#FYI: Patrick Golden, Loss Adjuster, Cunningham Lindsey

My name is Patrick Golden. I work as a property loss adjuster with Cunningham Lindsey, Ireland and I’ve worked with them for last six or seven years. They’re dealing with a lot of different people, between customers, insurers. You’re dealing with a meeting every day. Good communication skills are very important. Other skills such as empathy and patience which policyholders – they’re after suffering a loss, so it could be a flood or storm, fire damage and good technical knowledge of the building, of building techniques, of current building rates and so on – to adjust losses, somewhat familiar with what we’re dealing with. Good negotiating skills, again obviously, when were adjusting claims it’s a very challenging role in some ways so you need to have a good work ethic and be able to work well under pressure No matter what kind of course or what route you’re going through college, there’s always a lot of options open to you after that. I studied manufacturing technology in Limerick. Little did I think that eight or ten years later I’d be studying and working in the insurance sector.

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