Glasto 2016 tent walkabout

This is South Park. Monday 8pm. Most of the public have gone home. Sleeping bags, Brand new tents by the looks of things. So many kettles. Its all the same, there’s wine, alcohol, gas bottles, tents, camping chairs, trolleys, airbeds. Stinks. And this is the best festival in the world. This is the festival that gives you 100 stages. One band an hour on 100 stages for 3 continuous days. 2 or 3 extra days beforehand with entertainment. The crew who put this festival on spend all year planning how to make it better than the previous years – to make it the best, to give
the public value for money. To make it easy for them. Some of the crew have been working
28 hour shifts pulling people out of mud in their cars. It is muddy, that’s the weather,
that happens at festivals, that’s normal. but if you can bring it on site on the Wednesday,
you can take it home again on the Sunday or the Monday. Its a disposable society. Makes
me sick. And its not just rubbish, rubbish is fine. Over there there’s a pile of rubbish
that’s normal, that happens at my house, stuff you don’t need you leave it at the end of
the road and the binmen come and pick it up, that’s normal, that’s expected so its not
what the Daily Mail would say apocalyptic. Apocalyptic means disaster, that’s just normal
rubbish, that’s stuff that you’ve used and you don’t need the packaging, that’s OK. This
– that’s not rubbish, that’s someones belongings, someone has purchased that and its just been
left for someone else to deal with, duvets, clothes, tents, chairs, airbeds. There are areas to leave your stuff – for charities.There’s collection points that you can take
your stuff down, you can fold up your tent, put your sleeping bag back in its bag, fold
you up chairs and leave them at the collection points, they’re next to all the rubbish collection
points or by the stewards caravans. So its not like there is nowhere to put them. If you wanted to do it, you could. There is no reason. Absolutely no reason. Completely horrible people doing this. Takers, takers of the system – not adding anything. Using other peoples energy to clear up after themselves. I’m bored now, gonna stop filming, you’ve seen it, you
know what I’m on about.

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  1. i would love to do that, the amount of free drugs you can find will be amazing!

  2. Excuse my language my God there are millions of homeless people what the heck is going on thousand tenths left empty by people who have more money than sense.

  3. They should have to pay a fee if they want to leave their shit. Most of those tents were new before the festival.
    I even saw the Vango tent which I am about to purchase for a motorcycle trip.

  4. They should have to pay a fee if they want to leave their shit. Most of those tents were new before the festival.
    I even saw the Vango tent which I am about to purchase for a motorcycle trip.

  5. Lock the gates and let no woman,child nor man leave until every tent is tidied away,every sleeping bag stashed and every chair folded…..neatly…..please.

  6. I always have a shit in mine at the end, love to hear what you think of that

  7. At Download Festival the good tents that are left behind are donated to charity. Don't know if Glastonbury does it but i think every festival should do it.

  8. Wow, thanks for the video. I wasn't aware of the sheer level of waste generated by festival goers. Not that this group care, but the Ines leaving the waste behind means that more resources are required to clean up, which comes at a cost. That cost will drive ticket prices up. Unfortunately they only hurt those of us that already can't afford a ticket, not this mob.

  9. Get a van, roll the tents up, sell Β£40 each on ebay Β£60 for the bigger ones each, make a few grand easily. Not too difficult either.

  10. This is so disgraceful. Would it be possible to put out a small advert for people to come onsite on the Monday , they could pay a very small fee, but they could choose any tent they wanted to take home. Some of those tents look quite good and quite new. Or as others have said many homeless would be so glad of one, the festival goers should at least have the decency to fold them up and donate them…. they have no respect for the brilliant location they were given to camp out

  11. my friends rent houses to students and you should see the state they're in when we need to pop round young girls are worst disgusting and this is also bad

  12. There's atleast 30 decent tents there. I'd take them down & sell them. If you get say Β£40 per tent well that's…….

  13. Wow peoples got too much money , i took same tent for 15 years to glastonbury ,give it up a few years back too many hunters wellys and too few open minds for me . rip

  14. All that people have the way of life that it is ending the world, that it is provokeing global warming. Buying thing's use them once and then just leave them, and the next time you will need them you just buy them again, whats the harm?

  15. People pay a decent amount of money to attend this festival, as such, they reserve the right to leave what they want behind. The subsequent waste removal is expected and is therefor included within the ticket cost. If there were an option to sign a disclaimer compelling you not to leave shit behind, then perhaps these people could be offered cheaper tickets, no? because that would be unjust. It's a festival, this is the aftermath of a festival, always will be, it's not going to change, neither will peoples perspective.

  16. This is horrible who would leave all their stuff for someone else to pick up after them. In 2016 we wanted to leave our tent because it was old so first we packed it up and put it into a bin on-site.

