“Funny, Funny” – Trevor Noah – (It’s My Culture) RE-RELEASE

Ah, Hospitals. I’m not a fan. I had to go back for my surgery, voice surgery. One of the most stressful days of my life. I am there 5 o’clock in the morning,
I’m sitting in the waiting area. There’s this woman that checks
you in for you surgery. She’s not friendly at all, she’s not
even trying to make people feel good. She’s like, “next!” And you will come up, “next!” It’s my turn and she’s like, “Name!” “Trevor” “Treva” “Surname!” I said: “Noah” “Noah” “Noah?” “Trevor Noah?” I said: “yes” “Trevor Noah?” I said: “yes” “The comedian?” “The one who’s making the joke, he?” “Yes” “The jokes about us when we are on strike, he?” “No, not that one. This one.” “It’s another one, it’s not me.” She’s like, “Yea!” “Yea, you are here now, he?” “Hmm, it’s not funny now, hey?” “No, it’s not funny.” She’s like, “Yea, where’s your jokes now?” “They’re in the car” “What?”
“No, nothing. Nothing.” “Hmm, funny guy. So what you doing here? You going to surgery?” I said: “yes” “Why you talking like that, what’s wrong?” “I have got a thing.” “Oh, the voice is broken, he?” “Did you break something, what’s wrong is it sore?” I said: “yes” “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s sore?” I said: “yes” “You want the medicine?” I said: “yes” “okay, let me just check.” “Oh, they say laughter is the best medicine.” “Yea, so why don’t you just make a joke and fix it?” “Just make a joke on the inside your head.” “Even me, I can do it for you.” “I can fix that. Knock, knock. Who’s there?” “Nobody!” “Funny, funny.” “Next!”

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