Gear Spotlight: MDC Cruizer High-Side Camper Trailer ► All 4 Adventure TV

So this camper trailer here is what they call
the Cruizer high-side. This is really quick and easy to set up. The way the forward-fold is designed is the
actual floor of the camper trailer doesn’t go down onto the ground. So everything is contained in the camper trailer
itself. So it’s just a matter of flipping it over,
and there she is. Pop up a couple of poles. Good to go. I’ve been in a few caravans and stuff now
and a few camper trailers, and this is by far the most airiest and comfortable I’ve
been offroad. The bed’s got a full-sized mattress in it. It’s fully flyscreened for the part where
you sit down and eat your food, and it’s also doubly flyscreened where the bed is. It’s unreal. All right, Billy, you’ve dragged me down here,
mate, to have a look at this new Cruizer high-side. What’s so different about this one, mate? It looks exactly the same as the one that
we used. You notice any winches on it? So the last one you winched to open and winched
close, yeah? We’ve come up with something a little bit
different. All right, let’s have a look here. So catch off, unlock it. Okay. Out you go. Hit the button. Look at that. That’s pretty cool. That is so easy. It is very easy. It doesn’t use much battery power. No, it’s quick too. Away it goes. All the hard work’s done, mate. It is. Now we’ve got it open. We used to have the winch post and a little
clip at the front here. Yeah, and then you pull that down. But around here we’ve got something different. Just pull it down? Pull it down. Done, that’s it, finished. Job done. How cool is that? It’s awesome. That is awesome. [Music.] The Cruizer high-side’s my favourite camper
trailer out of the whole range. Once you’ve opened up inside, they really
are nice and high in the roof there. Again you’ve got huge amount of windows around
there, so it makes it really nice and open and airy. You have a queen-size bed up the front there. Plus at the back there, the actual table drops
down and converts into another big double bed area at the back there. So you can comfortably sleep all of you
in it. We run aluminium boxes on the front there,
not steel boxes. It cuts down a lot of the drawbar weight on
there. And we’ve got the biggest that you’ll actually
fit in there, so you’ll fit great big fridges in your fridge slide there. All of the boxes there have got push-button
LED strip lights as well, so you can actually see in there in the dark. It has got the best kitchen. So four-burner stove. It’s got a glass lid over the sink as well,
so you can turn that back into bench space when you’re not using it. You’ve got storage bins in there. It does come with the best kitchen that we
offer in camper trailers. And of course, there’s a full room and annex
to be clipped on there as well. This was one of my favorite models because
of the ease of setup. All the features it’s got. It’s got one of the best battery systems in
it. It’s definitely my favorite now because of
that little thing right there. The remote. No, that’s awesome, mate. That’s very awesome. I was very impressed with the fact that the
whole camper trailer was well made. It was also very strong. The suspension–like we have towed this sucker
for the last ten weeks into some of the roughest country in Australia, and it’s still holding
on. This thing seriously is a hardcore, full-on,
off-road camper trailer. By far one of the best all-around packages
you’ll get.

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