Friday 11/15/19 Jeremiah 33:1 – 33:26

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Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel, welcome to this family
Bible study hour, back in our Father’s
word, book of Jeremiah. Hebrew tongue whom
God launches forth. And certainly our Father
spoke directly to Jeremiah and in as much as
now I’ll repeat that He chose Jeremiah
before He ever entered his mother’s womb, meaning
he was with the Father, and while he was
yet in the womb, God designated him as a prophet, God knew He could trust
him, could work through him, and here we’re going to
get a second message today, and God’s gonna
speak to him again after he’s hidden
the deed at Anathoth, which means answered a prayer, it’s a priest town just
outside of Jerusalem, and we’re gonna
claim that someday. 33:1, a word of wisdom
from our Father, and it reads, “Moreover
the word of the Lord “came unto Jeremiah
the second time, “while he was yet shut up “in the court of
the prison, saying.” Let this be known, God can
deal with you anywhere, why is Jeremiah in prison? For repeating God’s word. You never have to be
ashamed of God’s word, and never apologize
for God’s word. Verse two, “Thus saith the
Lord the maker thereof, “the Lord that formed
it, to establish it, “the Lord is His name.” Now, any time you have
Lord in all upper cases, every letter,
L-O-R-D in uppercase, nine times out of 100, or
I’ll say 99 times out of 100, in the Hebrew
manuscripts, it’s Yahoveh, and I wanna read that again, and I wanna use the sacred name as the manuscripts stipulate. “Thus saith Yahoveh,
the maker thereof, “the Yahoveh that formed
it, to establish it, “the Yahoveh is His name.” He likes to be called
by His name, don’t you? When someone talks to you, you kinda like for your
name to be brought forth. I don’t want anyone to be,
if this gives you trouble, just put it on the shelf and
call Him heavenly Father, but if you really
wanna talk to Him, if you wanna get His attention, it doesn’t hurt to
call Him by His name, and when you got to
the Hebrew manuscripts, that’s exactly what
it is, Yahoveh. Verse three, “Call unto me, “and I will answer thee, ” and show thee great
and mighty things, “which thou knowest not.” In other words, I will
give you prophecies and understandings,
talk to me, call to me. Well, what will I call him? Well, I hope you call
Him the sacred name. If you’re really
sincere, and again, I wanna stipulate,
a new student, don’t worry about it, heavenly
Father, that’ll get it done. But for one who knows better, then if you’re going
to get His attention, call Him by His name, let
Him know you love Him. I’ve heard a lot
of people say well, I talked to Him and
He never answers me. He hears you, and if the
conditions are right, you will hear from Him
in one way or the other. It’s not that He
will speak to you, but He will open
doors or close them to put you in a position
that He wishes to have you. Verse four, “For thus saith
the Yahoveh, the Lord, “the God of Israel, “concerning the
houses of this city, “and concerning the houses
of the kings of Judah, “which are thrown down by the
mounts, and by the sword.” well, who threw up down? The king of Babylon. Now again, I wanna remind you
again in 1 Corinthians 10:10, these things happened
as an example so you know what
happens at the end. The king of Babylon
is coming again, only this time he’s
the false Messiah, and God has arranged it,
He’s going to allow it, you can count on it. Well, how can you be so sure? Because it’s written in the
great book of Revelation, in the great book of Daniel,
and many other places. Even here in Jeremiah. Verse five, “They come to
fight with the Chaldeans” that’s to say the Babylonians, “But it is to fill them
with the dead bodies of men, “whom I hae slain in mine
anger and in my fury, “for all whose wickedness “I have hid my face
from this city.” They go against
God’s will, okay? And you might say well, how
could that apply to today? Well, the king of
Babylon is coming, he’s going to sit in Jerusalem
claiming to be Christ before the true Christ
returns at the second advent. What are a lot of the
people saying to you? You don’t have to worry about understanding the
book of Revelation, you’re gonna be gone,
you’re gonna fly away. That’s not what God’s word says. That’s where the big problem is, and unfortunately, that’s
what happened to these people, that God said they go
against everything I say, they will not listen,
so down they go. And what this means
is not the death you might be thinking of, it means they’re spiritually
deader than a hammer. You can hardly talk about
our Father’s word to them, they have no understanding. It’s like a Sunday school class, and praise God for
Sunday school classes, but that’s for little children, and truth is for little children
and for mature audiences, and certainly you need
to listen to your Father, for as it is written,
that’s how it’s gonna be. The question is, have
you ever read it? Verse six, “Behold, I will