  17. Another mans trash is another mans treasure, my whole tent went walk about with everything including my musings in a book before it was over, so I was grateful for some free clothes at the end of it πŸ™‚

  18. I've volunteered with the recycling crew for 2 years now. Its a shame what people leave. If you brought it with you take it home with you.

  19. This is horrible. I went to a festival here in Louisville Kentucky. Our camping site, and those around us didn't liter, we picked up everything. The only things we left behind were trashbags. They were tied and waiting to be picked up. I am sorry those people were so rude.

  20. Your a bit of a knob really I respect an opinion but yours is tired .Go on then put the camera down Rupert get your sleeves rolled up and instead of complaining do something about.No its people of your ilk that left some of it in the first place .Oh and to set the record straight yes it was like a disaster zone after the festival,it was straight from hell.And why do I know this because Im one of the crew who works the recycling center on the bin trucks we shift the shit .

  21. That's the trouble when you get over 200,000 people at a party. There's always a few lazy idiots. I work there and can't believe the mess left, I shall certtainly be looking for another bell tent this year.

  22. This doesn't surprise me. I went to this festival a few years ago and found it a really boring unfriendly event full of rude selfish people.

  23. What a bloody mood hoover, I hope you aint going this year you misserable misserable man.

  24. This video was filmed by a really good guy who works at the Festival and loves and respects Glastonbury. He's not a pompous toff trying to judge people, he's a normal bloke who desperately wants to make sure that the festival's future is secured for decades to come, and not threatened by selfish people's behaviour. It's no different to the call to people not to pee on the land which, other than being pretty disgusting, is a genuine threat to the festival's future as it damages the land and could result in the festival's licence being revoked/not renewed. Just take your crap home people, it really isn't that hard and is the nice thing to do…

  25. The abusive comments are a bit much really. This video was made by a guy who volunteers at the festival every year and cares deeply about it. He's just trying to draw attention to an issue that could seriously endanger the future of the festival and goes totally against everything the festival stands for. So if you are going to Glastonbury next year please clean up after you. There are places in every campsite where you can leave rubbish and packed up tents which are donated to charity.

  26. This makes me sad πŸ™ I had no idea so much stuff got left behind!

  27. he's a good guy… thanks for all the hard work guys…

  28. We always go and look at the stuff they leave it's so shocking

  29. This is the end result of the money making machine. The clear up will have been included in the price of the ticket. Don't forget this is done for profit, not because they want to give every one a good time. Not saying it's right but that's just how it is now.

  30. what a bunch of spoiled retards all those nice tent in the garbage

  31. Sell the fucking lot and give the money to charity, give the sleeping bags to homeless.

  32. They all just wanted to get home and have a bath & bacon bap ( except for all them petunia stinking vegans )!

  33. can somebody explain why tents some luxury just left ? people with to much money? cant be bothered?Are they given to charity or destroyed? give them all to homeless people airbeds chairs the lot to people with next to nothing.


  34. It's pretty awful to be honest, just dumping stuff on the festival site.
    On another note people talk about being a throw away society but some of these tents and equipment are expensive to buy.
    We all know all of this gear won't be thrown away and a lot of money will be made and I am aware of the clean up costs involved before anyone says it. πŸ˜€

  35. All I see is free money. You could sell every single tent and sleeping bag on Amazon. Cha-Ching!$$$

  36. Winging idiot has obviously never had a good time. Put your camera down and start cleaning.

  37. Amazing how the enlightening experience a of festival, coming together to enjoy music and each other, and they do this. And in a place as spiritual as Glastonbury and still do that?! First I was angry, now just sad. They must be truly dead inside to see not what they do.

  38. This disgusts me! I have never left anything other than rubbish at a festival and even then I'll often tale it to a bin!! Why waste your money on something that you can reuse and not reuse it?! And this stuff isn't biodegradable, it's taken fuel and hard labour to make and get it here. And people throw it away! It's lazy and wasteful and makes me so angry!!

  39. so many perfectly good expensive tents left behind. I'd pack them all up and re-sell them.

  40. Just finished 3 days camping at Belladrum festival took everything home and black bagged all rubbish and put in designated area. Left no trace, it's not fucking hard.

  41. When he said "disposable society" I wanted to scream. Shame on these people SMH.

  42. The majority of the tents cannot be reused because of the state they're in. Not an excuse but that's why they're left like the rest of the trash. 😞

  43. ashamed to admit id leave my tent like I did at Isle of Wight fest 2012, knee deep in shit all weekend and several trips back and forth to the car and all you wanna do is get home, would of done the same

  44. stfu. The organisers know what comes with hosting a festival. It's give and take. The customers spend huge sums of money to sit in squalor for a few days, toilets with shit all over them. Terrible facilities in general.

