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hello and welcome to FS 19 new mods
I’m ukgamer808 and we will be going through the new mods that just came out
in the farming simulator modhub so let’s go and see what FS 19 new mods we
have today in the modhub in-game so here’s today’s new mods and that we have
the NMC griffin finally we’ve got some proper trucks that is absolutely awesome
it’s nice to have something totally different
lots of configurations on that and yeah we’ll go into that when we go into the
new mods because there’s loads there by the north modding company obviously and
then we have their trailer the Kingtrail G4 now this been waiting for
something like this for a bloody a long time Fair Play and we’ve now got you can
extend the load no at lowes plan lift and lower of trailer steering axles
awesome then seasons Geo Sussex buy a Missy B and that one’s I then we have
seasons say that Bohemia by Zed 84 and then seasons geo Kansas boy I dub
modding and then we have the front lifter now I did think it might be in
this but I wasn’t unsure when it was in mods in testing by Pepe 9 7 8 and that is
a bloody good mod how many tractors I mean you gotta front lift her on and now
you can awesome mod that’s what modern is all about and that’s she a lot for
today’s FS 19 new mods right so Wow all that but first off we
need to look at this which is just over here the lizard front lifter like this
is awesome awesome model comes on a pallet just like that so quite tidy it’s
a bit different it cost you two and a half thousand pounds and it has all the
different colors for the different models
sorry not different model different brands so that is the case with there
and we have the John Deere one so tune our phase and pains and 127 pains on
your initial leasing cost and it’s only minus two so not too bad at all you
don’t mind – – for adding that on two tractors which don’t have them like –
there we have the deer and this this is when I would use a lot more because it’s
annoying when you haven’t got a friend attach it not that you always need it
but now we have that capability what an awesome up mod so looking over
it and it looks fantastic lovely bit of kit simple yet brilliant so let’s get it
hooked up now I did hook this one up to the plane and I can disconnect it again
it was only showing up as a one which is why I got the red one that brought that
one over so let’s go over and easy as as soon as you get near a touch it on and
then the pallet disappears just like that so let’s just drop that one down
and connect back up to this one is it mine just beauty love these little
because it sees every now and again no it is showing – and there is you can
drop it off so it was a when I did it before it was only showing one one
attached here on the front of me like whoa where’s that gone there but works
no problem look at that awesome great little mod st. John gear colors looks fantastic
turn it right then let’s turn that off let’s get
over and look at this one first then so here it is I was quite shocked seeing
this it was like wow check that outthe NMC Griffin now
that is a truck I didn’t think we’d ever get anything as nice looking as this and
what they don’t want NMC you’ve done is awesome really as brought out the Kingtrail G4 as well but first off let’s look at the Griffin
so inside inside fantastic look at all this in here
absolutely beautiful fire it up nice mirrors look at the size of those
mirrors on the back of there we can see what’s going on not so much
on that side but this side no issues and then everything on the dashboard is work
in there we’ve got the lights and the indicators pretty funky love it it’s
nice to see some something new inside a clock isn’t it it really is because most
of time they’re all pretty similar so yeah lighting we have loads named the
different options for this truck there’s about 30 different variants where you
can have the bars and obviously the front a touch so here we have the first
truck to hit console with a front attacher what a truck to really come out
with friggin awesome Bloody Bloody awsome love it anyway
lighting clusters so we’ve got all that and then you’ve got them on the back as
well as a live look and the reverse indicators big old indicators on them then beacon I call that loving about beacon on there
maybe there’s so many different well not so many there’s a like six six different
wheel options where you can have the wheels we got here which we’ve got the
twins at the back and then we have the steering axle two steering axles that’s
also you can unfold that where it lifts it up looks like even slates in well
pretty cool this will cost you then 180 grand and I think that’s a bargain for
what it is we’ve got a whopping 730 horsepower available I think it was 550
horsepower we go into the shop in a minute because there’s so many different
options for it it’s pretty crazy but the overall look of it is fantastic it were
it is so there are quite a few different
