Frontpoint Home Security System Review

Gabe Turner: Hi, Folks. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re reviewing the Frontpoint Home
Security System. On their website, Frontpoint claims that 96
percent of its customers would recommend them. Let’s see if I can do the same. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, google Security Baron best home security systems. If you’ve a question about today’s review,
leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Just so you know what you’re getting yourself
into today, I’m going to talk about what I got in my Frontpoint home security package. How easy it was to set up, and how convenient
it was to maintain the professional monitoring service, the customer support, and the app. To begin, let’s talk about what I purchased
with my Frontpoint home security system. No matter what package you get from Frontpoint,
you’re going to end up with the hub and the wireless keypad. If the hub is the brain, the wireless keypad
are the fingers that help you execute everything that this is thinking about. I actually like this design despite the fact
that there’s not much to interface with. You’ve got this nice glowing key in the middle. You’ve got a few ports on the back. You have your Ethernet port that you should
hook up in your power adapter. You’ve got another glow on the bottom here. It just sits on any table or stand that you
have, maybe in your foyer or in your living room. It honestly just cuts a very sleek, chic picture. I’m a fan of it. Let’s talk about this wireless keypad that
I absolutely love to design for. You get this analog keypad that has a nice
backlit keyboard. It’s very straightforward. Beyond your numeric keypad with your star
and pound sign, you’ve got a disarm, a stay, and an away. You don’t have to do very much. You can simply go in at disarm, stay, and
away, put in your pass code, and you’re ready to go. I like the design. It matches the hub quite well. It’s plastic but have like a translucent look
almost as if it were like an alabaster stone, just a sleek system. With every home security system, you’ve got
your hub. You’ve got your keypad, but you’re always
going to have your entry sensors. Your entry sensors you place on your door
or window. The larger piece, you’ll place always on the
frame. You put this on your door frame, your window
frame. The smaller piece, you’ll place on the window
that slides up, or on the door that opens and closes. This is what happens when you get them beyond
a pencil-width apart. AVR: Door main opened. Gabe: Now we know that the door is open. It’s let me know. I can also know when to closes with the Frontpoint
home security system. Overall, I was a big fan of these, considering
how discreet and simple they were to set up, because they came pre-programmed with the
system. Once I unpackaged them, I just had to place
them in the necessary locations in my home, and I was ready to go. Let’s jump into the motion sensors. I want to talk about the design. It’s pretty typical. Most motion sensors follow this all-white
plastic motif of sorts. The back allows you to put it up in a few
different ways. This is what most motion sensors for most
home security systems look like. Frontpoint is no different. The motion sensor you’re going to want to
put up in the corner of your room, so they can capture as much of the room as possible. No need to worry. They can distinguish between pets under 40
pounds and human beings. If you have a big, old dog or maybe a massive
cat, you may have to come up with something new, but generally, they can distinguish between
the two. On top of that, the battery life will go for
two to four years, so you don’t have to worry about running any cords or just having to
constantly take these down and install new batteries. Here we have the glass break sensor with the
Frontpoint home security system. The way these work is they essentially detect
the frequency of glass breaking. You’ll know if someone’s broken a window,
trying to get in, or some kids are playing ball in the yard and they break your window. You’ll know. You’ve got the typical aesthetic, which is
all white with a little space to know when it’s lighting up, your microphone, and that’s
it. You’ve got adhesive on the back to allow you
to stick it up against a wall. Or you can just place it near the windows. You’re going to want to make sure it’s within
20 feet of the windows that may break so that it can actually hear what’s going on. That’s your glass break frequency detector
with the Frontpoint home security system. Next, let’s talk about the indoor WiFi security
cam that comes with the Frontpoint home security system. I absolutely like the design of this one pretty
well. It’s got your typical black and white aesthetic. Something that’s different is that it has
the glossy black perimeter, but the inside is actually matte black right around the lens. It is made out of plastic but you get a lot
