GeoHECRAS Review: Aqua Ingenieria Ltda

My name is Marco Ulloa. I am a Civil Engineer with 15 years of experience. In the past, when I used the HEC-RAS program,
developing a model used to take me about 2-3 days but right now using the GeoHECRAS, it
might take me only 1 day if I have all the information necessary. I work for the agriculture industry and most of the projects that I developed for them have to do with modeling the river. But now with GeoHECRAS, all I have to do is
drawing, drawing the river drawing my cross sections and in case I have
to change something, if I need to add more cross sections or delete more cross sections,
all I have to do is drawing or delete. With the HEC-RAS program, it used to take
me a long time but the GeoHECRAS is more flexible, I can
run different scenarios in a very short time. The time has shortened almost 50%. They really support me through emails, phone
calls, because of the distance we maintained a lot of meetings through Skype just to show me how the software works. So, right now I am using the software very
well although I am over lots of distance (away). So, the Technical Support has really worked
so far. Buying the software last year was really
a good decision. It really makes my life easier. It makes the river modeling much easier and
it saves me a lot of time that right now I can use it in another project or even with
my family.

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