variants we got them over there but the difference with the variants is it
touches so if you want they’re having all fast
they’re having all you can put that on the back job is it good and connect them
up you can have up all right then also we’ve got this no movement on that that is awesome see
so especially login you can put some proper long logs on the back of the
cleaner with no issues about out seat friggin awesome
no this is a proper mod so let’s drop that off there and we head over this way
actually let’s go into this shop so I can show you all the options and there
is loads fair play they doesn’t I should have had this video up hours ago I’ll
just be messing around and it’s like what I love it so there it is the
Griffin s 730 no rim colours got all the different rim colours chrome option
obviously on there as well and then all the different to us are available save
me the main colors quite a few main colors that’s the standard and then we
have you know it’s all there does cost I think it was a extra two grand one you
know free grant so say my maroon color as they come standard and then they’re
500 quid they might vary on that anyway but these menus are a bit screwed up
again so you can have the 520 horsepower and
you see it’s hundred and eighty three thousand last with those extra things if
we go back to original color they’re 180 grand and then we keep it all the same
color scroll down and then we got these decals on the side out whereas the other
one they’re gone yeah and on the front pretty cool and
then the 520 the extra horsepower which you’re always gonna have the extras
about why wouldn’t you I will do a proper test on these and do a horsepower
test I think on the weekend they’re lost 20 grand extra on that and then the top
front we can change it you’ve got these options let’s have a look I don’t get up
just like that we can have the big Griffin on the front of there if you
want quite a few different options on the front end I’ve seen you see what
does that tell no more on that 12 and then we all set out we’ve got a 4 before
6 before before which is dependent on the steering wheel basically you know
that one’s this my my dog snoring away that one’s the steering axle on the back
there and then they got the Duster steering axle on the butt and then
you’ve got a steering axle on in the middle with the twin axles as well so
we’ve got huge configurations for it and if you just want to stand the word and
you can understand what now we will brand we have got no key ins or lizards
and then you go on this configuration and this is the one I just couldn’t keep
cycling through where you see now is put all the lights on me on the front with
the attach here as well and there’s 30 different configurations on there so a
fair play for doing all that this is well proper job right so here’s some of
the other ones we’ve got and this one’s the chipper
so sing live that you can cook it on pop it off and away it goes and this one’s
got the three wheel sorry not as free will I don’t turn an
axle on the back there and it does make a big difference it really does having
these extra total external I’ve got the one over here where’s that one gone as
the purple he wasn’t that one and that one I wasn’t got a steering axle where’s
more for the heavy hauler which you can see today heavy haul sorry
now there’s heavy haul that does cost three thousand to five hundred pounds
and I can’t remember how many stars it was it wasn’t a huge amount and then we
have the chipper here which is a 90 grand change of colors for all of this
stuff as well 91 the by 4590 pains for initial leasing cost and – 15 on the
slot cane so pretty cool and then we move over so that one there is the twin
acts order just to double tires on the back and then this one is your standard
one where we have the not the hood with the what’s this one called is the timber
bunk and that one are there 20 grand ten thousand and one thousand and twenty
pounds for initial releasing costs and it’s minus sixteen now you can have
these extra bunks on there or if you want to load it with anything else you
can get rid of those and there are the optional extra at 500 pound same thing
again then change all the colors for it color coordinate it to your choice and
then we have the hook left which this one I did get more or less the same ones
out deny all on the front because you can see this one we got the grill on and
then the Mitchell in Mad Men in there and then this one we got the top bar on
there and you can’t night make sure like it stay in there which it that wouldn’t
have I got violent no I see I didn’t even get our like there’s a four lights
on the bottom as well there’s loads of different configurations
anyway the hook left and drop that one off there and that
this wouldn’t ting run take around five hundred and ten pounds for on these
initial leasing cost minus nine on the stockade so configurations there’s loads I like
the idea you can buy one truck and you can do all this stuff with it rather
