Garage Sale Flipping on Ebay

ready to rock what’s up excretion
it’s Saturday about 6:30 in the morning we are up early we are putting gary
vaynerchuk’s trash-talk challenge to the test we started today about 26 hours ago
we’ve already made two sales so today we’re hitting the yard sales we’re gonna
document this entire process for you guys to really prove if the flipped life
is real there are people out there claiming that you can make an extra five
hundred to a thousand dollars a week going to yard sales selling stuff from
your house selling things in your house that you no longer one so we are putting
that to the test and this is we’re documenting it and this is our series
flip life so we look forward to sharing it with you so let’s go it’s early it’s
cold we’re off flip life here we go so I
believe Tia has four right before so we have seven destinations picked out that
we’re gonna try to hit today for that flip life so we are taking the Gary
Vaynerchuk trash talk challenge and we set up our ebay that I mean we’ve had
eBay but it’s been dormant but we decided to jump back on there there are
claims that you can make 500 to a thousand dollars extra a week so we got
everything set up about 26 hours ago we already have two sales just from stuff
pop culture stuff around our house that we want to get rid of now we’re hitting
the yard sales to see if we could fight self Argon’s
and we’re going to document the whole process for you guys so that you guys
could do it too and see what results were actually getting so we’re getting
some fuel and we’re gonna hit the road let’s go flip life get a flip life our first stop checking it out kind of
like in a trailer park kind of community park I’m going to get out we’re gonna
take a look around see what they got so let’s do it hi we’re just leaving the first yard
sale was a community yard sale the place was packed out with all kinds of stuff
and we found deals galore I’m gonna share it with you guys later there’ll be
a breakdown in the video of all the stuff we found I bought an entire box of
New York Yankee baseball players autographs for six dollars at $0.50 just
looking up one of the guys he’s an all-star his autograph sells for $30 we
picked up a cookie jar for how much a dollar it sells for $30 all day long
guys the flip life is real no bullshit from Gary Vee we’re gonna show you the
stuff that we bought it is crazy that stopped number one here we go live life
all right guys we’re at estate sale number two and they got signs all over
the place all this place is loaded there’s a lot there’s one right there
let’s hit that all right we found two houses taking it one looks a little
anemic but we’re gonna go check it out the other one looks I don’t know it
looks like they got clothes and stuff oh we’re gonna go see you ready so like our fourth or fifth stop
oh wait bench yeah so we just came across a sale yard sale but she knew
what she had she had a Christmas village and the minute we tried to buy the
entire lot she had about I don’t know 12 pieces but the minute we tried to buy it
she you know hit us with a unnie baby sell for 50 to $100 so she knew at that
point yeah she knew what she had so there was no way we are ahead of the
game we have a $20 investment so far in the goods that we have and I’m confident
that we have close to five or six hundred dollars worth of stuff so we
passed on the houses it broke my heart cuz I wanted them but you know Gary Vee
says as soon as they throw in that eBay game you got it you got a disengage got
a walk away because it’s no longer the purity of the deal was tainted so we’re
gonna keep keep going and see what else we could find this was stop number five
or six for us so it continues here I’ll give you a shot so we just left the
neighborhood that was having a neighborhood estate sale I
I think we are we picked up some good stuff flower
plushie up paid a buck seller right now $17.99 on eBay
second place America runs on Dunkin so the split life so we’ve stumbled across another
multiple neighborhood yard sale so we’re gonna walk the street some chick took me
four hot wheels she wanted ten bucks for a hot way he’s doing package I looked it
up it was $5.99 but that’s you know it’s our first time you’ll live and learn you
know flip like just try to pick up a lot of like five nerf guns you know it’s
always hit or miss Burkle’s nerf guns but the guy just wouldn’t budge there
were some there was no price tag I think the guy wanted four eight nine ten
eleven twelve he wanted fourteen dollars we picked up some other things that they
didn’t know the value of which we think we’re gonna make some
on the flip but he just wouldn’t budge on the nerf guns so I had to walk away
from it I mean it hurts but at the same time once people tell you I know what
they sell for on eBay you’ve got to let it go because you lost
the playing field you’ve lost the leverage that you have in negotiating
you know what I mean I just picked up the six set
pier 1 coach China Bistro style but what was it she wanted seven she did
get it I paid five just look them up 1895 neat selling on eBay hundred and
thirteen dollars five dollars for 113 it’s up guys we are back home we are
getting some lunch and then we’re gonna start sorting this is all the stuff we
got a whole wagon worth of stuff we spent fifty to seventy-five that’s what
we spent today already starting to look up
jumbo le beanie baby with the tag one sold two days ago on eBay for $45.50
we bought it for a dollar one dollar one just sold for $45 and 50 cents on ebay
that’s the kind of potential it is all day long I am super excited to see what
our grand total is gonna be we spent fifty to seventy-five and we’re excited
to see what’s up

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