bring it health and cure, “and I will cure them, “and will reveal unto them “the abundance of
peace and truth.” If they’ll go at it my
way, if they’ll repent, if they’ll understand God. Father has a
purpose in His elect as it’s written in Mark 13, you’re gonna be
delivered up before Him, so the Holy Spirit
can speak through you. You’re not to even premeditate
what you’ll say beforehand, but to allow God to
speak through you. Some of you have known
you’ve had a destiny, since you were a child,
there was more to God’s word. Well, you need to study it, you need to understand
it, absorb it, it causes our Father to love
you when you call on Him, when you pray to Yahoveh
and ask for that knowledge, things that are
hidden from you now, He’ll make it as plain as
can be, it’s common sense. For God is not the author
of confusion or babble, but peace, understanding, and peace of mind, common sense. How precious it is to
have His will and His way. But here He promises if
they’ll repent, I’ll heal ’em, if you’ll call
me, I’ll hear you. Verse seven, “And I will
cause the captivity of Judah “and the captivity
of Israel to return,” notice there are still
two separate houses, “And will build them,
as at the first.” In other words, even
in the first earth age when everything was perfect, and so it is that in
the millennium, this
will come to pass. Verse eight, “And
I will cleanse them “from all their
iniquity,” their sin, “Whereby they have
sinned against me, “and I will pardon
all their iniquities, “whereby they have sinned, “and whereby they have
transgressed against me.” That is, if they repent, when did it say repent? He said call me. What are you gonna ask
Him when you call Him? You’re gonna ask Him when
you discover what is hidden that He’s going to cleanse
you, you gotta repent. And when you repent to Him
and swear your allegiance to know the false
Messiah is coming first, the king of Babylon is coming, and you must make that stand
against Him spiritually, not physically, we do not stand against
the power of the arm, but on principalities
from on high with the gospel
armor on and in place to stand against the
fiery darts of Satan, that’s what the
gospel armor is about, not some jet pack to flit off
into the air or to fly away. It’s to make a stand. Verse nine, to continue, “And it shall be to
me a name of joy,” it’s Jerusalem, that’s God’s
favorite place in the universe. In Ezekiel 16, He made an
eternal covenant with Earth, He married her,
geographically speaking. “A praise and an honor before
all the nations of the earth, “which shall hear all the
good that I do unto them, “and they shall fear and
tremble in all the goodness “and for all the prosperity
that I procure unto it.” In other words, oh what a time, and what is in store for
it, how precious it is. We’re talking here
about entering into the millennium,
quite frankly, our Father looks
forward to that time when Satan is locked
away in the pit, as it is written
in Revelation 20, for that period of time,
that’s called the Lord’s day. How long is a day with the Lord? 1,000 years, the
millennium, of course. So our Father doesn’t
wake up every morning wondering who He can zap, He wakes up looking for
those that love Him, yearning for that call, call me, and asking and
declaring that love whereby He can touch you, touch the things that
are in your life, assist you, strengthen you. You see, you don’t have
to wait til the millennium for that healing, spiritually
speaking, it’s today. All it requires,
repenting and loving Him, studying His word and
knowing what is ahead of us, listening to His plan, not the traditions of men that
make void the word of God. Verse 10, “Thus saith the Lord, “again there shall be
heard in this place, “which ye say shall be desolate “without man and without beast,
even in the cities of Judah, “and in the streets of
Jerusalem, that are desolate, “without man, and without an
inhabitant, and without beast.” That is to say without
anybody that has the truth, without anybody that loves
the Lord, all deceived. This is why it’s
written in Revelation the whole earth whores
after the false Christ. They don’t know any better,
and that’s real sad, that’s why they’re
spiritually dead, they’re spiritually
deader than a hammer to know what’s coming down
when it’s put forth in a way that a child can understand. If you listen to
the answer to God, the statements of our Father, giving declaration of
exactly how it’s going to be. Verse 11, “The voice of joy
and the voice of gladness, “the voice of the bridegroom,”
now let me question you, who is the bridegroom? Well, it’s Christ of course. You’re not going to hear
the voice of Christ there, it’s gonna be the Antichrist. “And the voice of the bride, “the voice of them that shall
say, praise the Lord of hosts, “for the Lord is good, for
His mercy endureth for ever, “and of them that shall
bring the sacrifice of praise “into the house of the Lord. “For I will cause to return
the captivity of the land, “as at the first,
