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If you like maps and technology then this next story if for you The city has integrated it’s GIS mapping program into something GeoBlade that you can use from your own computer Take a look. GeoBlade web is the city’s new interactive mapping tool that allows city staff and members of the public to view a variety of information about the city using a map interface. We have a lot of departments that maintain a lot of different data and it’s just a great resource to allow access to that data. Members of the public can access GeoBlade by visiting the city’s website and clicking on GIS and Mapping on the left side of the screen. The amount of information available on the GeoBlade system is absolutely astounding the program links to the county you can get deed records and lot sizes and tax information. It has water lines, bus routes UGB information it can see the extent of the neighborhood associations and the the flood plain boundary we also have aerial photos of able to be viewed. Pretty much everything that is involved with the city is mapped. GeoBlade web is similar to Google Earth or Google maps however it’s been customized for the city of Bend so it shows information that’s directly related to our city and data is updated daily. The advantage of GeoBlade Web it’s easily accessible it’s a one-stop shop for a variety of our digital data that’s updated daily the type of data The GeoBlade program helps builders decide what utilities are near a particular lot and help them decide how they want to build and what they want to build. City Staff have begun using GeoBlade to perform day to day tasks such as property owner notifications they may search for all properties within a certain distance of a proposed land use application. They also use it to determine whether a certain property is served with sewer or water. With all of the budget cuts we’ve had to make in the downturn in the economy the city has gone to more technology to be more efficient and this particular technology was built for employee use at the city but it’s so helpful that they’ve made it available to everybody in the community. one of the benefits of using GeoBlade web is that it has consolidated our information into a sort of one-stop shop that’s available electronically using just a few mouse clicks. That’s it for this month. If you have any questions or comments be sure to give us a call and remember in addition to BendBroadband ch 11, you can watch all the city of Bend episodes on our YouTube channel the City’s website, our iTunes PodCast and we’re een on Facebook, check us out. We’ll be back next month with a brand new City Edition.

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