FYTLED T36C flood light tunnel light

Hello, my dear friends is Jaden again Today, I’m going to give you a brief introduction of our lately launched flood light. We call it T36C. As you can see here, There are 4 housings of this flood light series. Though we have four housings, but actually each housing consists of different modules. You can see here, there is only one module but its wattage could be with 50W or 60W. So this housing is available with 50W or 60W. The bigger housing with two modules could be with 100W or 120W The three module housing could be available with 150W or 180W. The four module housing could be with 200W or 240W. If you require higher wattage, we could add more modules and the power could be available with 300 watt or 500W. Our T36C flood light can reach as high as 130 lumens per watt at 5000 Kelvin CCT and CRI 70. Now, we could have a closer look of this flood light. As you can see here, the driver is our own brand Tomcarline. But if you want to build up your own company driver, then you can co-list the driver and print the label with your own company logo. And here also you see there are spaces between the housing and the driver. According to our tests, there could be three to four degrees Celsius lower than the driver is stick to the housings. Also, you could see that there are 12 holes on the bracket. So they could change 15 degree each hole you change. Then this flood light could meet different installation beam angles by adjusting the holes. This flood light has eight types of optics in total. They are 30 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree, 30 x 70 degree, 40 X 130 degree 90 x 120 degree, etc. With eight types of optics and the 12 beam angle changed, these flood lights could meet various kinds of lighting distributions. So this food light is very suitable for the tunnel and also good for the open areas or sports courts, etc. Now in the same spot, we could tell that T36C does have slim body compared to that of T36B. Right? But actually the main body of these two flood lights is exactly the same. The size match each other. You might get puzzled why FYT need to launch this very new similar flood light. I think two reasons could account for this act. The biggest advantage of T36C flood light lies in that it’s low cost than that of T36B. For example, the same 120W flood light T36C could be 40 US dollars less than that of T36B. So this is very competitive in the market and most importantly, T36C is an improvement of T36B. Without thess end covers, there will be no water could get into the light or no water will stick in the housings. So this will be very helpful for the driver parts. If you still have other questions of our T36C flood light, Feel free to leave me a message by email. My mail address could be [email protected] If my message is clear enough, then I think a sample will be a good start of our cooperation. So, thank you!

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