saith the Lord.” The world’s gonna
be a great place, it is a great place,
but man has polluted it, man lets it fall away, but Father will renew,
renew, and renew. But there is a time when
the bridegroom comes, and when the bride,
who’s the bride? God’s election, those that
know who the true Christ is, that don’t whore around
after the false one. Verse 12, “Thus saith
the Lord of hosts, “again in this place, “which is desolate without
man and without beast, “and in all the cities thereof, “shall be an
habitation of shepherds “causing their
flocks to lie down.” There’s gonna be some here
teaching the real truth. When a flock lies down,
what does that mean? They’re full, go
to horticulture, listen to nature,
when animals are full, they will lay down,
chew their cud and rest, they’ll be happy,
what are you saying? The shepherd’s going to be there
to give you the word of God and truth to whereby you
can rest with peace of mind, and rest assuredly knowing that
Father is pleased with you. This is why He said you
got trouble with this? What did you start out
this second message? Call me, you don’t have
to have a phone number, He hears even what you think. Let Him know that you love Him. There will be a time that men
that are not spiritually dead and women that are
not spiritually dead will return to this place when
the true bridegroom comes. And those flock shall lie down, having been fed sufficiently in the real, the
true word of God. 13, “In the cities
of the mountains, “in the cities of the vale, “and in the cities of the south, “and in the land of Benjamin,”
that’s where Anathoth, where the deed is buried is, “And in the places
about Jerusalem, “and in the cities of Judah, “shall the flocks pass
again under the hands of him “that telleth them,
saith the Lord.” Well, what does it
mean, tell them? Do you know what a teller is? Let’s say that you know
that banks have tellers, well, what do tellers do? They count, and what it is, these shepherds and tellers
will count the sheep as they pass under
the very staff presented by the living God. Verse 14, “Behold, the
days come, saith the Lord, “that I will perform
that good thing “which I have promised
unto the house of Israel “and to the house of Judah.” They’re still separate. I always keep my word,
that’s what God is saying. Do you understand, beloved, that’s why you can
trust Him so much? He always, always
keeps His word, there’s no room
for doubt in that. Verse 15, “In those
days, and at that time, “will I cause the branch of
righteousness,” that’s Christ, “To grow up unto David, “and he shall execute judgment “and righteousness in the land.” And naturally, we’re talking
about the second advent. Do you remember when back in 23, what did it say in 23:6? “In His days, Judah
shall be saved, “and Israel shall dwell safely, “and this is the name
whereby He shall be called “the Lord our righteousness.” Well, what does
it mean the Lord, Yahoveh, our righteousness? It means He always
does what is right. It means you always get what you got coming
to you, all right? And some of it may not be so
good if you’re not so good, but if you have tried, He marks that as
perfect when you try. I just can’t ever seem
to quite get it right, He looks at it as right. He doesn’t judge you for
failing when you’re trying, and He will always pick you
up and give you knowledge and wisdom and understanding
as long as you will try, He’ll be there for you, He will do what is
right, and that is right. And that graciousness
is His love that pours forth abundantly
to warm your heart and to give you that comfort that you always have
in following Him. The branch, of course, is one of the names of
the Lord Jesus Christ, even in the great
constellation under Virgo, the virgin, you have sumac,
that one bright star, which in the Hebrew tongue
sumac means the branch, which is to say the Savior, in that Bible of the
stars, so called. God always does what is right. You can’t go wrong on that, if men would always do what
is right as best they could, what a different
world this would be. Verse 16, “IN those days
shall Judah be saved, “and Jerusalem
shall dwell safely, “and this is the name
whereby she shall be called, “the Lord our righteousness.” And Yahoveh is the
king, and He is, He always does what is right. Call Him by His name. 17, “For thus saith the Lord, “David shall never want a
man to sit upon the throne “of the house of Israel.” And you say well, wait a minute, now God made that promise? Where is that throne? Well, have you ever heard
of the Stone of Scone? The stone that Israel
carried with them? The stone that was
later transported, and it went to Europe. Jeremiah himself would
take not two sons, but two daughters, and he
would take them first to Egypt, and then to Europe, and I’m
speaking historically now. One of those daughters
was named Scota, and Scota had formed
the land Scotland, but at the same time, that coronation stone was
under the very coronation chair for all the kings
even of England, and of that particular area, the family which
