GeoHECRAS Review: LJA Engineering, Inc.

I’m Chad Johnson, I’m Senior Project Manager. I’ve been doing hydrologic and hydraulic engineering
for 20 years, primarily in the Houston area which is kind of a unique drainage situation. I’ve worked on everything from 211F projects
which go through the US Army Corps of Engineers down to little site drainage projects. We were having to use three or four different
sets of software and by using GeoHECRAS, we’re able to do it in using a single
interface and so that removes a lot of time and effort. My name is Kelsey Latta and I’m an Engineer in Training at LJA engineering. Since HEC-RAS is a part of the program, it
doesn’t take a long time to teach somebody how to use
the program and where all the tools are and all the capabilities that GeoHECRAS has to offer. We kind of spent several years that it took
for us to develop a way to get AutoCAD survey information that was in a surface coordinate system to match up with GIS grid coordinate system and now we’re able to do that just
in one program, put in a scale factor and everything lines up the way we need it to. So previously, I would have to cut cross sections in GIS and import them into HEC-RAS. But now with GeoHECRAS, I can do that all in one program. In some circumstances, we can save up to 75% of the time with going not having to switch and go from one program
to another or having one person do one thing in a program and giving it off to somebody else to do and another one. CivilGEO’s technical support has been really
good typically if we have a problem in the software and it kicks out an error report,
they’re calling me within about ten minutes, we don’t even have to call them and they are
also very good at integrating feature requests, if there’s something you want think would
be really good in the program and you submit it, they’re pretty they’re really good
at putting it in the program. I’d recommend GeoHECRAS, it reduces the
amount of time that we would spend working on a project as well as reduces the possibility of errors while you’re moving between programs.

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