of flexibility out of this camera. You can go in a lot of different directions. You’ll know that it also has this Ethernet
adapter because it does require you to initially connect it directly to your router, and then
your power adapter. Before we go any further, let’s just jump
into the Security Baron necessary features test. Let’s start with the Security Baron necessary
feature of video quality. This camera comes with the standard 1080p,
which we love to see. We do want to note that it only has 113-degree
field of view. We typically like to see 120-degree field
of view as the minimum for any of our indoor security cameras. Fortunately, the manufactured camera
for the Frontpoint Home Security System comes in strong when it comes to the Security Baron
necessary feature of two-way audio. You can talk to people on the other side,
and they can talk back to you. It’s useful to ward off anyone who may have
gone to your space, or just help someone find the remote in the living room. When it comes to the Security Baron Necessary
Feature of night vision, the manufactured camera with the Frontpoint Home Security System,
actually does rather adequately despite only having two infrared LED lights. You can actually see pretty well no matter
how dark it is in a room with just those two lights. At Security Baron, we’d like to see both local
and cloud storage as a necessary feature on our cameras. Unfortunately, the manufactured
camera only comes with cloud storage that you can watch in your Frontpoint cam. That is a little disappointing for us, as
we like to have both options in any of our indoor security cameras. We love smart cameras and smart systems here
at Security Baron. It is a necessary feature for our indoor home
security cameras. Unfortunately, there is no way to get these
to work in conjunction with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the manufactured
camera with the Frontpoint Home Security System. There is no smart platform integration for
this camera. At Security Baron, a necessary feature is
artificial intelligence and there’s nothing doing with the manufactured camera. With the Frontpoint Home Security System,
you’re not going to get any facial recognition, no person detection. When it comes to artificial intelligence,
this camera is definitely lacking. Like any modern home security system, the
Frontpoint Pro Plus package comes with a video doorbell. Their video doorbell is made by SkyBell. This is their slim line edition. I actually really liked the aesthetic. You’ve basically got three simple parts on
the front, the camera, the actual bell itself that’ll chime, and your light. The rest of it is plastic made to look like
metal. Ours is nickel. Like most cameras, you’ll see it is black
right around the lens. On the back, you just have to plug it in and
you’re ready to go. In terms of functionality, this camera will
allow you to see here and speak to whoever is on your welcome mat. You don’t even have to wait for them to ring
the doorbell as it is motion-detection-equipped. When anyone approaches your house, it will
turn on. At night, it even has six infrared LED lights
that will let you see who is there. It’s just a nice thing to have on top of everything
else that comes with the Frontpoint Home Security System. Also included with Frontpoint, is the Schlage
smart lock. Remember the last time you are locked out
of your home and you looked and you said, “There’s my couch, my potato chips, my Netflix,”
and it seems so far away because you couldn’t get in? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With the Schlage smart lock, you can get in
with the app, you can type in a code, or if you really need to, you can use a physical
key. The Schlage smart lock is great because not
only can you give people the code, or just unlock it yourself remotely, you can actually
have codes that will work during certain hours of the day. If you have a dog walker that has to come
between 12:00 and 2:00, here she will have a code that allow them to walk in the house
at any point between 12:00 and 2:00, grab your dog, go on a walk, and come back. Those are some of the great elements of the
Schlage smart lock that come with the monthly subscription. Your car has a key, your home has a key, and
so does your alarm system. The keychain remote allows you to arm, disarm
your system, and has a little panic button at the top to help you feel safe in your home
when you’re approaching and leaving. If you want to go ahead and unlock the system
as you approach, you can use this little device, and you’re ready to go. Just a quick note on its aesthetic, I actually
really like it. It looks classier than some of the other keychain
remotes that we’ve seen here. At Security Baron, you got this metal outside,
it actually feels like metal. You’ve got the matte black on the inside. Your four pieces are lock, unlock, hit the
lights, and panic. The Frontpoint Home Security System’s keychain
remote, aesthetically very pleasing and very functional. Finally, your most effective deterrents before
