broken it up this is the
remnants of an old campground on the river Holly bluff trying to capture its
beauty was a little tricky when I first got here it’s kind of kind of messy and
dilapidated out here unfortunately I hate to say it it’s kind of just
becoming the norm out here in these really pretty spots it sucks when you
get here and that’s the first thing you see glass bottles all over to run over
tampon packages gross I know but I don’t want to camp here in garbage and I
always leave a place cleaner than when I got here that’s why I travel with a
grabber and I’ll admit I have picked up some nasty garbage in my travels I will
not tell you all the stories but you know you want these free campsites to
remain open we got to do our part right well you know getting my campsite clean
is a good feeling out here I can’t pick up the whole park I just don’t have
enough way to carry that much trash to the nearest dumpster so can we just take
a moment and just listen it is peaceful as heck out here thank
goodness or some natural beauty right I’ll also pop some GPS coordinates up
here on the screen because this isn’t a approved campground dispersed camping
here from free campsites net I really appreciate that resource down here on
the river the water’s up right now but you got me over there in that site you
know you’re not gonna get level right here but there is another site right
here and then you can even drive down this way and go over there towards the
water if you want without leveling jacks like I’ve got you’re gonna have a hard
time getting level down here otherwise back up the road before the campground
ends here at the river there’s some other spots up there to camp but yeah it
just saddens me with the amount of garbage and as much as I want to try to
film around it it’s like everywhere you get to the point where you start feeling
like am i the only person in the world who respects the land like I’m not
perfect by any means but I mean I just we have trash island out here and it
hurts my heart so much to see this much trash just piling up at a free campsite
I mean the truth of the matter is it’s gonna be shut down and I can’t reach
that stuff out there sometimes I get to filming places and I purposely do avoid
filming all the trash but here it just frustrated me a little bit a little bit
more than normal day one here I walked 7.5 miles through trails mostly along
the rivers Bank actually I call it the rivers Bank because this is where the
rivers bank is right now but we are so flooded that I mean it’s way up here
actually can see back there it just keeps coming in and rising and the water
so dirty because of all this unbelievable weeks and weeks of rain in
this area but still no shortage of fun walking trails through here I also had a
doe moment on one of my walks I didn’t bring a camera didn’t even bring a cell
phone just had my watch an armadillo went across the walkway up there I was
like gosh an actual real armadillo if I get a chance to
go back on another walk with the camera I’ll try to film I think I think I know
where is his homes add up there well we got clear skies 60 degrees for highs
here it froze last night it was 30 degrees
overnight last night tonight it’ll be like 38 really not not too bad you know
and apparently this is offseason right now up at the booth you’re supposed to
fill out a registration form they don’t have any registration forms in there and
it’s about 1.7 miles walk from here I’ve checked throughout my stay here it’s a
free campsite so think of any free campsite that’s deserted and neglected
that’s what this is but hey we’re not in a Walmart parking lot tonight no no no
and the river water is still flooding I have a flood warning until tomorrow
morning the road right now ends right here that used to be able to camp out
there in fact way out in the distance there’s pictures on free campsites of
people camping right through there well not right now it’s beautiful it’s
exactly what I needed well Oh break from everything been going
on with the rain thanks for the sunshine hey by the way it is day 3 out here I
know I’m gonna be combining three or four days of video into just one video
here no matter what but I wanted to let you know that I’ve spent a good amount
of time out here and I have really enjoyed nature and this place particular
something about the peacefulness of boondocking really makes me a more
creative person but also just a happier person and I unlike almost every RV
friend I have I really really enjoy my my alone time
you know Jax and I out here so most people might go stir-crazy after just a
couple days of not seen a human of any kind where I it works for me also I have
decided to go on another walk because it’s the the best way to get my exercise
around here and I love nature well I really really want to find that our
medulla again I’m gonna I’m gonna bring the camera and go try to find him but um
I think as our veer we all have a different level of what