than buying different coats for the purpose it’s really good idea it’s
really good idea and I’ve been playing around with this stuff and that only
problems with it seems to be working a treat right then here it is the NMC Kingtrail g4 back 26,000 pounds – per chase and thirteen hundred and twenty six
pounds for initial leasing cost you can have additional ramps like the one I
drove in on you see it’s got the ramps over there and they are an S ditional
500 pounds and they looking into this mod awesome it is absolutely fantastic
and I’ve been I love trailers like this they’re pretty cool these back two
wheels are your steering axles is well beacon on the back fantastic bit of kit
straps as well and I think that yeah on that but on this top bit the straps and
then oh there is Dania I didn’t know somebody so we got straps down there as
well for having all in cracking bit of kit so what does it do well let’s hook
it up and it is a gooseneck so you can’t
actually split it drop it down for loading if you don’t want to use the
ramps and then we put the help window on because we’ve got some movement going on
so basically what we got we have low high
okay high that goes so you shouldn’t get that stuck hopefully and then we also
have so that’s up and down on there I can’t remember what it was Leigh you get
up and down on all courses the bloody ramps I’m like well what nothing’s going
on because the ramps are on there so the you’ve got up at nine is our one our one
sorry and then right stick left and right just goes up and down like that
which is pretty cool and then left and right is sorry
left and right is up and down up and dying is the ramps but obviously we
haven’t got the ramps fit it now if we click on to the next attach it which is
that one while we’ll show you on the front one actually where you can
maneuver that up and name but you have got to be careful because it is gonna
glitch but you can’t bring it right on the back so if you get stuck you can use
this to pull yourself forward so that it’s pretty cool and you can also go to
the next one and right and left oh let’s get in a bit
closer we can also raise and lower the front of the trailer I awesome is that
pretty cool loving that so this is the first trailer we’ve had like that and
then fold up trailer feature we’ve come on down it extends the sides eight like
that pretty cool banana playlet and no issues Ben took
all in all it none around and didn’t have any problems with it and I do like
the way if they’ve got the drop bit where the wheel is so it does fit well
that’s the elephant king over there and that sits in there and it was very
stable no issues I didn’t even bother trying a strap it died because we know
that the script doesn’t work on console but never mind never mind but that is
the LMC try that on the mmm see a Griffin also mod site can’t beat mods
like that for a Monday can you so lighting wise on this trailer as well
got lighting all round the sides well this camera today is yeah there we
go and then we got reverse break lights on there indicators and then your beacon nice job but look at your hobby that is
my you know not gonna get that grinded because that was half trouble with
having a low loader you need them that long and that they just they get grind
out on bridges so hopefully we shouldn’t have any issues awesome proper proper
mod right then I think we’ll be seeing a lot
more of this truck there’ll be a lot of people downloading this today guaranteed
on the bus and I’ll come right oh we don’t need one we can hook up or
something I need the the whole I know we’re away whoa whoa that’s a lot for fs19
new mods today for farming simulator from the modhub and I’ll tell you what
I forgot I bloody long this thing is I thought it might go in but no yes
we got it look it up we’re getting it the bloody thing ain’t there anyhow as
I’m saying that’s it for fs19 new mods what awesome mods for a Monday you
cannot be that whatsoever I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you did
always appreciate you smash that like button for me and if you are new to the
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are there we go and got stuck well now until next time goodbye

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  1. North modding company did a fantastic job on that griffin detailed even down to nmc on the floor mats in the cab relly like that truck relly nice

  2. The 3 point hitch and the truck are absolute game changers! I hate it when people say that but I think this time it is true! Great review and I can't wait to get home to try them out! I love all the customization on the truck! I will be spending some time creating some great looking equipment. I would really like to see what all you can use the front lifter on. It looks like it will attach to so many different pieces of kit that we can come up with endless possibilities! Keep the vids coming my friend!

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