anyone even approaches your home, your yard sign and window decals. Remember that these are always great to have. They allow people to know, “Hey, this person
is not to be messed with. They have a security system. They are protected.” Here we are with the window decal and the
Frontpoint yard sign. While we didn’t get them in our Pro Plus package,
we did want to mention the fact that there are environmental monitoring sensors that
you can get with your Frontpoint Home Security package. We’re talking CO2 sensors so that if there
are any dangerous gases, you’ll be notified, the fire detector, which is essentially a
smoke alarm, and a flood sensor. Those are all things that you can get with
the Frontpoint Home Security System and add them to your professional monitoring. Hold on. Let’s take a break right quick. Every month at Security Baron, we’d like to
give away a $200 Amazon gift card. The rules are simple. Just leave a comment on a video like this
and subscribe to our page, and you’ll be entered to win that $200 Amazon gift card. We do that each month. Let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve seen everything that comes
with the Pro Plus package from Frontpoint Home Security, let’s talk about how easy it
is to set up and just how well it works. I want to begin with the brains of the operation,
your hub and your wireless keypad. The hub is very simple. You can place it on a table stand, in your
foyer, or anything that you’d like. It’s very straightforward. You plug in the power adapter, make sure that
the Ethernet cord is into the router and into the back of the hub, and you’re ready to go. When it comes to the wireless keypad, it’s
very simple. There’s an adhesive on the back. You peel it. You place it up against the wall. Boom, you’re set. Of course, you’re going to want the keypad
at the very least to be at your primary entry and exit point of your home. Maybe that’s the front door. Maybe that’s the garage door. That’s just something to keep in mind because
you’re generally going to have a delay of about a minute from the moment you arm your
system to the moment you disarm your system. You’re going to want to know that you can
get out of the house in time. Next, and I think the second most important
thing to set up with any home security system are the entry sensors. Very straightforward for Frontpoint. As with most home security systems, they’re
pre-programmed. Place them on the door frame, place them on
the window frame, and you’re ready to go. You know when people are entering and exiting
the home. Then I always tend to go ahead, since I’m
already near the window sensor, and just place that glass break frequency detector. I can place it on the wall, or I can just
set it there within 20 feet of my windows that I’m afraid may break. You can get more than one glass break detector. I live in Brooklyn. My apartment doesn’t have a ton of windows. I actually think from one side to the other
in my apartment would capture all the windows. Just grab that glass break detector, put it
up against the windows, and you’re ready to go. The next piece is your motion detector. You’re going to place your motion detector
about six to seven feet high on the wall. Remember, it will be able to distinguish between
most pets and humans. You want it in that corner so that it can
capture the entire room. That’s something to remember when installing
your motion detector. It was very straightforward and easy with
the Frontpoint Home Security System. Next, let’s talk about installing your WiFi
security camera with your Frontpoint Home Security System. It’s pretty straightforward. You have this Ethernet adapter and power adapter. You want to plug the power adapter in and
put it into the outlet, Ethernet into the camera and to the router. It will be found on the website for When you are in that video section, you add
the camera. You’ll then update your firmware and software. From there, you can actually put it on to
the wireless network, type in your WiFi password. Then you can just take out the Ethernet adapter,
and it’ll work. It’s a pretty straightforward process. It didn’t take me anymore than five minutes,
but that is something that you have to do directly from the beginning with your Frontpoint
Home Security System. As we move to exterior of the home, let’s
talk about installing that smart lock for Frontpoint. First of all, they give you a really nice
piece of literature, a guide that can help through the whole process. I just want to point out that it’s really
no different than setting up any other deadbolt base lock on a door frame that you’ve done
before. Don’t think that there’s a lot of extra things
to be done. It’s very straightforward. You can most likely install it on the door
that you already have. You got these two pieces. You’re going to want to plug them in together. You’re going to want to place your batteries
into this piece. Other than that, not much needs to be done. Setting up your Schlage smart lock for the