makes us safe and secure as far as leaving the RV you know I actually have
quite a few RV friends who are really uncomfortable staying in a Walmart
parking lot and not to say one way or is wrong or right it’s just we’re all
different and to be honest with you in a place like this for me when I’m
completely alone and I don’t see any other RVs it can’t it is actually the
most uncomfortable feeling oftentimes I won’t even be outside by myself after
dark when I’m literally alone and I mean alone as heck I hadn’t seen a vehicle
for for two straight days and then yesterday on my long walk back like I
said it was a seven and a half mile hike and most of its on you know the road
that ends here back up there but as I was going halfway up a truck came by and
passed me I’m like it really made me feel uncomfortable I’m like dude my RVs
at the end of the road and nobody else is out there you know however you know I
have a couple tricks up my sleeve and I’m not paranoid or anything but I’ve
got my security cameras that are recording all the time and uploading
them I can’t watch the security cameras from my watch so I probably should
always have my phone with me so I can check real quick and I could have seen
exactly what they did when they got to the dead-end turn around or anything but
also my alarm system is gonna notify me directly on my Apple watch it’s gonna
tell me exactly when my alarms going off over here again emphasis on not being
paranoid or anything I can do it from my watch but I I’m holding the camera so I
can’t do it but if I see something in my view like if I’ve been on the trail
yesterday and I saw something and they got really close to my RV down here
obviously I’m not gonna be able to run back in time but I can just hit the
panic button on here and in a couple seconds if I just need to scare somebody
off or let them know maybe that’ll be enough for them to look up and say oh
I’m being recorded to the cloud it’s not necessarily false security because
everything is very very secure but it’s not gonna it’s not gonna stop somebody
who just doesn’t care you know if anybody ever does try
anything stupid near my RV well they’re gonna be YouTube famous and somebody out
there one of my two hundred and seven thousand subscribers is possibly gonna
recognize you so I mean if it’s that important somebody might still try to do
something bad but I do try to be as careful as possible yeah let’s go on a
walk and see if I can find that armadillo I keep stopping to go here
wrestling in there and every time it’s a squirrel every time squirrel well that is going
to do it for this leg of the trip one point eight miles to the front of the
campground there’s the sign Holly Bluffs a fourteen days but I’m
assuming it’s 14 days campers like I said you’re supposed to register but
here I’m gonna I’m gonna carefully peek under here and there’s still no
registration forms available on day three oh you think I’m paranoid by using
a stick to open something no if you haven’t had the pleasure like I have of
having a scorpion sneak up into your swimming trunks and sting you on your
whoo-hoo that’s all it takes is once and that was here in Texas even that was
that was a Texas thing so I am very careful looking for scorpions and snakes
and tarantulas and everything these days I don’t take any chances but I got a
good one point eight miles back and I’ve already closed both my exercise and my
move ring for the day so we’ll get on back to camp
I’m gonna show you some some nature stuff so I’ll put the other lens on my
camera and we’ll look at some some nature around my campsite down here and
then maybe have a little campfire tonight and good morning again everyone it’s fun
to be able to finally get some clear skies at night and play with the old
star lapse feature those are long exposure pictures that I have my GoPro
taking like 30 second pictures overnight and then I put together six or seven
hundred pictures to create those seven second moving star lapses as I call them
I don’t know what you really call them night time lapses but you know just to
see how they rotate and everything at night it’s really cool and it’s fun to
play with the LED lights are that so I haven’t had too many chances this winter
you have to have a night that’s clear and not gonna rain you know and the
other thing about coming to new places is it can make me feel a little
uncomfortable cuz I don’t know what to expect but when I make new memories I’m
gonna have a really hard time leaving this place cuz I really loved it but
like I said real time three nights and four days have passed for me here yeah
even though it’s just one short little video that I just threw together no
effort at all right yeah got plants I got a friend up north I want to go see
and it’s gonna stay in Texas though for a little bit longer so
Jackson I’ll see in the next video bye guys

100 thoughts on “Free Texas Camping ALONE on the River ~ GORGEOUS

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