would spring forth from that would
usually be the kingship of any nation, the nations, even down to Russia itself when the Czar Alexander and
others, his family there, would be murdered when
communism came into being. But how can we say then? Well, I hope you’re
not trying to say that I am a part of that,
well, what are you reading? What is this? Well, it’s the word of God. No, I mean what do you call it? You call it the
King James Version. Well, who was King James? He was coroneted on that stone
in that coronation chair, and we have never, do you
know why we have this Bible? Because the first order of the
office of a king or a queen coroneted over that stone
is protector of the faith. I’m gonna say that again,
protector of the faith, and that’s taken and
held very serious, therefore was ordered
to bring this forth were that
English-speaking peoples could have the word of God whereby they could
understand it. So you see, God keeps His word. There has never
been anyone wanted until He Himself who returns
that it is rightfully His. Verse 18, “Neither shall
the priest, the Levites, “want a man before me to
offer burnt offerings, “and to kindle meat offerings, “and to do sacrifice
continually.” And naturally, in
the millennium, you don’t sacrifice
burnt offerings, the blood shed on the cross
it does for one and all times. But what you will
sacrifice is your love, that’s what you will give
sacrificially to our Father, or quite frankly, you won’t be,
if you ever want a blessing. Verse 19, “And the word of
the Lord came unto Jeremiah, “saying,” what did He say? The word of Yahoveh, verse 20, “Thus saith Yahoveh,
thus saith the Lord, “if you can break my
covenant of the day, “and my covenant of the night, “and that there should not be “day and night in their season.” In other words, if
you can stop the sun from coming up in the morning
and going down at night, if you can change any of that, then I might break
this covenant, well,
what does that mean? The covenant will not
be broken, it is solid. Very nature itself anchoring it. Every time you see the sun
come up in the morning, it means that contract is
still good, it’s still valid. Verse 21, “Then may
also my covenant “be broken with
David my servant, “that he should not have a
son to reign upon his throne, “and with the Levites the
priests, my ministers.” There’s always gonna be
that remnant, we know that, there’s always been
that real deep truth that God has
blessed certain with to bring that forward
whereby it could be heard, where it can be sounded. 22, “As the host of
heaven cannot be numbered, “neither the sand
of the sea measured, “so will I multiply the
seed of David my servant, “and the Levites that
minister unto me.” They’re gonna be there, and the offspring that
follows them and leads them, as numerous as the stars of
heaven and the sands of the sea, well, where are they today? Well, we know where
the 10 tribes are, and we know where the tribe
of Judah is, basically. 23, “Moreover, the word of
the Lord came to Jeremiah, “saying,” 24, “Consider thou not what
these people have spoken, “saying the two families
which the Lord hath chosen, “He hath even cast them off? “Thus they have
despised my people, “that they should be no
more a nation before men.” In other words, God never
cast His people off, God will never leave you,
He will never forsake you, but people will
certainly leave Him. And when you have nations
under the flag of communism that will absolutely
denounce and drive out the name of Yahoveh, they will drive out the
name of the living God, and take over many nations, and within this, where is hope? God said you try to do that,
it’s not gonna succeed, why? Because He’s still
on the throne, and He will still, when
things are accomplished, we live in a wonderful
testing time. What God wants to know from you is do you love Him enough that you will read the
letter He has sent you, or do you wanna just follow
the traditions of men and let Satan have
his way with you? He wants to know, because
we’re establishing, through His help, a family that’s moving
into a heavenly age. We do not want any
troublemakers there, we do not want anyone there that goes against
the living God. He that calls Himself
I am that I am, I will be wherever I
wanna be, what I wanna be, I’m with you, and certainly, this testing time is to
find out what you choose. And if you choose our
Father, you choose eternity, and you choose an earth
that’s going to go back into its third earth age where
everything is perfect again. The firmament is back in
its place to protect this, and in a spiritual body,
that age means nothing. A spiritual body is no older
today than it was in the day in the first earth age
that God created that body. And so it is that our Father
is in this time of testing, and the final hour of
that testing of course is the millennium, then Satan
is released a short season. If you still choose
him, sorry Charlie, it’s too late for you,
you’re in the lake, and that lake is a hard