Frontpoint Home Security System, not going to take you much more than an hour to do. The final item I’ll discuss when setting up
your Frontpoint Home Security System is the video doorbell. If you already have an existing system, that’s
going to be easiest. You can simply mount it and go ahead and hardwire
your existing system into this slim line here on the back. You’re going to want to make sure that it
stays plugged in here. Otherwise, pretty straightforward process. There are, of course, guides on how to do
it in the package, or you can have Frontpoint have someone come and install it for you. Here’s the moment that really helps us separate
a lot of the home security systems. That is the professional monitoring services. Let’s talk about what you get with the Frontpoint
Home Security System. Two things you should understand about any
professional monitoring that’s worth anything. One is going to be 24/7 team of trained professionals
at your disposal. You can’t always be home to see what’s going. You’re going to want to know that someone’s
got your back. Here, the dispatch team for Frontpoint Home
Security can call you to make sure that things are OK. If they are not and there’s some type of event
going on in your home, they can dispatch the proper authorities to your home, be it fire
or police. The second thing with any modern system is
a cellular connection. Landlines go out. Power lines go out. You’re going to want to make sure that your
system can talk to the team of professionals at Frontpoint. That’s the second thing to always keep in
mind when thinking about your professional monitoring services. With Frontpoint, there are three different
professional monitoring services offered. You’ve got Protection. You’ve got Interactive. You’ve got Ultimate. With the Protection Plan, you’ll get 24/7
monitoring, cellular connection, and automatic system checkup, which means that every 68
minutes, Frontpoint will check in with your system and make sure that everything is working
correctly, and it’s live. If you remember, we talked about the smart
lock. Even with this most basic plan, you’ll be
allowed to set different times and restrictions on your smart lock related to the codes. For example, the babysitter code, the babysitter
can come in whenever they need to or the dog walker. That’s something that you get with the Protection
Plan. With the Interactive Plan, you get everything
from the Protection Plan plus Crash and Smash Protection which means that if someone just
walks in, sees your system and immediately smashes it to bits, they will know. A team can be dispatched directly from Frontpoint. On top of that, you get geolocation services. You can have various cellphones attached so
it can note to arm or disarm based on your location. You get email and text notifications and the
ability to control your system remotely. The Ultimate Plan gives you everything from
the Protection and Interactive plans plus live video streaming, video and image history,
night vision, and the ability to receive clips and footage from all of those email and text
notifications. Instead of just getting a message about something
happening, you’ll actually receive a clip or an image of any event taking place. Another great touch for the Ultimate Plan
is you’ll be able to control your lights and smart locks all from the app. Let’s talk about the rules for the contract
with Frontpoint. As always, make sure to read all the fine
print in any contract that you sign, especially with the home security system. When it comes to your plans you can do one-
or a three-year contract. You’ll get better rates, of course, with the
three-year contract. Just to be clear, if you want to cancel at
any point, you have to pay up to 80 percent of whatever is remaining. 80 percent just to cancel. However, when you do complete your one or
three years, you can move to a month-to-month plan. Now we’ve reach the dreaded part of any review,
the customer support, because we also don’t want to have to be on the phone customer support. If we do, we want that process to be as painless
as possible. Let’s jump into what kind of experiences people
are having with Frontpoint Home Security. Frontpoint doesn’t give you a ton of options
for how to communicate with their customer support team. You can essentially go online and look at
their huge answer and question section and try to figure out what’s going on there, or
you can give them a call. There’s no email option. There’s no live chat. It’s a little old school in that sense. Let’s talk about how people feel about it. When it comes to Google, Frontpoint has a
4.5 out of 5 star ratings, which is tremendous. On top of that, each review that mentioned
the customer support was positive. People are really enjoying the customer service
that they are receiving from Frontpoint Home Security, at least, based on their Google
reviews. Let’s move on to Better Business Bureau. We all know that the Better Business Bureau
