Giving Back as a Cosplayer

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three ways well four ways actually that you can give back during this time of
year as a cosplayer the holidays are upon us and it is a merry time of year
indeed yet every year there are those that are less fortunate than us and Tia
and I and with our brands Florida con artists and dishes and stitches we truly
believe that this time of year Christmas time in the holiday time is a great time
to get involved in your community and to give back as a cosplayer so I want to
share with you four ways that we have given back and you can give back to the
first way to give back is we’ve always had the privilege of volunteering and
visiting sick kids under hospice care this has always been great it operates
kind of like Make A Wish when sick children have a request from a visit
from their favorite superhero we try to make that happen every local town has a
hospice you can call and speak to them and you can see how you can get involved
with them in your community especially this time of year because all the
families that everything is looking for things to do so it is a great time to
get involved in pediatric Hospice visitations along with that the second
way is you can visit local hospitals there is a great community in Florida
called costumers with a cause and they do tremendous work visiting hospitals
and visiting sick kids you could reach out to cus costumers with a cause or
Jeff Rose here I will put their links down in the show
notes you can reach out to them and I am sure that they would love for you to
come out join them and volunteer the third way you can give back this holiday
season is if you’re the creative type we do 3d printing is that you can hold a
raffle or donate an item for charity this year at both mega cons we were able
to raise money for breast cancer awareness and breast cancer research and
so this is just one of the ways that we get back we did a limited edition pink
breast cancer awareness group that Tia painted up and put a little bow on him
here and we went ahead and raffled these off and the money that we collected we
donated for cancer research so if you are a seamstress if you are a painter if
you are an armor builder a 3d printing person you can make something a physical
good and you can donate that to a silent raffle a lot of charities have silent
raffles this time of year just reach out to an organization like Habitat for
Humanity any place like that and I’m sure that they will be willing to work
with you and finally the fourth way you can give back is and a way that we’ve
been able to give back is that we have worked in conjunction with local
conventions like infinity Con in Lake City and also Space Coast comic-con and
Melbourne to provide like a Harry Potter or a Disney Princess experience to
underprivileged kids that wouldn’t be able to afford to go to a theme park
especially up there at infinity con we do a kid’s con and every year it is our
goal to bring a unique experience to underprivileged kids we also have
sponsored two years in a row a local lawfirm here that has helped raise money
to buy bicycles for underprivileged children as well the first year we
started Florida con artists me and my co-founding partner were able to dress
up like Captain America and Iron Man and we actually raised enough money to buy I
believe it was a hundred and fifty bicycles for underprivileged kids so
guys as a cosplayer you can do tremendous amounts of good it is the
season for giving it gets you out there it gets you involved in the community it
gets your name out there but it also gives you a purpose and you can put a
smile on someone else’s face well guys that’s it for today we hope that you
have enjoyed this video what are some ways you like to give back just let us
know in the comments below and I’m Charles and remember at dishes and
stitches we’re putting the confidence back in the cosplay

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