place to sustain yourself. It certainly is that. Okay, let’s go with one
more verse please, verse 25, “Thus saith the Lord, “if my covenant be not
with day and night, “and if I have not appointed “the ordinances of
heaven and earth.” In other words, what
are those ordinances? Well, gravity, that
that is natural. When you throw a
rock up, guess what? It’s gonna come down, why? Gravity pulls it down. You cannot change
the ordinances, or that that is natural
of our heavenly Father, though certainly
in this generation with Satan’s little
tempting hands, we have a lot of people
that try to leave off that that is natural, that that is natural with
man and woman, they try it, but you cannot do that,
it will not change. And as long as it
doesn’t change, then you can count on it. This covenant is good, God’s natural law of things
is right out there for anyone, you don’t even have to
be able to understand this word of God to know if
you pick both of your feet up, you’re gonna fall. That’s the law of
gravity, it’s there, you don’t need any
reminders of it. You trip, you don’t
go up, you go down. But you always get up, and thank God for the
blessings He has given you, and march on in His presence. And when you have a doubt and when things look
a little cloudy, always remember this chapter, call me, call me
Father, call me Yahoveh, I will hear you. If you’re really serious,
if you really mean it, I will hear you. One more verse to finish
the chapter, verse 26, “Then will I cast away
the seed of Jacob, “and David my servant, “so that I will not take
any of his seed to be rulers “over the seed of
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, “for I will cause their
captivity to return, “and have mercy on them.” And so it is. Our Father’s always fair. What did He say
that the princes, the chief shepherd’s
name would be? Righteousness, He’s
gonna do what’s right. You have to trust
Him enough to know that if you try to do what’s
right in pleasing Him, He’s going to be with you,
He’s going to protect you, and there it is, again,
people have a way, well, that really
sounds beautiful. Then they get into the world
and the day gets cloudy, a little thing goes wrong here and a little thing
goes wrong there, and pretty soon they can
be very confused in wonder, and they forget this
chapter, call me, I am that I am, I
am there for you. I am the light, I am the
living water, I am the way. When you get lost and a little
off track, remember that. I will say it for you
in the Hebrew tongue. ‘Ehyeh ‘asher ‘ehyeh,
I am that I am, that is the etymology of
the sacred name Yahoveh. Call me, He said,
when you’re down, I will hear you, I can make
things different, and He can. After all, you know, I’m the one that put those
stars up there in the heaven, I’m the one that
created this earth, I’m the one that
created your soul, or as it is written
in Ezekiel 18:4, you don’t get around
to giving me your soul, I own it already, I created it, it’s mine to do
with as I choose. But I will always do what is
right, for that is my name, the Lord of righteousness. So when you come to that
place that you need comfort, do you know where to find it? From the comforter, which
is to say God’s spirit, that’s why He said call me,
call me, I will hear you. There’s no excuse, beloved,
let Him warm your heart, and let Him do what
is right with you. Well, I’ve kind of
fallen by the wayside, well, He’s gonna
thump your gourd, all you gotta do is
say thank you, Father, I needed that, I’ll get
it together, and try. Call me, that’s what He says. All right, bless your hearts,
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don’t need an address, why? Because God loves you, He
wants you to return that love, that’s mainly what He wants. Josea 6:6, “I do not want
your burnt offerings, “I want your grace,
your mercy, your love.” And in Revelation
4, the last verse, “I created you for my pleasure.” Not to give me a hard time, I
created you for my pleasure. How long has it been since
you gave Him pleasure? You do that by letting
Him know you love Him. Father, around the
world, we come, we ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father, touch, in Yeshua’s precious
name, thank you Father, amen. Okay, question time. And we’re going with
Chris from Virginia, and good morning to you
also, how are you doing? I’m doing fantastically
well with God’s blessings. “I have a question that
I would like to ask you, “did you have a
mentor or a teacher?” I had a lot, not a lot,
but some very good mentors. In the last lecture
I mentioned one from when someone sent a
letter from New Zealand, and a great scholar,
Doctor Barry Fell, who was an epigrapher, who helped me a great
deal in documentaries, and in languages, and our particular
documentary on Easter Island, you don’t wanna miss
that, Doctor Barry Fell, he was a native of that part from which Easter
Island came to be, and he’ll give you a
lot of understanding. And Doctor Bullinger, you know, he was one of the only
