Give Without Expecting Anything In Return

ah hey good afternoon everybody and welcome
to expert influencer academy’s expert podcast I’m your host Charles Watson and
thank you for joining me here today guys happy Tuesday I hope everybody is having
a great start to their week I just want to hop on and talk to you guys so
yesterday Monday November 18th we had the honor and the privilege to take a
trip to Orlando to attend what was called the National achievers Congress
and there were tons of speakers there that we got a chance to listen to we got
a chance to interact with a few and we really learned a lot in our time there
we got to listen to speeches from and keynote addresses from dean Graciosa
from Doug Nelson from Joseph McClendon and Gary Vaynerchuk
oh and Daymond John so it was awesome to get to see all these role models and all
these millionaires and business experts share their advice and just kind of
shared their expertise with everyone that was involved in the Congress in in
the conference and man it was a great time and one of the takeaways that we
got from that or I personally got from that one of the topics that everyone
kind of touched on there was a few but the one I want to talk about today was
give without expectations provide value upfront without wanting anything in
return and that’s very important in business and that’s very important as an
influencer and that’s very important as a small business owner I think that we
need to provide value to our customers provide value to our followers provide
value to our community without expectations because what happens and
what we’ve been able to find and and in our journey as well is that when you
provide value for some um the appreciation comes back to you
you know they appreciate what you do for them they appreciate what you try to
teach them and they appreciate you as as a business and that compels people to do
a business with you if you put the value out there first if you put the value if
you give people a reason to follow you if you give people a reason to to do
business with you upfront then I think that that comes back to you in return so
that was a really great I’m just kind of like a theme that was going on
throughout the the the the event there and and through the course there was
that as business owners and as influencers and things like that it is
our duty to provide value to give people a reason to to like our business and to
follow our business and it just doesn’t come through a random invite from a
Facebook page or something like that you know when I get random people inviting
me to like their page if I’ve never talked to them if I’ve never met them if
I don’t have any personal relationship with them I just kind of ignore the
requests right don’t don’t you do the same we just kind of nonchalantly
dismiss that so you really got to give your people a reason to engage with you
and a reason to like don’t beg for people to like your Facebook page don’t
beg for people to do business with you that is off-putting and that is
offsetting nobody likes beggars but instead what you want to do is in order
to build those pages to build a community and to build a customer base
you got to provide that value upfront you gotta give without expectations you
know we shot a wedding video for a dear friend and it’s because she was in a
bind and she really didn’t have anyone else that could help her out so we went
we went to the wedding we shot video we put together a great
video for her for her and her her husband who just got married the day was
super important to her and we’ve been friends
for years me and this person have been friends for years
and I know that this day really meant something to her and it would be a shame
that if nobody was there to capture it so we went and we did the work and we
presented them with a video as a keepsake that they could have and
cherish forever and out of nowhere in return you know we we were gifted a gift
for doing that we didn’t expect that and I even told her hey you don’t have to do
this this was your day it was important to you and I’m your friend we have a
relationship and so it’s important to me too you know what I mean I mean so give
without expectations give without wanting anything in return and are you
gonna get burned yes are there people out there that are gonna try to take
advantage of you absolutely yes it happens all the time
but you can’t let those instances and those people ruin your spirit ruin your
empathy and ruin your desire and your positive Drive to really want to make a
difference and really want to help people you know the businesses the
influencers and the people that are making it in today’s multimedia and in
today’s social media age are not people that are barking for other people to buy
things from them they are people that are actually providing value to their
clients they’re providing value to their community and they’re providing value to
their friends and in return that abundance and that you know you call it
karma or you call it call it whatever you want you know but the important
thing is is you give without expectations and in return the universe
is gonna take care of you you know so that was a great that was just one theme
I’m gonna be making a couple more videos here about our experience at the at the
national achievers Congress because we just got a chance to learn
so much we are really pumped here at expert influencer Academy and we are
really excited about things that are coming up and an events and just things
that we have going on and it was invigorating to be surrounded by 2,000
entrepreneurs 2,000 influencers and small business owners that all have the
goal of just wanting to not only improve their lives but improve the lives of
their clients and improve the lives of their communities as well so guys this
was just a quick video I just wanted to come on and start sharing with you some
of the things that we learned while it’s still fresh in my mind you know I’m a
forgetful person if you know me personally you know I forget a lot and
so you know but hey give without expectations do something nice for
somebody step out of your comfort zone even if you don’t feel like doing it
don’t be a curmudgeon do random acts of kindness for people even in your
business you know what I mean provide value for your customers provide a value
for your community and you are going to be pleasantly surprised at the way that
the universe and and everybody takes care of well guys that’s it for today I
just wanted to jump on thank you so much for tuning in I am excited to bring you
more stuff like this in the future I hope you guys have a great week alright
Facebook be good and we’ll talk to you later

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