Gear Spotlight: The Boys’ Favourite Shimano Fishing Gear ► All 4 Adventure TV

So we’ve been using Shimano fishing gear for… I can’t even remember how long now, it’s been
a hell of a long time. Shimano is a good product. We find that because we do such a wide range
of fishing, we’re using a wide range of fishing rods. Now the biggest thing for Simon and myself
is to have something that is very compact when we’re in our vehicles and we’re in the
little tinnies. Now that works well when you’ve got these
3-piece–look at these things–these are awesome. 3-piece rods. This one’s a spin rod. Simon’s got a 3-piece baitcaster there. But what do you do when you get out in the
big boat? Well, the big boat, you can have much bigger
rods. Because at the end of the day, we catch some pretty serious fish when we head out into those remote locations. I’m cranking it up. He’s giving it to it. Yep. Gonna stick it to it. It’s a cracker. It’s a monster. He’s got him. Nice fish, Jase. That is a decent fish, isn’t it? Look at that. Crackin’ Kimberley trevally. Mate, you gotta have the big gear, hey? You’re a big fan of the big gear. There’s 3 rods as far as I’m concerned. Three, tell us the 3, mate. For me, I’ve got the baitcaster. So this sort of fishing, any sort of casting
involved, this thing you can’t go wrong. So baitcaster, yep. Bottom bashing… So, wait, wait, wait… we’re hopping out
into the big boat now. Yeah, what do we get out? Now we’re going reef fishing with bait, because
you know I like bait. Simon likes to use bait, and the bigger the
bait, the better. Absolutely, yeah. Bottom bashing, eggbeater. Oh, that’s got a kick. Oh, look at the kick on it. Did you see that? So what we’ve got is a couple of big eggbeaters,
and you’ll see them. They’re a big cranking eggbeater. And they’re designed to pull those big reef
fish up off the bottom. And you gotta use a heavy rod to handle it. Absolutely. Hoo hoo, look at that. Trolling, I like to troll. Obviously, we troll with the eggbeaters as
well, but a big overhead for me. Catch big fish on a big overhead. Easy to adjust the drag. Good strong reel. Let the fish go when he wants. And the other bit I really like with a big overhead. Hang on, he’s going to tell us what he really
likes. It’s in the rodholder in the back of the boat,
and you’re driving the boat, you set the ratchet. And it just screams when you hook a big fish. Love it! There you go, he likes the scream of the ratchet. He likes to hear that noise. And they don’t fail. Like we haven’t had a rod fail yet. End of story. No, the big gear is strong and built tough. You’re hauling in big fish, you gotta have
good gear. And look, Shimano, mate, they’re the top of
the food chain. Look at the size of that thing! Woo!

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  1. Well that was very limited info Shimano nothin on specs of what reel size or the braid or even the rod weights

  2. Love ya show boys, (AKA Crazy bastards) 😁😁😁😁😁😁🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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