  45. they ABANDONED that gear?I would volunteer to be clean-up, collect the stuff and open a used-camping gear store.

  46. Working at the farm after u junkies leave is the best job i enjoy πŸ˜‰ Β£30 an hour @ 10 hours a day x 5 days !!! Never mind the finders keeper tips

    : lifetime entry
    : free food and alcohol
    : greet&meet oasis +jayz
    :some items left behind of value
    : The best part when we put down the zoo pods and posh cunts leave Rolexes and Diamond rings πŸ€—

  47. hello! I'm creating a video about environmentally sustainable festivals, is there a way I can get in touch with you about your video here? Thanks πŸ™‚

  48. I like going on a walk about at the end of a festival see what is left. Unopened beer chairs decent trolleys etc

    Also if you don't want to do it go home? You're getting paid to clear up surely? You're not a slave you're welcome to go home. These people spent a lot of money they are hardly takers.. They probably did a hard job all year to afford it.

  49. With only a few weeks to go until 2019 festival – what has changed?Β  Well, the David Attenborough effect has highlighted pollution – especially single use plastic. Supermarket bags and use of single use cups have reduced.Β  This year the festival is not selling single use plastic bottles.Β  And Extinction Rebellion have taken to the streets to demand governmental change.Β  Lets hope this years festival is MUCH CLEANER than the last one.

  50. I allways take my tent home . But fuck me taking a tent when your on the tail end of a drug fuelled week is it's own form of hell. But I have done it every time I have been to glasto


  52. But the rubbish that you are 'ok' with is not fine, it is not normal and it ends up in the same landfill sites as the tents that offend you. The tents reflect laziness but ultimately a few days of effort and that is cleaned up, the rubbish is actually the problem and you just don't realise it. We cannot continue to produce the volume of rubbsih that we do without it at some point overwhelming us as it is about to do. You are getting upset at the wrong thing, it is understandable, but festivals are just a representation of a bigger problem.

  53. I cannot understand why people think that just because they are at a festival its ok to be a complete and utter inconsiderate pig! The sheer volume of waste, of things that could actually be reused time and time again, like tents, bags, etc is something that just astounds me!

  54. Fuckin animals……….this is why I don't do Glastonbury no more……think I'll stick to bloodstock and bearded theory,lovely clean festivals

  55. Worked at Glastonbury a few years ago as a cleaner great money plus found about 80 pound in cash 2 pairs of dre beats headphones a g shock watch other people on clean up got a lot more than I got

  56. Camping gear gets weighed coming in. Camping gear gets weighed when leaving. Any discrepancy charged at Β£250.00 per kilo. Simples!

  57. If everyone took there tents and rubbish home.would the ticket price come down?.no i didnt think so.

  58. Disgusting pigs. That's why I don't do festivals. Scum bags. Not for me.

  59. Perfectly good camping gear there surely they can get people to sell the good stuff and that goes to charity aswell,but I agree they are dirty low life shitbags for doin this

  60. I wonder what the most valuable item found was that had been left behind?

    Has there ever been a dead body found in an abandoned tent?

  61. Emily Tweeted that in 2019 99.3% of tents were removed. THATS AN AMAZING IMPROVEMENT!!!!! THANKS AND WELL DONE TO EVERYONE THAT DID THAT!!!

  62. Shocked by this, but good to know the message has got across this year. I have camped for many years, you look after your kit and pack it away. It may get dirty, but on a dry day just get it out and clean it down..simple job and you have kit for life.
    Admittedly I have never been to a festival, but my son does in his camper van. Part of his kit that comes is a sticker for his window to show what field he should be in also a serial number showing who it belongs to and how many should with it.
    I do not know whether it is practical to have some sort of registration system for the tents, with a semi permeable sticker with a number on that can be stuck on the outside to identify the same, so if it gets left behind, they know who it belongs to and they then get charged the disposal costs. Also it may show who has bought extra tents, or who shouldn't be there, and charge them for registration or ticket or kick them out. Your thoughts Flashing Frog?

  63. Trouble is when a group of people purchase a tent between them nobody wants to talk it back to their place !

  64. The next festival I got to I’m taking home a massive tent with me on the Monday πŸ˜€

  65. These were the same spoiled brats cheering Corbyn as he proclaimed them 'the people'. Well if this is how 'the people' behave I'm very happy not to be one of them.

  66. thank you for uploading this video. your spirit and message couldn't be more commendable. I'm hoping to get tickets for my first ever Glastonbury in a few weeks. but I still want to have a wander round on the monday, to just see if this year's improvement has been sustained. also, I think there's something truly magical about wandering around the festival site once everyone has departed. all the energies are still floating around.

  67. The guys over at have a solution for this dreadful problem it makes perfect sense a Cardboard Tent perfectly logical and there waterproof

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