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G2V LED Lighting hey guys welcome to another episode of
RideNow TV I’m Jordan we’re in Clints Well Arizona today we’re going to talk about G2V
LED lighting available exclusively at RideNow Powersports G2V lights are built
to withstand the harsh environment encountered while off-roading all G2V
lights meet or exceed the ip67 rating so they are impenetrable to dust and are
protected against the effects of immersion in water up the depths of three
feet for 30 minutes the housing is constructed of 60 63
aluminum with a powder coated finish for increased durability and corrosion
resistance you to be currently offers several styles of lights and various
sizes to meet your specific needs those include the single row solstice
the dual row invictus in the duel rope curved atlas and the tri row elio series LED light bars gtv light
bars feature a combination of spot and flood lenses for optimal light
dispersion in addition to the larger light bars you to be also offers several
smaller axillary lights that can be used as additional driving lights back up
lights or even mounted to an RV or toy hauler to light up work areas and
campsites these lights include the Aurora the last and Orion series of
length the Aurora and Orion lights fit and function excellently on motorcycles and atvs the
Aurora and Orion lights are available and spot or flood patterns for your
specific needs this lesson is only available in flood
mostly TV lights come as a complete kit with universal mounting brackets and
wiring harness with a flush mount rocker switch for easy installation be sure to stop by your local right now
store and check out all of the GT LED lights in person see more see further be seen with you to
the LED lights yeah

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