GeoHECRAS Review: JE Fuller Hydrology & Geomorphology

My name is Chris Rod. I work for JE Fuller Hydrology & Geomorphology We solve unique drainage
problems throughout the United States, specifically the
Southwest United States Also, we’ve done work internationally
Mexico, Arab Emirates Also, we do unique flood control studies I have 20 years experience as a drainage
engineer solving solutions using various software packages and I have to tell
you the truth I love GeoHECRAS for its ability to
make my life easier Bottom line is with GeoHECRAS,
I am able to save time and money I have the ability to use the software
independently of any other software I can bring my data in, I can make
changes on the fly I can export it out to formats
even my client can see I can bring out my information as Shapefiles
and AutoCAD drawings One of the things I like about GeoHECRAS is the ability to cut information
on the fly I can draw a river reach, have the software
program automatically cut my cross-sections. Once I get those cross-section aligned I can go back in, add additional
cross-sections, delete cross-sections or grab ends of the cross-sections
and re-extract the data without having to go back in and rerun the
entire model. This thing is all contained everything’s done simultaneously. All I
have to do is run it bring it in, and see the results and pass
them on to my client The faster my results are to the client,
the faster he can move forward his project and make decisions making his life easier
and me look like a genius.

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