Christians that was allowed to edit the Mosharraf for
Ginsberg, and what a scholar, what a fantastic scholar. Father’s word is always
a process of learning, it’s pregnant, it grows. You never finish your
education in God’s word, because He always continues
to reveal what is hidden that is timely for that hour. Palin from Georgia, “How can I document that
the first day of spring “is the first day on
the Hebrew calendar?” Well, it’s according to
which Hebrew calendar you’re going by, the original
was a solar calendar, and naturally, it
started the new year with the solar calendar, that is to say on
the spring equinox. This is real easy to prove,
even in documentaries, when you travel our rivers,
like the Rio Grande, when you find solstice signs, it’s always by the
solar calendar. The original solar calendar, you had the spring
equinox plus 14 days, and then the 15th day
was always Passover, and then the year was
divided up in groups of 50, 50 days after
Passover is Pentecost, and there were
seven groups of 50 that bring you back to
the spring equinox again. You see, the moon
makes its little circle every 28 and a fraction days, so it’s all messed up, you
cannot go by it with accuracy. The sun is always right on time. The same today as it
always has been, basically. Bonita from Kentucky, “Can you help me with the verse “that has the word son in them, “like Psalms 19:4,
tabernacle of the sun, “and Malachi 4:2, sun
of righteousness?” That’s spelled S-U-N is
what she’s got here, okay? The S-U-N as it is
used in Psalms 19:4 lets you know that God
controls the universe from Orion all the way through, that it has a path, and a path
that you can rest assured of, and that’s pretty
well self explanatory. But in Malachi 4:2, the very last chapter
of the Old Testament, the word sun there is
the sun of righteousness, and there’s only one of those, and it is an analogy, and it’s a good analogy. Because as the Son
of righteousness
gives eternal life, it’s likened unto the sun,
which you cut it away, plant a seed and
put it in a cave and see what happens
to it without the sun. But when the sun
hits those seeds, they spring to life,
every spring, when
the season is right, and the sun hits this
earth and renews everything and gives life to the grass,
the trees, and everything, well, so does the living God, His Son gives life to
your spirit and your soul, so it’s an analogy,
and a very good one. Do you know, I can hardly
make you writing out, I don’t know if this is
Magger or Masser from Florida, but you’ll know. “Does the devil know
he is going to lose? “If so, why does
he play the game?” No, he thinks he’s something. Why shouldn’t he? He controls most of the
people of this world. I mean, he’s got them
eating out of his hand. He feels he’s really
something on a stick. So why shouldn’t he? He thinks, as Daniel
11 would stipulate, he uses the power of
force and worships it, he feels with the numbers
and everyone following him that he can win. That’s why he does what he does. Well, you might say well,
doesn’t he ever read the word? He’s a better scripture
lawyer than most, when he tempted Christ,
what did he tempt Him with? Matthew 4’s scripture,
there was just one problem, he always tweaks it on the end, and about 90 degrees,
and makes it false. So he thinks he can win, and so it is, he
thinks he’s that good. That’s called pride, pride is the fall
of many a person. Karen from South Dakota, “Thank you so much for your
teaching,” you are welcome, “I went to church all my life
and never heard the truth. “I always knew that there
was more to the Bible. “For the first time in my
life, everything makes sense, “especially the earth ages “and how we live
in a fallen world. “My question, can you help me
understand the tribe of Dan, “what are their
characteristics?” Well, they are Anglo, they
show blood in the face, Dan had a problem though, Dan kinda liked to worship
idols a little bit, and when you go to Revelation 7, sometimes they leave out one
or two because of idol worship, but I got some
good news for you, in the book of Ezekiel, when
you read the millennium temple, they’re back in, God doesn’t
give up on His people, even though some people might. Missy from Texas, “What is the unforgivable sin, “and what does blasphemy mean? “Can you please explain them
to me, I do not understand.” Well, make a note, Luke 12:10. You can talk against what
Christ taught on earth, and you can be
forgiven for that. But if you’re one of God’s elect and you’re delivered up
before the synagogue of Satan as Luke 12:10 so stipulates, and you refuse the Holy
Spirit to speak through you, that’s unpardonable, and then when you read Mark 13, it definitely stipulates that
you will be delivered up, you’re not to premeditate
what you’ll say, but you are to allow the Holy
Spirit to speak through you, to deny that is
blasphemy against God
when you know better. You see, the big
problem with it is if you’re one of God’s
elect, you know better. Ignorance is bliss
