100 thoughts on “Girl, 15, Charged with Stabbing Woman to Death in Fall River

  1. She ain’t do this for nun , she probably try to get in a gang and had to this this retarded shi.

  2. If the girl smiled why give her mercy after killing a elderly woman that has family

  3. I’m so confused. Most people don’t even live up to 68.. the old lady would of had only afew years left in her. Was it really worth it to throw your life away.. maybe bad parenting

  4. She’s smiling now until the judge gives her a life sentence. At that moment the victims family should start laughing too.

  5. She looks like she’d say Grande a lot and eat hot Cheetos and wear long sleeves and always have the sleeves over her hands and eat fruity pebbles with peanut butter and say “ If I WANTED HIM I CULD HAV EM SIS”

  6. You can’t put anything in the uh the the uh uhmm the the ummm 🤔 um the the um the ummmm theee * ughhhh trash ova thea

  7. She looks like those basic middle school girls who think they are everything but end up working at a mcdonalds.

  8. She's deadly, not heavenly.
    The horror that poor woman
    went through. RIP so sad.

  9. That’s bold . She cute ash. But na that’s bold. She gotta bf I love crazy hoes .

  10. Her at 15: killing someone
    Me at 15: mixing perfume and lotion to make a potion

  11. In her confession did she ever try to give a reason for why she stabbed the lady 20 times? 😨

  12. Wow! She needs be locked up in prison for all her natural life. 😡😡 she does not need to be out in the society ever again. She is a twisted minded person there is no corrections to be made.

  13. Judge: why you killed the old lady

    Her: my phone was dead and I was bored

  14. Imagine having a child that turns out to the devils spawn – but to be fair it's highly likely she was mistreated during her childhood but I won't commit to that with out knowing more details . The youth these days largely have no concern outside of sex, drugs , eating junk , and social media – that's my opinion of course and if you are raising your child to be a better person kudos to you . All I know is at the age of 15 me and my friends never even considered killing anyone -we weren't innocent angels but we damn sure never thought to do such a thing

  15. She be str8 a correctional officer will get her orange is the black treatment in the closet soon enough

  16. Wash her ass up. Let her rot under the dirt. I don’t want to hear 💩 about her having no mental illness.

  17. Let’s see how tough her sick azz is when she get in there with the big girls.

  18. Yeah she gonna figure it out where she going that smile ain't for too long trust me!

  19. She literally could’ve got away w this shit but she fucked up w the clothes and fake story.

  20. if i were her mom i would’ve beat her ass till there ain’t nothing to beat no more

  21. She gonna be running around the prison saying, "THAT'S ME…..I'm on the news!" Until they give her LIFE in prison…😆

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  23. She's 15 , you know exactly what you do and understand, just look how she comes in court with a damn smile she's an idiot and needs to rot in jail. Wish I can punch her in the face let's see if she will still be smiling

  24. Very Sad 😢 you just can’t help anybody this days ,people are evil 😈 I hope she stays in prison for a very long time

  25. “No you cant put anything in the… umm.. in thee…. uh.. thee uhh… the uhhh .. trash over there “ really??? Its that hard to say DUMPSTER?

  26. It’s usually always the girls that have soft names that are usually trouble, or sluts.
    Diamond, hope, heavenly, grace, faith, angel, crystal etc…

  27. It’s so sad to see someone At the age of 15 with all that hate 😭😭 and ended someone’s life may god show you the right paths

  28. Type of girl that eats a Dominican Chimi while watching tv and yells at her parents she wants money for school Tom or she will leave sell her self to a filipino for 2 hours and expose she got money next day

  29. She thinks killing an old lady who probably couldn't defend herself attains to something.
    The guy said, "I don't believe she knew the seriousness of what was happening"…She's 15 years old, Sir. Clearly not a toddler.

  30. 15 year old kid in my time:
    was afraid of doing stupid things to older people because they might tell your parents who will show you what respect means

    15 year old today:
    no respect for anybody, parents afraid of them, kills you in an argument.


  31. she’s pretty asf, oooohhh they gon love her and she’ll be sum1 bitch just watch

  32. Girl 15 kills someone

    Me at the age of THIRTEEN still thinking haku is a women on naruto

  33. She had her whole life ahead of her, now that went down the toilet ..doesn’t make any sense…she probably killed her cause the woman was telling her what to do, or that she didn’t like her tone/attitude or to respect her cause she’s older.Poor lady, r.i.p💔🕊

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