actually doesn’t rate companies in a way that we’re thinking. They actually are more on based on, are they
following government regulations and are they advertising truthfully? In that sense, Frontpoint has an A plus rating. What about what the customers are saying? Well, on the Better Business Bureau website,
they have an over four star rating, which is, once again, one of the highest we’ve ever
seen for a home security system. I think that despite being a little bit old-fashioned,
Frontpoint Customer Service is top notch. Before we jump into our impressions of the
app, let’s see how they did in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In the App Store for IOS, Frontpoint has 4.6
out of 5 starts and that’s based on more than 226 reviews, which is really impressive. The vast majority of which are five star reviews. In the Google Play Store it was just 4.1 out
of 5 stars. That’s still very high with the vast majority
of those being five star ratings. On top of that, that’s based on 839 reviews. It’s not the smallest of sample sizes. Overall, we think that’s a really good rating
for an app in the Google Play Store. Now that we know what other people think,
let’s jump onto the app on my Apple iPhone10. Here we are checking out the Frontpoint Home
Security System towards app. Looking at the app, the very first thing you
see is the system armed or disarmed. Right in the middle you have a disarmed. If I click on that button or rather tap on
the screen there, you get the few options. You can turn on silent arming, no entry delay. You can bypass the open sensors. Of course, you can arm it to stay or away,
with those two options being arming it so that only the door and window sensors are
open or arm it in a way which arms everything in your system including motion sensors. I don’t want to arm it now. Let’s go out of that. You’ll see I have the lock below that. I can lock and unlock my front door and that
Schlage smart lock that came with my Frontpoint Home Security System. Below that, this is also on the landing page,
I’ve got the Baron Bell which is the doorbell, which was made by SkyBell. Below that the manufactured home
indoor camera. Above that I like that they’ll always throw
in the weather. You can check and see what’s going on the
day. Here in Brooklyn, it is going to be a little
cold. Honestly, 45, not that cold to me these days. I can handle it. Let’s keep going. If we go into the top left corner, you’ll
see three lines which denote more options. Now you got Home, Scenes, Security Systems,
Images, Locks, Doorbell, Camera, Video, Notifications, Geo-services, and App Settings. That’s just the first two thirds of this part
of the app. Let’s jump in to scenes. Scenes is also available on the landing page. Here we can go to home, away, sleep, and wake
up. Those are just different options for our security
system. You can even make new ones. You can have one that does different things
within your home. If I go on to security system I can decide
what do I want to set, what do I want to have to go off? I can look at the images. I can look at my Schlage lock. I can lock it here or I can go directly to
my doorbell camera. Why don’t we check out the view on that doorbell
camera, which I’ve named the Baron Bell. It has a super wide angle. It seems that it could capture things that
are behind it with 180 degree field of view. My WiFi is being a little slow now so the
movement is not as smooth. That’s all just going to depend on what kind
of streams you’re getting because it is a purely WiFi video doorbell. Actually, before I jump out of this, I want
to note that the SkyBell video doorbell allows you to talk to people outside. I can actually just click or tap on hold to
talk and hear, and listen to people that are on my porch or just in front of my front door. Let me get out of that and check out some
other elements of the Frontpoint Home Security App. If I go back I can check out the video. You have different options right here with
the that manufactured the video camera. I can look at the camera and wave. It’s a pretty nifty little system. You can just go into it easily from any point
of the app and check out what’s going on. You can record by tapping on the record button. It says, “Record your clip now. You’re clip would be available in two to three
minutes,” which is always useful. I can record a clip of what’s happening. Now it tells me the clip was successfully
recorded. I can go into saved. Boom, there it is. Going out of there I can go into notifications. Right now I have push notifications so that
I get any messages about my system. If it’s being tampered with or door is open
or something has caught on the motion detector, I will know exactly. You can manage those notifications in various
ways, including just turning off push notifications all together. Here is some of the notifications I have set
up. Alarm event, reminder 11:30 AM, open for 30
minutes, system actions. I can add more and more notifications. Or I can just turn it off push notifications