in some cases, but that’s one case where
when you’re not ignorant and you know who Satan
is and you bow to him, you’re in a heap of hurt
with our heavenly Father. It hurts Him, He sent Job, which means persecute,
Job, the word, and He let you see
one of His sons, and Satan said hey,
I can take him, if you’ll just take your
little net from around him of protection, I can have
him eating out of my hand. I’m paraphrasing here with
my own thoughts a little bit, but that’s basically
what it meant. And God said I’m
gonna tell you what, I don’t think Job
will, Job’s a good man. So God removed the
wall from around him which He’ll put
around His election if you have faith
enough and use the name, and Satan had him down,
he was full of sores, and his wife even said why
don’t you just give up and die? And then Job, of all things, has three heathen, they’re
not even Israelites, that they come and
yackity yackity, like they ratchet jaw for 38
chapters, giving him advice, and they have no idea what
they’re talking about. And many preachers will
preach sermons on that, it’s awesome, finally,
in the 38th chapter, God says Job, get up from there, don’t listen to these people that don’t know what they’re
talking about, listen to me. So that’s what you
do, you listen to God, and when you know better,
you better listen to Him. Okay, this is
Julie from Georgia, “Was the first earth
age before Noah’s ark, “or before Adam and Eve, “or when exactly was it?” Well, it was before
this earth age ever was, That’s why it’s written in
Genesis 1 in the beginning, God created the heaven
and the earth, period. It didn’t say when, it
was millions of years ago, and then in verse
two, in the Hebrew, it says the earth was not
created void and without form, the earth became void
and without form at
Satan’s rebellion. So that’s when it happened, it was many thousands
of years ago. And then God had a choice, a third of His children followed
Satan, He could kill ’em, but killing a third of your
children’s a pretty heavy chore when you have a heart
as big as our Father’s. So instead of killing His
children along with Satan, He ended that earth age
and brought in this one where man must be born
of woman innocent, not even remembering
what happened before, to make your mind up whether
you’re gonna love God or Satan, that’s what this age is about. Carol from California, “What would be the best to
prepare for the tribulation? “Will we still be able to use
the money we have in the bank, “or would silver
coins be better? “If you own real estate, can you still collect
rental money for income?” Most likely you could. You see, the parameter is this: you cannot worship Satan
to receive his money. When you receive his money,
you’re worshiping him, and you’ve got his mark, okay? It’s not a literal mark,
it means in your forehead, you’ve been had. So people that
live in the country that are familiar
with bartering, you barter like a
little precious metal or have a house rental, hey, go down and get me a
little bag of groceries and I’ll knock it off
of your rent this month. God’s Christians have
a way of bartering, and knowing how it is, like I can remember back when
people supported the church, they didn’t have any money,
they maybe brought a chicken. The preachers got used
to eating fried chicken, and made ’em pretty
happy I guess, but there’s ways to get by
without money when you have to, if you’re in the country. Albert from Pennsylvania, well, I wanna correct that, you can in town
too, cities also, if you’ve prepared
ahead as you’re doing. Something a little precious, don’t put all your liquidity
in the precious metal or something like that, but it doesn’t hurt
to have a little bit. Albert from Pennsylvania, “Where can I find in the
Bible where it speaks about “the fallen angels
that impregnated women “that resulted in giants?” Genesis 6, the fallen angels, rather
than being born of woman, they saw that Adam’s
daughters were beautiful, and they left their
place of habitation, which causes their death, they came down, and rather
than being born to woman, they seduced woman,
and giants were born. This is why that the fallen
angels are called nephilim, nafa in the Hebrew means fallen, and this is why you can
read in the book of Jude they’re already in chains
waiting for destruction. They will be cast out with Satan when he is cast out on this
earth as the false Messiah, but 7,000 of them die instantly
in the streets of Jerusalem when the two witnesses
rise from the dead. That’s the fallen angels. This would be Christopher, and I don’t know where
Christopher is from, “Just a question, what
are the three earth ages, “and how or where can I
read about them in depth?” Do you know, this is
really sad that churches do not teach about
the three earth ages, because it’s important, it
lets you know why we’re here. Probably, Christopher, the
easiest way to get started is 2 Peter 3. It will give you all three
earth ages, and believe me, when the first earth was
