GeoHECRAS Review: Crafton Tull

My name is Anna Negrete I am a Roadway Design Engineering Intern and I work for Crafton Tull and Associates Crafton Tull, we are a civil engineering design firm and an architecture firm and surveying. I was working on a project, it was in Fayetteville, Arkansas and it was a, residual’s a wrong word, but it was a legacy project so, it begun many years before old style of surveying where they go in and shoot cross sections and it was right before
3D models became a big deal so, GeoHECRAS really helped in being able
to bring up the new data that are three-dimensional, three-dimensional surface models and combine
those with the old cross sections GeoHECRAS really cut down processing time
being able to pull three-dimensional models into the software and make processes more efficient. The regular HEC-RAS software was just super
frustrating, there was just so many things that you want it to do that it just wasn’t
capable of, I mean simple things like just scrolling around on the screen to get to a
certain cross section, you just couldn’t do it and it was just so frustrating, there was just so many things that you wanted it to do it and it just wouldn’t do it. Every issue that you wanted HEC-RAS to do
GeoHECRAS solves that so, being able to pull in MicroStation files and just create cross sections in seconds we are able to create surfaces,
merge surfaces in just a matter of seconds, it’s just so convenient and fast GeoHECRAS is really good at combining a lot
of different data sets. In particular projects,
we would have to pull from this source or from this source and combine them all together on our software package and then export it out to the old HEC-RAS files or the old HEC-RAS software. GeoHECRAS loves to put
all those into one interface which makes it very helpful. I would say processing time, probably reduced to easily 50 percent but I can analyze so much more along the way. The Technical Support team has been awesome, I am not a person to struggle with something for six hours, I want to pick up the phone
and call someone and have it solved very quickly and they’re just excellent at that, you’re
able to just keep the ball rolling instead of getting stuck and not knowing what
to do. So, that also adds to the time savings because
you have that help to just share your screen, they look at your project and we solve the
problem really quick and just keep going. I would definitely recommend GeoHECRAS to
anyone else that wants to do hydraulic modeling. Very helpful, very easy to use and very powerful
at the same time.

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