all together like so. I can go to app settings. This is an iPhone 10 so there are various
things related to the Face ID and Passcode, 3D Touch, that could all be set up right here
in the Frontpoint App. Or I can just turn on Geo-services which will
essentially make my entire home security system go into away mode if I leave the premises. Once I get so far away from my home it will
note that, “Hey, he is gone,” or, “Hey, she is gone. Let me go ahead and turn my cellphone and
arm myself.” I have it turned off right now, but that’s
something you can definitely do. Below that you have other few options where
it would say, contacting the support, shopping for other elements to add to your system,
and just looking at your account generally. Let’s go back and check out that landing page. Once again you’ve got your system disarm,
your locks, your doorbell, your weather, and your video. The last thing we’ll jump into is what I love. In the top right corner you click and you
can see your history. It has Baron Bell detected motion have been
triggered, camera triggered. Basically, anything that takes place in a
day within your system, you can look at. Even that is manageable in terms of what you
can see. You can change it to the last 25 events, the
last 50 events. You can go look at what happened yesterday. Or you can just look at when your system was
armed and disarmed, when the center’s were open or closed, or when someone was tampering. There are a host of options for looking at
the history of your system. It’s just one thing that I really like as
an option with the Frontpoint Home Security System App. That’s our perspective and impression of the
Frontpoint Home Security App as powered by Here we are checking out the video quality
on the manufactured indoor WiFi security camera for the Frontpoint Home Security
System. You’ll note it’s got pretty good video quality. It is 1080p which is the standard that we
like to see for any indoor security camera. However, it is only 113-degree field of view. We’d like to see at least a 120 degrees. However, you still have some decent digital
zoom. You can go in, look. Do our old globe test and really make out
what’s going on with some of these countries. I’ve got Africa here. Overall, definitely more than adequate indoor
security camera when it comes to video quality. Here we are checking out the night vision
on the manufactured Home Security Camera with our Frontpoint Home Security System. You can see that you can actually make me
out pretty well. It’s not perfect. It’s not the best night vision we’ve seen. Considering there are only two infrared LEDs,
we definitely liked what we got here. If you look, you could do a little globe test,
you can go in and see. Definitely not the same quality that you’re
seeing in the daytime, but considering the make of this indoor security camera, it definitely
works with the rest of the Frontpoint Home Security System. Here I am checking out the video quality on
the SkyBell video doorbell that comes with the Frontpoint Home Security System. It’s not bad. You can get a pretty good look of what’s happening
in the room. It’s got a super wide angle, which we love,
180 degrees. No one is going to be able to sneak up on
your front door. It’s definitely going to capture everything
in that wide field of view. If you look we got a little action with our
globe. I know that there’s a line. That’s just due to the fact that it is a purely
WiFi video doorbell and very much dependent on your connection speed on how well it will
keep up with what you’re seeing. That’s the video doorbell that comes with
the Frontpoint Home Security System. Here we are checking out the night vision
on the SkyBell video doorbell with the Frontpoint Home Security System. If you note, there’s a little bit of lag because
it’s very much WiFi. Doorbells was dependent on how fast your connection
is. We’re actually pretty impressed with how well
we can see. That’s mostly due to the six infrared LED
lights that are at the top of this doorbell camera. If you note, I can go and do some digital
zoom, and even with the lag make out who I am. This is our look at the SkyBell video doorbell
with the Frontpoint Home Security System. Ultimately, what we want to figure out today
is whether or not the Frontpoint Home Security System is right for you. If you need smart platform integration or
don’t want to sign even a year-long contract, then maybe look somewhere else. However, if you want a convenient set up,
a user friendly app, and amazing customer support, then you’re going to want to check
out Frontpoint Home Security. That wraps up our review of the Frontpoint
Home Security System. [background music] Gabe: If you appreciate today’s video, give
as a like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe of Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  12. After long deliberation…FRONTPOINT is a go. My package will be here in 3 days and I'm excited. We just hope it lives up to their word. Thank you for the review.