destroyed with water, it was not Noah’s flood. It was one that even cracked the very planet
plates themselves, and in the Greek tongue
it’s called katabole, the overthrow, it was a dandy, and from that we’ve
got the Grand Canyon and we’ve got, in
Nebraska, at Ash Falls, we’ve got African
animals, camels, five different types of
camel, we’ve got rhinoceroses, African birds, how did
they get in Nebraska? Well, they used to
be snugged right up, and then came the katabole. This would be Jamel
from Mississippi, “Pastor, can you tell me
what these two verses mean? “1 John, ‘Love not the world
or things in the world, “‘and marvel not, my brethren,
if the world hates you.'” It’s talking about the cosmos, which is to say the people
of the world and their ways. It’s good to be street smart, but it’s better
to be street smart on top of biblically
intelligent. Because you can get
by a lot better, but what it’s saying in John is don’t fall in with
the things of the world, because it’s crooked,
and it’s deceitful, and don’t marvel when
you do what’s right, start talking about
our Lord Jesus Christ on a street corner sometime and see if the world doesn’t
hate you for it, okay? It doesn’t make big points
with a lot of people. And not that I advise
that, certainly, but that’s not the
place to talk about the Lord Jesus
Christ necessarily, unless someone should ask you. Okay, Millie from Philadelphia, “Pastor, I’m scared,
you teach God said Satan “is not to harm His
elect, yet today, “you said we will
be taken and beaten “before facing the
synagogue of Satan, “what is the truth of this?” Well, it is stated that
you’ll be browbeaten, but Satan is coming as
the Lord Jesus Christ. When I read a scripture, I always read it as it
is written in the word, but you have to understand
what it’s really talking about. Satan’s coming in,
as Daniel stipulates, prosperously and peacefully,
not tearing everything up, because he’s playing Jesus. Love, and follow me and
I’ll give you everything, I’ll pay off your mortgages,
I’ll pay your debts, just follow me, you
don’t wanna go there, but he will browbeat
you if it’s possible, and I see that even
though it frightens you you’re gonna make the stand. You don’t have to
be afraid, Luke 21, he can’t harm a hair
on your head, okay? But he will browbeat you, but
will you let that affect you? I hope not, because you know God’s
gonna protect you, and you don’t have
anything to worry about. Darlene from Wisconsin, “Is tithing and
sowing the same thing, “or are they different? “I have heard other pastors
say they are different, “and tithing is
10% of your income, “and sowing is an additional
gift to have a prayer answered. “I really want and
need your answer.” It is true that a love offering, which is what I would call
seeding, sowing rather, a love offering you can give,
and it’s a beautiful thing, but it will not get
you a prayer answered. Money does not buy
prayers answered. Don’t ever let some
preacher tell you otherwise. I’m not judging them, but I
do know my Father real well, He doesn’t send out beggars, and He will not adhere
to that, you cannot, don’t ever let some preacher
pressure you to give money to have a prayer answered,
that cheapens God’s love. But a tithe was a 10th, but many on fixed
incomes cannot do that, they’ve already tithed when
they were making the insurance, they draw a social
security in part, then it almost becomes a love
offering or the widow’s might, but you do tithe
where you’re fed, the reason being that that
keeps the truth coming to you, that’s only logical, but a love offering
can be given anywhere, but do not ever let
some preacher tell you it’ll get a prayer
answered, it won’t. Milford from Kentucky, “I have understood you to say “you don’t have to be
baptized to be saved. “However, also, I
understand you to say “you need to be baptized “when you reach the
age of accountability, “please explain John 3:5, ‘You
must be born of the water.'” What does it mean,
born of the water? In the bag of water
in the womb, okay? Everybody’s gotta
be born to woman, that was the sin of
the fallen angels, they chose not to
be born to woman. So you must be. But the thief hung on
the cross was converted, and Christ said I’ll see
you in paradise today, he wasn’t baptized, so we leave that judgment
up to Almighty God, and I am out of time. I love you all because you
enjoying studying God’s word, most of all, God loves you because you read the
letter He has sent to you. It makes His when
you call on Him, how He loves to hear from
you because you’re His child. Let Him know today you
love Him won’t you do that? We are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings, if we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God, He will
always bless you, most important though,
hey, you listen to me, and you listen good,
you stay in His word. Every day in His
word is a good day, even with troubles,
you know why? Because Jesus Yeshua
is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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