From Fukushima to Federal: Meet Maho Ota’s Family | Australia to me

My name is Maho Ota. Our family is now living in North Coast of New South Wales. It’s a beautiful part of the world and everyone we met welcomed us for living here in this, like best part of the world. I used to live 120 kilometres away from Fukushima power plant. My husband and I were running glassblowing studio at that time and we were actually blowing glass on that day when the massive earthquake hit Japan. We felt really unsafe with small children there. For my son, it wasn’t that hard. He was still in kindy and he could make friends very easily and pick up English. Now, we started making glass jewellery near our home in Federal in the hinterland, Byron Bay. The community up here is very lovely. We met so many nice parents in school. It was very interesting to find a big Japanese community around here and met some interesting Japanese people, even local the cafe is run by Japanese people. Australia to me was hope for my family but now is home. I feel very connected to this country now. So Australia day is still quite new for us. We are still learning about this country and history, but it’s becoming a day that we appreciate living in this country. Happy Australia Day.

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  1. fukushima still pours nuclear poluted cooling water into pacific…after so many years, I do not known they have thought about marine organisms and those one day may consume some of them..

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