  13. How do I install a wire outdoor camera on the side of my house it’s brick an it doesn’t have windows on that side of the house

  14. When you claim what you have outside you just gave them a chance to figure out how there gonna get in. That’s a very bad idea.

  15. This video is excellent. But you missed two very important aspects of this system. How loud the alarm is when it goes off and how loud the notifications on your phone are for those who don't want the monitoring service.

  16. is there any way to turn off the door open/closed chimes when the system is disabled ?

  17. Same tired complaints. GReat info. Nice smart home. When are you going to have home security standards. Feel free to use mine. They are not copyright protected. How is the experience if you don't have cellular plan? How well does it work if the lights are out? How well does it work if there is no internet? Does it have a siren? mean please man. You don't even consistently talk about battery backup. I know I'm complaining a lot. But I'm a real fan. You are my main source for security cameras but you suck at home security systems. I like smart homes. love them but I want a security system I can rely on.

  18. @Security Baron , I love your reviews! Your review details are awesome and have helped me a lot. I was all set to get Front Point but found out after ordering that they don't support any good outdoor cameras. All they support are wired security cameras that have really narrow view field, and work off a DC converter brick. So if you have a house you'd have to pay $thousands$ to have outlets wired up all over the outside of the house. Frontpoint uses some disingenuous language to hide this fact, saying 'we support 3rd party cameras' when they only actually support wired cameras and nothing else integrates at all. Is there a good monitored DIY system that has great wireless ourdoor cams like Euphy?

  19. Thanks a lot for the information! Might go with FrontPoint after seeing/reading reviews

  20. Do not buy Frontpoint Security!!! Frontpoint is literally the worst company i have ever interacted with! There product does not work and we have had multiple false alarms caused by the system. I have troubleshooted with their customer service and the sensors are all set up correctly but we still are receiving false alarms. Now the police wont even come out to our house because we have continued to have false alarms. Customer service – while they are nice people they will not do anything to help you. 100% do not do their 3 year contract regardless of what they say. Despite having on going issues – even after they replaced our entire security system we are still getting false alarms. I would not recommend Frontpoint for anyone for any reason. We feel even more unsafe in our own home because of Frontpoint and I will do anything to prevent you from dealing with the experience we had to endure.

  21. My security system starts with a 4 and ends with a 5 and an ACP on the end.

  22. Hi Gabe,

    Just based on my opinion while reading your reviews, I was curious to why Frontpoint was rated best overall considering some of their down sides. Frontpoint has a steep monthly price for a lot of basic features that other systems come with for free. It seems like they give you a full system with half the capabilities if you don't want to pay 50$/Month. In my opinion, the features they leave out with the basic plans are a necessity for security systems as well. It would make more sense to pay the steep monthly price if every piece of equipment was top of the line…but like you said, the cameras are definitely lacking compared to today's standards. Frontpoint definitely has a lot of positives it! Just wanted to hear your thoughts on it.



  23. Nice review! Thanks. I'm in another state from our security system. This review helped me help my wife set up the system remotely.

  24. If Frontpoint uses a cellular connection, why does the hub need an ethernet connection to your WiFi router?

  25. i loved your video it was very detailed we just ordered ours today. Only wish you would of showed the doorbell camera in action

  26. We have had them for many years. You should add to your review that you can rename all the sensors to things like "front door" "back window" etc and the base will say those names. So that way when the alarm goes off. You dont have to wonder what alarm sensor was tripped. Especially if you live in a larger house.

  27. Thank you for the information. I will continue to watch your videos to make an educated decision. Look forward to more videos by you.

  28. BUYER BE WARE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Front Point Security will rip you off buyer beware do not use this alarm company! if you ever want to cancel you can forget it! I ordered this service, within 5 days of getting their equipment I decided not to use them I called and cancelled they said no problem I sent back all the un opened equipment done deal right WRONG a year later I start getting calls from a collection agency demanding $1590.00 I tried to explain that I canceled they refused to listen and threatened to report the debt to the credit agencies, I had to settel up with them to keep my credit good I called Front point and they refused to help this company is shady they ripped me off you have been warned

  29. The CEO of frontpoint just announced in the next couple weeks frontpoint will 1. no longer have contracts for customers that buy their equipment at the point of set up! and will also offer an option to finance the equipment. Financing will be the only reason you would be under contract until its paid off then it goes month to month. Just an update of what Frontpoint is doing to try and beat out all the competitors

  30. Their customer service is horrible and wait time is very long – beware

  31. sigh the search continues. This one was almost perfect. Thanks so much I’ve watched quite a few of your reviews as I’m shopping for the best system for my Airbnb’s

  32. Does that have a UL on the bottom of the hub? That's important to me. I don't want to plug in anything that hasn't been properly inspected. Also, do you have to get the camera and motions sensors. I'd rather have a glass breaker sensor and a bunch of entry/window sensors.

  33. I just got my box of Frontpoint. I didn't really know much about it nor how or where to install. I know its supposed to be easy but its better to know exactly where & how to do it the right way. I really appreciate your feedback, it was very informative. I'm just doing the trial for now but your information will help so much to make a decision. Thank you!

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